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Customer service representatives are available from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Sunday to help with questions, concerns or registration. To register for any of the above mentioned courses, to book a private course or for more information use the contact information provided above. Use the contact information provided above for information about the services available with this provider.
Anemia is a condition where there are not enough red blood cells circulating through the body. Whether you plan to buy a ready-made First Aid Kit or put one together yourself, it’s a good idea to cross-reference the items contained within (or those which you plan to procure) with other recommended lists of the First Aid items that should be included. Keep a note inside containing emergency phone numbers (your doctor, hospital, emergency contacts…).
A inventory list of the First Aid Kit contents so you can resupply later if items are used.
First-aid, both supplies and a working knowledge of how to administer it is something that is severely lacking with most people. When a SHTF situation occurs you will need to be able to handle whatever comes along, as emergency service people will be few and far between or non-existent. I think everyone should go and take a first-aid course and get your CPR while you are at it. I find most first-aid kits have too much SMALL stuff in them and they are meant for small cuts and minor breaks.
I also keep a good supply of sutures, syringes and lidocaine on hand so that we can stitch cuts. As noted, you have to keep on top of expiry dates, but a lot of things will work okay well past their expiry dates and I know this from personal experience. Peptobismal, Benadryl, Imodium, Dramamine (can be used as a general antiemetic), Eye wash, eye drops, Gyne-lotrimin. Crazy glue, use it to close cuts, it will keep them sterilized and is just like what they use in the hospitals minus the purple dye.
Actually, the medical grade of cyanoacrylate (super glue) has a different base than that for regular household uses. Turn your batteries around backwards in your flashlight, so they can’t be accidentally turned on. From experience when my mandolin slicer attacked me, well, it did!!–cayenne pepper for clotting.
For long term wounds or ulcerations, white sugar was used in WW2 as a battlefield dressing.
The more complete and useful the emergency kit the less likely it will be with you when you need it.
I myself have several first aid kits, one for my work,car and for Bugging Out.I would advise people to have a First Aid Book to add to their first aid kits.
Small bottles for above two liquids (camping bottles, repurposed Five Hour Energy or similar bottles). Mirror (for people in denial or who won’t believe you about size and depth of wounds they cannot see).
If re-purposing a drinking bottle (“repurposed Five Hour Energy or similar bottles”) be sure to re-label the bottle in case your not the one going thru the medic bag ! Didn’t read all the posts, but two things I would include are laxative tabs or liquids, everyone is always worried about dehydration but constipation can be almost as bad. Gather items that are sometimes difficult to obtain during emergencies such as real painkillers.

After a thorough research and combining different items required for different minor and major medical first aid which can be used at home, office, travel or in car. Most first aid is relatively simple, you just have to know how to think about the situation properly, which is the hardest part to become accustomed to. Can you do an blog about buried food catches, how to build one, what can be used as container and make water tight in my northern state. Vet-wrap is a cheap and self-adhesive way to keep them maxi-pads in place…works on the horses anyway.
The best advice I can give is to go take an EMT class at a community college, volunteer FD, or county hospital. At least a first responder course, then follow up with a mountaineering specific first aid course.
NORCAT has partnered with Lifesaver 101 to offer First Aid training and CPR training from their facility located at 324 Elm Street.
Lifesaver 101 provides an interactive, fun and educational approach to First Aid and CPR training.  Their goal has always been to have participants pass with both the knowledge and confidence necessary to provide effective first aid in an emergency medical situation.
First Aid Kit Restocking – Lifesaver 101 can visit your location and keep your First Aid kits stocked to WSIB Standards. Lifesaver 101 Store – Lifesaver 101 retails First Aid kits and supplies for business and personal use. FSP Standard LicenseBy downloading this image, you agree to abide by the terms of use of this license.
Doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, lifeguards, healthcare professionals, students and government employees may be required to have current workplace approved first aid certification.
Because the red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to our organs, our cells get damaged and do not function properly in anemia. Depending on your preferences and medical conditions, consider keeping any of the following – Acetaminophen for fever and pain, Ibuprofen for muscle pain, and Aspirin for fever and pain (Aspirin not for children under 15).
The problem with First Aid kits is that a really good one is expensive, and the meds expire. Had a cut by getting a razor blade into my finger tip, it took two days to heal up and close with no infection. You absolutely had to to deal with things yourself, whether it be minor injuries or treating and stabilizing life threatening injuries until a medi-vac could be arranged. Just in everyday life help can be slow to get there at times and if you live in a rural area, knowing what to do can mean life or death with a severe injury. Being able to stop bleeding is of utmost importance and I like to have a good supply of industrial type pressure bandages for that purpose.
I have used it to seal several cuts that have needed stitches on myself and saved the hospital bill…they were on my hands frm cutting vegetables.
I myself have a VERY extensive first aid kit that is in a fishing tackle box with a see through lid and a storage compartment on the bottom. Although at the point that I’m using quick clot there is a very serious situation happening. As mentioned above Oxycontin or similar opiates is important to have on hand when aspirin just doesn’t cut it.
Some doctors don’t like to give it out but you can order it cheaply from ebay under fish supplies category. After you finish training and certification requirements, you can work as an EMT as a side job to obtain real world experience.
Personally I can see it as a onetime use after surgery or for regular use with a terminally ill child.

I guess my point is use your heads when it comes to a Medical Kit that your going to carry. Numb, Deep Numb, Ciprofloxacin, Cephalexin, Duct Tape, Ammonia Inhalants, Pen Light, Cervical Collar, Adhesive Plastic Plaster (19 x 72mm), Adhesive Plastic Plaster (25 x 72mm), Textile Plaster (6cm x 1m), Gauze Pad 5cm x 5cm, Wound Cleansing Wipes, Elastic Bandages (5cm x 4m), Sterile First Aid Dressing-medium, Sterile First Aid Dressing-large, Wound Cleansing Wipes, Sterile Oval Eye Pad (6cm x 8cm), Eye Wash 10ml, Eye cup Blue, Elastic Gauze Bandage 5cm x 2m, FAK Box5.
The leading provider of first aid services, including courses, in Saskatchewan is Saskatoon First Aid. Iron is responsible for producing hemoglobin in the body, a part of the red blood cell that carries the oxygen. Nothing is much worse than a crushed finger or toe with blood under the nail, and while there are other ways to do the job, the professional burners are great and made for it.
A BP Cuff and Pulse Oximeter, Glucometer, and Thermometer will tell you a lot along with Respirations (Listen to lung sounds) and Heart Rate. Plastic bags are good if used in conjunction with direct pressure or duct tape can stop bleeding by sealing the wound. This provider has been serving Saskatoon since 2008 with consulting, supplies, courses and on-line training.
A couple of packages of ladies unscented sanitary pads are a great item to have at hand as they work very well for bad cuts and they are reasonably priced.
A bandage is useful for keeping dirt out of a wound, but keep it dry and try to get some sun on it. Everybody has someone in their group that has existing medical problems so I also advise having a supply of their medications for emergency purposes.
Something as simple as an Ace bandage will cause more harm due to allergies to the elastic. Its popularity is due to its friendly customer service staff, professional instructors, low prices and conveniently located training locations. Granted some things are expensive so I go to the dollar store and get what you might need instead of going to a big store that charges more for the same thing. Both of them are very addictive and having oxycontin in your first aid kit could get you arrested if you don’t have a prescription for it or (in some states)if it is not in the bottle the pharmacy dispensed it in.
Read through this page to find out why Saskatoon First Aid is the leading provider in Saskatchewan or scroll down to contact this provider by telephone, email or register via on-line registration.
It is faster than stitches and to me less painful and just about anyone can use it on someone that has a bad cut. I also have some things that might not be first aid but will be useful such as tooth brushes and paste, baby wipes (in case you need to go) these can also be used for cleaning blood from the area you are working on and come in plastic unlike toilet paper. I’m not sure if this is correct but I have pain killers like Oxycontin for severe pain. I tried to think of every aspect of bugging out and then thought of what you MIGHT need and bought my products from their. I also have in my kits power drinks that are HERBAL and I also have several different kinds of pills to take for keeping alert. The only real problem I had was alcohol, Benedictine and peroxide as they are large and in a plastic bottle so I put then in a container to better protect them from being smashed and thus poor out.

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