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It is important to note that a snake might have a concoction of venom so you cannot guess the exact type of snake from the symptoms alone. Ensure that the site of the bite is below the heart to decrease the rate at which the venom reaches the heart. It might also be helpful to remember that even if you managed to kill the snake, handle it with care. Join our 5189 safari enthusiasts and receive regular updates on all things Africa travel related.
Australia houses some of the most venomous snakes, some of which account for the majority of snake bites amongst our four legged companions.
Our canine companions are inquisitive creatures and will often chase or attempt to kill snakes, while our feline friends possess that hunting and chasing instinct which exposes them to become susceptible to snake bites.
Envenomation from the toxins contained in snake venom is life-threatening and should always be treated as an emergency situation.
Some of most common snakes that threaten the lives of our pets here in Australia include the Eastern Brown, Red-bellied Black, Taipan and the Tiger Snake. This information is provided as an advisory service only to assist pet owners and carers, if you have concerns over the health or behaviour of your pet please contact your local GreenCross Vet clinic for a professional opinion.
But what would be the point if we don't also write a piece on what to do in the event of an unfortunate encounter with these serpents.

But what would be the point if we don't also write a piece on what to do in the event of an unfortunate encounter with these serpents.
It usually leads to blood thinning which is the reason why the victim with experience constant bleeding from the bite spot and other bodily openings. This venom will cause dryness of the throat, severe pain when moving muscles, drooping of the eyes, urine may turn a dark colour. Symptoms of such a bite would include difficulties in speech and breathing, convulsions, excessive sweating, dizziness even blurred vision. If your attempts at stoning, hitting or yelling at the snake did not work, do not waste time running or searching for it. For those of us from the village, a tourniquet is a constricting material that prevents the flow of blood to certain parts of the body.
Move the victim away from the snake and make sure that there is no repetition of an attack. Any jewellery, shoes or clothes on the bite should be removed before any swelling manifests.
Snakes are known to have reflexes an hour after death so even in the after life, those vengeful serpents might just bite you. With immediate response and proper first aid, fatalities resulting from snake bites can be greatly reduced.
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They will safely remove and relocate the snake into an environment that will avoid putting pet’s lives in danger. By no means should you attempt to catch or approach the snake but if you can safely identify it by taking note of its colour and markings this will be help your veterinarian and also the snake catcher.
While you might impress your peers by identifying a snake and naming all its stats, that might be quickly forgotten if you do not know what to do in the event of an actual snakebite. But it is a highly discouraged practice because you might have a wound or opening in your mouth.
But panic leads to increased blood circulation which means that the venom will spread faster.
So as you perform first aid, make sure that help is on the way to get the victim to hospital as soon as possible. You could apply a splint which will ensure very little movement but remember that the splint should not be tight. So we went ahead and consulted, researched and compiled tips on what to do in case someone gets bitten.

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