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First Aid Courses Liverpool – We make sure that the first aid courses we deliver to you are bespoke and designed to meet your working environment. We provide affordable first aid courses and consultancy services to businesses, schools, sports associations, and most construction and building sectors in Liverpool and the Merseyside area.
We should not be frightened of training but it should be looked upon as part of our everyday work. Care homes provide treatment to vulnerable individuals and the quality of care provided is largely determined by the staff within the service – many of whom are care assistants.
Through our experience we have found that individual quality management systems fall short of the minimum required Mandatory standards due to a failure of appliance of individually tailored training courses. This view in many ways has been validated by managers and delegate comments on post delivery evaluation sheets. Our training consultants are accredited to the highest level to deliver courses by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Highfield and Qualsafe Awards. For more information on First Aid at Work mandatory requirements please visit the Health and Safety Executive website. For further support or information on our First aid courses Liverpool please email us or why not call us on 0151 515 0416 and speak to our experienced and friendly staff. Liverpool Training Solutions is approved by Qualsafe Awards, an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual to offer regulated qualifications. In camp we move in all 3 planes of motion so the feet are constantly working to stabilize your body. Your feet could be sliding around in your shoes, which causes friction and forces you to constantly contract your foot to keep your balance.
Try warming up at boot camp barefoot (or in socks) then transitioning to shoes for the workout. Invest in your feet, they need to carry you for a lifetime.  This might also mean getting out of your shoes for awhile. React 4 Training aim to offer our customers a convenient cost effective way of meeting all their Health & safety, and First Aid training requirements.
We want every student to feel confident and competent to carry out the new skills they have been taught!
Many of the course's we have available can now be offered as QCF courses, accredited through the Qualification and Credit Framework. Manual handling relates to the moving of items either by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling. Injuries can be caused because of the amount of times you have to pick up or carry an item, the distance you are carrying it, the height you are picking it up from or putting it down at (picking it up from the floor, putting it on a shelf above shoulder level) and any twisting, bending stretching or other awkward posture you may get in whilst doing a task. Our Manual Handling awareness training is designed to prevent workplace injuries, financial loss to your business and comply with current health and safety regulations. To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of how to minimise the risk of injury to themselves and others by increasing awareness of potential manual handling hazards in a care home environment.
Who is this course forAny person who is involved in manual handling in the workplace and wants to learn how to conduct a personal risk assessment and move and handle loads safely. DurationHalf Day (4 hours) We are flexible with starting times to meet the needs of your business. Assessment and CertificationThis Manual Handling Awareness course will be continuously assessed by the course tutor and each participant will be required to participate in theoretical and practical work during the course. Delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of the course. Moving and handling is a key part of the working day for most employees; from moving  equipment, laundry, catering, supplies or waste to assisting residents in moving.
If you would like to book this manual handling awareness course for your care home or would like more information on any other course offered by Liverpool Care Home Training then please email us Or alternatively, call us on 0800 088 6551 and speak with one of our training Consultants. HLTAID004 - This unit of competency has been approved by Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) who have deemed it to satisfy all requirements for first aid, anaphylaxis management and emergency asthma training under the Education and Care Services National Law, and the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Enjoy your advertising on the Adelaide & South Australia classified advertising portal, the place where you can advertise your services, personals, jobs or buy and sell used cars, estate, property, furniture, pets, computers and other stuff in number of sections.
This classifieds portal has many great features, such are: user friendly design, mobile devices ready, no registration, fast process of placing an ads, images and videos in ads and much more. Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are not only a place of work but they are also a home.
Safe systems of work have to be devised and implemented, staff have to be trained and equipment needs to be purchased and maintained.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 also require employers to assess the health and safety risks to both employees and others affected by the business. A risk assessment involves carrying out a careful examination of what could cause harm to people and considering whether you have done enough to prevent harm, or whether more action needs to be taken. Hazard: anything that can cause harm, eg chemicals, electricity, moving and handling service users.
If you have five or more employees then you need to record the significant findings (hazards and conclusions) of your risk assessments and tell your staff about them. You are required to appoint one or more ‘competent persons’ to assist you in complying with health and safety law. A competent person is someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge (an understanding of relevant statutory requirements and an appreciation of the hazards involved) to do the required job.

You must make sure that employees have suitable information, instruction and training in order to do the job safely. The risk assessment should identify where specific training is required, such as dealing with aggressive people. The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) require employers and others to report certain types of injury, occupational ill health and dangerous occurrences that arise out of or in connection with work. Reporting an incident does not suggest in any way that you accept responsibility for the event or that an offence has been committed; it is simply informing the enforcing authority that an incident has occurred at your premises.
Under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, workplaces should have first-aid provision.
The minimum requirement for any workplace is that when people are at work (including nightshifts), there should be at least one appointed person who will take charge in an emergency situation. Although the Regulations only refer to facilities for employees, it is recommended that you extend these to cover service users and visitors.
The table below suggests some numbers but consideration should also be given to shift work. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) require employers to prevent or control exposure to hazardous substances (including chemicals, dust, fumes, micro-organisms) at work. Hazardous substances used in care homes include some cleaning materials, disinfectants and micro-organisms (associated with clinical waste or soiled laundry). Employers must assess the health risk faced by their employees, service users and visitors, and decide on the action they need to take to prevent or control exposure to hazardous substances.
The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 were introduced to reduce the numbers of injuries from moving and handling throughout industry including the care sector.
It should be possible to complete the majority of assessments in-house as you know your business better than anyone.
Planning for health and safety in a systematic way is the key to achieving standards, reducing accidents and helping to save operational costs. When preparing the health and safety policy, begin by setting out your general aims (the legal responsibility placed upon the company to provide and maintain healthy and safe conditions for all employees and other people who might be affected). It will help to demonstrate the company’s level of commitment if the statement is signed and dated by the managing director or partner. For more information on our Health and Safety Training Consultancy Services including on-site risk assessments offered by Liverpool Care Home Training please email us. By making your course specific it creates a very effective training day and engages the delegates attending.
It is essential that high quality care is delivered, standards are maintained and that staff are motivated.
The Care Standards Act 2000 (standard 28) requires three days annual training for care home staff. Liverpool Training Solutions operate as a specialist training provider, offering a robust and holistic service to its clients. The emphasis on every course that we deliver is to allow participants to become confident in their skills through a range of theory and practical sessions as well as continuing assessment and feedback from the trainer.
I think this is a good time to address this issue and give you some tips on how to mitigate the discomfort.
These tissues take much longer to strengthen than muscles most likely due to their lack of blood flow and nutrients. The shoes provide all the support and our feet are allowed to just sip pina coladas in their lounge chair. Take your shoes off get the tennis ball out (or golf ball) and roll the bottom of the foot out. Tightness in the calf (backside of lower leg) could be contributing to tightness on the foot as well. With the heel on the ground put the toe up on the wall and then drive the knee and hip forward keeping the leg fully extended. Spend more time barefoot, preferably around the house unless you have a very liberal workplace.
This extra time out of your shoes can do wonders for strengthening the muscles on the bottom of the foot. We all have accidents now and again and we all get hurt. When we are injured or suddenly unwell, what we want and need is someone to help us – someone who knows what to do.
We offer total training solutions for busy professionals with mixture of accredited class room, online and blended courses from trainers who aim to make training fun and easy to understand, without the jargon. All our courses are reviewed and approved training programmes that meet the latest recommendations from the Health & Safety Executive, European Resus Council (ERC) and the UK Resus Council (UKRC). Every course is CPD certified for continuing professional development, simply print off CPD conformance certificate once you have completed any of our courses. It causes work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) which account for over a third of all workplace injuries. At the end of the course delegates will have the knowledge to improve manual handling techniques, move and handle loads safely.

The course is ideal for Care Home residential carers, managers and should be included in your induction staff training plan. We are 100% Australian owned and operate vocational education and training classes in the CBD in Sydney, Hornsby, Liverpool, Penrith, Parramatta & Newcastle NSW, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane,, Adelaide and Phillip Canberra.
Each day we have a number of visitors from Oceania, and if you are addressing to a customers from that area, it means more sales for you. While meeting legal duties and providing a safe and healthy environment, they need to be maintained as pleasant places to live.
In other words, health and safety has to be managed as much as any other part of the business. An example of a significant finding might be ‘upper-floor windows restricted and checked every month’.
You must ensure that these people have enough time and resources to fulfil their responsibilities. Training is an important way of achieving health and safety compliance and helps to convert information into safe working practices.
Failure to report a reportable injury, dangerous occurrence or disease described in RIDDOR within the set time (see next paragraph) is a criminal offence and may result in prosecution. The extent it should take depends on various factors, including the nature and degree of the hazards at work, whether there is shift working, what medical services are available, and the number of employees.
This includes being responsible for calling an ambulance and looking after the first-aid equipment, for example restocking the first-aid box. The results of the assessment should be made known to the employees or their representative.
There may be the potential for exposure to a range of human pathogens with the consequent risk of harm or disease. The term manual handling includes lifting, moving, putting down, pushing, pulling and carrying by hand or bodily force of goods, equipment and people. Simple tasks only require simple assessments, eg dividing large boxes of stores into smaller loads. The company health and safety policy should be a document that helps you realise your plans. We are familiar with Care Home requirements and can deliver all required legislation training to both managers and staff. Or alternatively, call us on 0800 088 6551 and speak with one of our health and safety Consultants.
All our courses are delivered to businesses in and around the Liverpool and Merseyside area. With the new exercises we are temporarily irritating these tissues and forcing them to stabilize.  They will heal back stronger but it takes longer. The only time you should be on your toes is when you are sprinting or doing some type of exercise where the rear foot needs to bend (think split squat).  The rest of the time you should be utilizing your full foot. You could save time, money and effort by letting us design a training package, we can deliver at your workplace to all your employee's. High-performing companies recognise that managing health and safety is not only a legal duty but makes good economic sense. The HSE book First aid at work contains an Approved Code of Practice and guidance to help employers meet their obligations. An appointed person should be available at all times while people are working on-site; this may mean appointing more than one. We can deliver bespoke consultancy services including Policy Statements which will be the foundation of your aim to work and deliver your services in a safer and efficient environment. We endeavour at all times to embrace the individual qualities of team members in order to maximise their potential for further development both on a personal and professional level. It is this stress that causes our muscles, tendons, and ligaments to adapt and grow stronger. Now our foot struggles to communicate with us so waking it up again can be an unpleasant experience. It is recommended that an appointed person should have received emergency first-aid training. A first-aider is someone who has undergone a training course in administering first aid at work and holds a current first aid at work certificate.
To save effort you can group common tasks together and then carry out a generic assessment. Your next pair of shoes should be a cross trainer or something that gives some lateral support. The assessments should consider the task, the load, the working environment and the individual’s capabilities.

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