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Farm first aid kit offers balanced assortment for agricultural first aidThe farm first aid kit comes in a tough, sectioned metal box that's wall mountable for convenient storage or can be stored under a truck or tractor seat. Never in our lives are we ever going to be 100 percent prepared for what life has to throw at us. Absorbent Compress Dressings – these are mainly used for large wounds to absorb the blood or to keep the ointment applied in the area. Adhesive Bandages or Band-aids – these are used for small wounds to keep them safe from bacteria or further damage.
Adhesive Cloth Tape – these are used to keep absorbent compress dressings in place over the wound. Antiseptic Wipes – are used to clean the wounds to remove or reduce bacteria from growing or spreading. Antiseptic Solutions like Hydrogen Peroxide –the simplest of peroxides, is it used to clean wounds and prevent the spreading of infection. Aspirin – this is used to soothe mild pains associated with wounds or even simple headaches. Blanket – obviously for keeping oneself or another person warm that may be experiencing chills relating to other sicknesses. Breathing Barrier – or CPR masks used when giving CPR to others and is used to reduce the spread of bacteria or viruses.
Calamine Lotion – much like hydrocortisone, this lotion is for reducing itching in an affected area. Flashlight and Extra Batteries – lights areas up when there is no other sort of illumination or if illumination is lacking.

First-Aid Manual – to understand the basics when administering first aid to a wounded person. Instant Cold Compress – a cold compress is basically used to cool and wounded area of the bruise to speed up the healing process.
Lighter – used to light candles or other things to produce a large fire, also for sanitizing needles or pins. Pair of Non-Latex Gloves – as compared to regular gloves, non-latex gloves offer a way to treat wounds reducing the risk of spreading more germs, bacteria, viruses or allergies. Hydrocortisone Ointment – this ointment is used to treat rashes, insect bites, itching or irritation of one’s skin. Roller Bandage – this is used to wrap a part of the body to reduce blood flow to a certain area.
Sterile Gauze Pads – these are used to cover a wound to reduce blood flow or to wipe or apply ointments to a wound or burn. Surgical Mask – to cover a person’s mouth or breathing passages to keep him from spreading bacteria or viruses to other people.
Oral Thermometer – when buying an oral thermometer, make sure that it is not mercury and not made of glass material. Tweezers – a tweezer is for picking up or out objects too small to hold with your hands or to keep from touching an infected area. Choking – many times, a person would not be able to breathe properly due to the presence of something lodged in their breathing passages.
Repeat procedures two and three until the victim is revived or until paramedics come to give professional assistance.

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The thermometer is mainly used to check the temperature of a person in case he or she may have a fever. It is of utmost importance that you check a person for open wounds that release large amounts blood and get that blood releasing wound under control. If you come across a person that isn’t breathing, you should immediately apply Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
Pinch close the nose of the victim and blow air into the victim’s mouth until the chest rises. When one is located, cover the wound with a bandage, if the wound is not that deep it should be able to control the flow of blood. It has been designed as an all-purpose first aid solution and is good for the home, outdoor use and the car. But when the problem life decides to throw at us, hurts us physically and help isn’t readily available, quick medical treatment is something that you shouldn’t need to go far to receive.
But remember, a bandage that is moderately saturated with blood could more effective than a new bandage of the reduction in blood flow as the blood on the bandage will not allow the bandage to absorb any more blood.

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