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Basic First Aid tips that you must knowBy Swagata YadavarWhen Rajesh was travelling to Shimla with his wife, he thought all he will bring back from Shimla will be memories and photographs. First aid is not a substitute for medical help but it surely keeps the injury in control and helps in minimizing the risks. Severity of the burns determines if they can be treated at home or need medical assistance.
It can be a precursor to heart attack and may even be due to gastro esophageal reflux syndrome but since there is no stark difference between the pains, you should rush the person to hospital than waiting for the pain to subside. Be it the playground injury, or the cuts in the kitchen, bleeds are a common occurrence but one must know the proper first aid techniques, in case of a major cut or bruise. Please consult doctor in case the bleeding doesn’t stop or if the size of the wound is more than half an inch and deep. Some of the symptoms of broken bone are extreme pain, apparent deformation of limb when the bone has pierced the skin and the extremity of the limb looks bluish.

If Rajesh had known any of these techniques he would have had a less severe injury and the recovery process could have quickened.
From splinting a broken leg to duct taping a bloody wound, the BACKPACKER First Aid Center is an invaluable resource for backcountry first aid.
They are dangerous enough as it is because of the nature of the fractures themselves, but they are often accompanied by other symptoms depending on how severe the injury is.
You will need to check the throat and nasal passages for any visible obstructions and then give CPR. Immobilize the broken limb to the best of your abilities but avoid moving it to its original position unless the circulation of blood is cut off in some way.
If you absolutely have to move them and their life is in danger you need to tie their legs together with a blanket between them or something similar, then place them very gently on a large board for mobility. Use whatever soft padding you can find to make it more comfortable and fasten it in any way you can. If the skin doesn't return its usual color within about two seconds you may have a problem. Mik Hamilton is an innovative chiropractor in Berkeley, CA who specializes in The Pettibon System for chiropractic care. Little did he know that he would also bring one broken leg and several wounds on his hands from the holidays. Rajesh knew he his leg was broken by the excruciating pain that he felt but there was nothing he could do to until he was seen by a doctor 30 kms away after 2 long hours later.
Here are some of the common medical emergencies and some first aid techniques that will minimize the damage until you get proper medical treatment.
Spinal injury can lead to partial or complete paralysis, so it is essential to be careful while dealing with a spinal injury. If the blood soaks the gauze, place another one without removing the previous one and apply pressure.
Broken bones or fractures need medical attention but use these techniques to minimize the damage.

This is a simple first aid list of what you can do to ease the pain of whoever is suffering, whether its you or someone else until help arrives. In case you are dealing with injuries on someone else pay attention to the following symptoms that may give insight. Use a clean and if possible sterile material with enough absorbency to apply gentle pressure to the wound. Doctor fixed his leg but the condition would have been less serious if Rajesh and his wife knew some first aid tips.
If the signs of movement like breathing are missing, call the ambulance and rush to the hospital.
These are very needful full things for all lovers because the heart is broken at least in one time in their life so here we bring the best healer to heal your heart.
Regardless of the symptoms it would be wise to call for emergency help if you're dealing with anything larger than a minor fracture like a broken finger. If the limb is a broken leg you must secure the leg to a flat and strong object underneath, such as a board. If there is an object penetrating the wound or a bone sticking out do not remove or touch it as it may be clotting the wound.
If you're dealing with a broken finger you can gently tie it up to the neighboring fingers with a bit of padding in between. Burns caused by hot liquid, steam, holding something hot are mostly of the first and second degree types.

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