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This approach not only keeps boring blather out of our elearning, it can also make our activities more memorable. Instead, we’ll plunge our learners directly into an activity that somewhat simulates real life and that includes real-life job aids. The feedback describes the results of the learner’s choice, letting the learner conclude that they were wrong. I’ll talk more about scenarios in a one-hour online presentation for the Elearning Network of Australasia.
The trick, I find, is to elicit from your customers the behaviors that the learner will be engaged in when applying the knowledge they want you to convey.
I liked Michael Allen’s Guide to Elearning, which I think has been updated since I bought it. This technique is also useful to link users to ontime solutions where data might be transient or subject to change from time to time.
For me, where eLearning modules often fail is that the eLearning module tries to be an all encompassing self-contained module.
Job Aids and ontime learning tools allow key information that is subject to change to be located outside the eLearn module so that the module remains up-to-date for longer periods of time. As mentioned in the post, I gave a one-hour online workshop on scenario design for the E-learning Network of Australasia. On this site, you'll find ideas that will help you design lively training for working adults.
Sign up to get the latest posts plus this free 23-page ebook on how to create challenging, relevant training. The Sense of First Aid board game is one of the SOS training games supplied with over 100 questions and answers on Bleeding, Burns and Shock, CPR, Unconsciousness and General First Aid. All SOS Training Board Games are designed to raise awareness and make training sessions FUN, ENJOYABLE, INTERESTING and MEMORABLE. On shaking the dice, the token should be moved the number of squares corresponding with the number on the dice.
On landing on any of the Category squares, the Question Master will pick a card from the top of the pack representing the category that the token has landed on. Sense Of Safety is designed to raise awareness and make training sessions FUN, ENJOYABLE, INTERESTING and MEMORABLE. This allows the administrator to view all questions and results in the database of the game at the click of a button. In both Questions and Results section each question or result can be entered and a list is offered with the details of each individual or team that answered that question correctly or incorrectly and the dates it was attempted. Printouts of each individual's results including a list of all questions answered correctly and incorrectly are available at the end of each game and with each individual or group analysis search. Each individual department, site or training session can have different questions assigned to it from this section.
Any question can be temporarily removed from its existing question set and placed into the Specialist section. This will allow any individual question to be disabled, or switched off, in any question set. Once found, these results can be viewed as an individual list and analysed using a browse facility. A certificate can be printed off at the end of each game should that individual or team reach the required score. Any individual result or selection of results searched for in the Find section can be archived into your chosen database.

Should a player answer a question incorrect, a screen will appear with an explanation as to why the correct answer is in fact correct. BOTH DOCUMENT LINK AND EXPLANATION SCREEN ARE AVAILABLE VIA THE EDIT QUESTION AND ADD QUESTION SECTIONS.
At the end of the game, a group analysis is available by a search facility, for each game, in addition to each individual. This does not prevent individual analysis, but gives the opportunity to research any weaknesses the group had collectively in that session. This will allow the administrator to export a list of chosen results in addition to archiving sets of individual questions and results.
In the Standard version of the SOS Training Needs Analysis Program, questions can be added to existing question sub-categories. More defined organisational hierarchy, this means that not only can different questions be sent to different departments, but the new version will allow different departments in different divisions on individual sites to have their own questions. This is only and example and not meant to suggest that different machinery is used on any of the sites. The most common use for the SOS Multimedia Training Games is of course the Training Needs Analysis functionality. All SOS Multimedia Training Games are available as Stand-alone, Localised Network or Web-based versions. If you choose the Web-based version of The SOS Training Needs Analysis Program, we will collate the results analysis for you and email you a monthly or quarterly report as proof of who has used it, a breakdown of the questions answered incorrectly and a recommendation of where training is required.
All results are then sent to the program database for analysis, which can be accessed by you at any time.
If you choose the Web-based version of The SOS Modular Program, we will collate the results analysis for you and email you a monthly or quarterly graphical report giving you proof of knowledge of who has used the program, a breakdown of the questions answered correctly and incorrectly and a recommendation of where training is required. This page is devoted to some of the teaching resources that I find helpful; which you're welcome to download and use.
Growth in young people from the start to the finish of an expedition programme has to be seen to be believed. This is a Silver Expedition version of the 'Introduction to Expeditions' handout above, to help when introducing young people to DofE Silver Expeditions.
This quiz is a useful way to get feedback about a group's level of knowledge; and can be used with Bronze, Silver or Gold groups. The emergency procedures question gives confirmation and reassurance to you (and also the group) that they know what to do. The 'most dangerous thing' question helps confirm whether a group has a good understanding of risks involved. These are relevant expedition first aid scenarios for young people to work through as a group.
Alice Turner Climbing Courses is part of Foundation Expedition Leadership, a Community Interest Company. Thank you for choosing to sign up to receive our newsletters.By signing up you will receive exclusive offers, the latest industry news and all our new product launches from Safety First Aid. For example, the learner could click the first thumbnail to see the safety poster that appears in every examining room and that explains what to do with a needlestick injury. It also includes a snippet of the safety poster, pointing out where the learner should have looked. So our course not only corrects the common mistakes but repeatedly reminds learners of the job aids they should be using. For more complex procedures, we could have learners refer to the job aid as they carry out each step, showing the results of each decision in a realistic way.

I find myself always wanting to use min-scenarios like this these days (if I can talk client’s into it). Scenarios that stick in the mind are such powerful learning tools, and it’s funny to think how often we ignore the explicit instruction or aids that are readily available to us (like the safety poster) in this type of situation. I am a big fan of your work, can you reccomend some books to get inspired for more meaningul learning experiences? Great examples and it really does an excellent job of describing how to accomplish the mini-scenario with ease.
I recommend using the same mini-scenario questions in the test, with the only difference being that the feedback doesn’t include additional info that points them toward the correct answer.
I like starting with something to grab their attention, however when do you include info about the course? Health & Safety, the Question Master will pick a card from the top of the pack representing the category.
Questions can be removed from any or all of the individual question sets to create a set of questions that may apply to an overall awareness session within a company or an incident to which an analysis of knowledge is required. The system will also generate a plain-text activity log for each session and store it ready to email to specified locations.
We will also email reminders for individual refresher courses and re-training sessions, to key personnel within your company or organisation. The learner sees for themselves that they not only skipped a step, they also used the wrong washing method.
Another super advantage, as you know, is that it promotes higher level thinking skills rather than rote memorization.
The workshop introduces a three-part formula for designing engaging scenarios and emphasizes basing your material on scenarios, rather than tacking them on to an information presentation. I will try to use this concept in a new e-learning course on Harrassment I was told to develop.Thanks again! This departs from the accepted templates, about which everyone complains, but deviating from them is frowned upon. If learners aren’t expected to memorize everything and are supposed to use job aids, as in the example shown in the post, then it seems fair to include the job aids in the question. The SOS Modula program also benefits from all the functionalities of the SOS Training Needs Analysis Program.
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