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You should roll the casualty onto their side to clear their airway, then continue with CPR.
The latest European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines recommend a rate of 100 - 120 chest compressions a minute. If you find someone collapsed, what is the first thing you should you do? On an adult casualty, what is the ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths? The casualty is likely to recover whilst you are performing CPR Yes No Correct! When handling an emergency first aid event, ita€™s good to know that you have received certified training from a nationally recognized organization.
Participants may take the course exam as many times as needed to pass; however, ASTI recommends a thorough review of course materials before retaking each exam.
Help prepare yourself for an emergency situation with one of our safety training courses today! American Safety Training Institute courses are ECC and OSHA-compliant and meet the International Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation standards. American Safety Training Institute has developed easy to navigate training programs suitable for all. You can take FREE online first aid courses and print your certification {also for FREE!} at First Aid for Free. We offer website hosting and responsive website design for first aid instructors and companies.
We offer many additional services, once we have developed your website, we post news relating to your business on our social media pages and also on our news page, to drive traffic to your website.
Build your first aid instructor business with your own website for your first aid instruction business. If you would like to contact us to discuss your first aid instructor website requirements please contact us through our Contact us page during office hours.
We will help you build your first aid instructor business with a website that is fully responsive and mobile ready. Promed LimitedLevel 3 First Aid at Work Course in EssexOur three day first aid at work course that we offer at our training facility in Ipswich Road in Colchester is suitable for higher risk […] The post Level 3 First Aid at Work Course in Essex appeared first on . The AHA Heartsaver First Aid Online Hybrid training includes a convenient online module that includes interactive content and videos to teach basic first aid that can help at home, work or in town.

American Heart Association course completion card good for 2 years and accepted all over the world. The HSE strongly recommends that all first aider's should receive annual refresher training during the three year period as a qualified first aider. This course will be held at our fully equipped training premises in York, Leeds or Manchester. This course covers more than basic first aid and is aimed at people who need a recognised first aid certificate for sports and work in various sports sectors. The course is a video based training programme, all course materials are downloadable and all certification can be printed on completion of the course.
This Level 2 Award in Activity First Aid is to provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding of First Aid and to provide the appropriate care and manage life threatening conditions, illness and injuries that can occur in any Activity Environment. This Online Level 2 Activity First Aid Training Course is a comprehensive Course for those who are involved with Outdoor Pursuits. First aid EquipmentSafe Handling Of MedicationsIf you are working within an environment that administers, or is in the control of medications then you are required to hold valid and up to date certification for the safe handling, storing and disposal of medications. First Aid EssexSports First AidIf you are involved within the sports environment, then you need to hold a valid sports first aid certificate, we can either offer classroom based training for this requirement, or an online training course, which is conducted using a video … read more The post Sports First Aid appeared first on .
This course covers Basic First Aid for indoor and outdoor emergency situations such as: Heat Exhaustion, Burns, Shock, Stroke, Poisoning, Bites, Broken Bones, Diabetes, Use of EpiPen.
At completion of this course, all students will receive an American Heart Association Heartsaver Basic First Aid Course Completion Card that is valid for two years.
Tilt their head to one side Move their tongue using your fingers Do nothing - you shouldn’t move them Tilt their head backwards Correct! Give 2 rescue breaths Give 30 chest compressions Check their pulse Call an ambulance Correct! Stop Continue as normal Quickly roll them to one side to clear the vomit, then continue Inform the ambulance service Correct!
If the casualty shows signs of life If you become exhausted If the area becomes too dangerous All of these reasons Correct! Immediately stop CPR Do nothing Check your hands are positioned correctly and continue Do rescue breaths only Correct!
A first aid room Automated External Defibrillator available First aid equipment store Danger of electricity Correct!
With one hand With two fingers As an adult, but more carefully You can’t do chest compressions on a child Correct!
American Safety Training Institute certifications have been issued to participants throughout the world from our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

An ASTI certification course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to respond to a life-threatening situation with confidence and speed. After successful completion of the exam, each participant wil receive a nationally recognized certificate and certification card(s) signed by an American Safety Training Institute instructor valid for 2 years. Our website designs are all mobile ready and fully responsive, so they will work on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads etc. We provide complimentary tea, coffee and lots of high quality training equipment to ensure your course is an enjoyable experience.
This First Aid Course is ideal for Ski Instructors, Games Teachers, or anyone working within a Sports Environment. The Course Covers all the specific problems that arise in sports and many Primary and Secondary Care Subjects are covered, including soft tissue injuries, head injuries, types of cuts and many illnesses that could arise. This is achieved through the understanding of the general duties, responsibilities and treatment principles of Primary and Secondary Care First Aid.
This course also comes with 16 Hours of CPD Time Credit and can be used as part 1 of a blended outdoor pursuits 16 hour course for sports.
After successful completion of each course exam, participants receive a ready-for-print digital certificate and certification card(s), signed by an American Safety Training Institute instructor, which are valid for 2 full years. Heather is a former Labor & Delivery Nurse who traded in her scrubs and began blogging full-time in 2013. You can select from many designs, (all site colours can be altered to suit your requirements) and we will develop and host your first aid website for you. To ensure proper emailing, please provide your preferred email on checkout and check your spam or junk file if you have not received it. Our trainers are the best, specially selected and trained to ensure you have an informative yet fun first aid course.
Primary and Secondary Subjects are covered, including Soft Tissue Injuries, Head Injuries, Types of Cuts and many illnesses that can arise. Our courses are educational, easily navigated, follow the most recent guidelines and procedures, and deliver over 100 years of combined, extensive knowledge and expertise from our fully certified instructors.

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