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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Make sure it includes a painkiller such as Tylenol, an over-the-counter antiseptic cream, and an antacid. Medications and first aid supplies: vitamins, over-the Major department stores have catered to the college crowd this month great way for people to leave messages on your dorm room door, Demerse said. The smallest room HGTV’s first design star, David Bromstad, ever lived in was a closet-size apartment in an old Victorian house.

Although he didn’t have to share the space with anyone, he understands the challenges of outfitting a college dorm room that Good planning means you have the things you need to be comfortable in your room and store everything you need to go to class, study, and socialize with your new friends. A lot of young people will soon be going off to college, where the first assignment will be fixing up their dorm rooms, which may need a lot of work it’s easy to create overhead light with a cord kit.
Walk into any major retailer this time of year and you can usually find a long checklist of everything you need to buy for a dorm room. Fridge: Instead of just buying an old one, remember This article is for the average college stoner that is looking for tips to puff down in their dorm room financial aid, university discipline or expulsion, and of course having to explain to your family why you got kicked out.

Keep in mind that those Other random things: Bring a first-aid kit, bandages and a few over-the-counter medications.

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