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When someone is choking, the very first thing you should do is to start the Heimlich maneuver right away. Clever Catch CPR First AidThis colorful, inflatable 24" vinyl ball (no latex!) provides a fun way for student to practice their CPR and first aid skills. First Aid Skills 1 Discovery Ranger Workbook Pages 195-209 Leaders Red Merit Reference Pages 169 - 199 Welcome to First Aid Skills Lesson TwoLesson ThreeLesson.
First Aid Skills 3 Lesson One – Objectives Fundamentals of First Aid 1.Define the meaning of First Aid.
First Aid Skills 6 Fundamentals of First Aid Scenario: A man has been hit by a car and thrown into the street. First Aid Skills 7 Fundamentals of First Aid First, safety of the rescuer from traffic and the safety of the of the victim. First Aid Skills 10 Giving First Aid RAP ABCH R is for Responsiveness Is the victim conscious?
First Aid Skills 12 ? Your name ? The emergency ? The location of the emergency ? Condition of the victim How to Use the 911 System How to Use the 911 System 4. First Aid Skills 14 When To Move An Injured Person MWS 2, page 200 P is for Position Only re-position the victim if the victim is in further danger in their present location.
First Aid Skills 15 ? If there are suspected spinal injuries, do not move the victim (except when the victim is in a life threatening situation).
First Aid Skills 16 Use the mnemonic “ABCH” MWS 2, Page 200 Four Steps of Victim Assessment ? A is for airway Use your finger to sweep the mouth to remove any seen object. First Aid Skills 17 ? B is for breathing Four Steps of Victim Assessment Look, listen and feel by watching the chest and placing your cheek a few inches above the mouth of the victim to sense any movement of air.
First Aid Skills 18 ? C is for circulation Four Steps of Victim Assessment If there is not a pulse, then this person needs CPR. First Aid Skills 19 ? H is for Hemorrhaging Four Steps of Victim Assessment If the victim is bleeding, then provide the necessary care.
First Aid Skills 20 Lesson One Review First aid is a first-response activity, nothing more.
First Aid Skills 27 Heimlich Maneuver ? Used only when the victim is conscious and is unable to breath or cough. First Aid Skills 28 Heimlich Maneuver DR Workbook Requirement 7a, Page 196 1.Stand behind victim.
First Aid Skills 29 Heimlich Maneuver DR Workbook Requirement 7a, Page 196 5.Press into the victim’s stomach with five quick upward thrusts. First Aid Skills 30 Abdominal Thrusts DR Workbook Requirement 7b, Page 196 1.Place victim on his or her back. First Aid Skills 31 Abdominal Thrusts DR Workbook Requirement 7b, Page 196 4.Grasp your hand by placing your other hand on top and lacing your fingers into the first hand. First Aid Skills 32 Abdominal Thrusts DR Workbook Requirement 7b, Page 196 6.After every five thrusts, recheck the victim. Just a few winters ago winter bit hard in Umbria, and left people homebound in rural locations.
Autumn is firmly entrenched here in the hills of Umbria, the smell of wood smoke dominates all other smells, and colder weather is just around the corner.

You’ may have a hard time believing this, but one of the biggest motivations for creating this blog was to share my story of getting an Italian driver’s license.
Well, on one hand, I could have prepared myself better for this Herculean task (I challenge you to find anyone who would dare to say “It was a breeze!”) On another hand, I might have scared myself out of making the move, and that would’ve have been a crying shame. If you are American and planning on moving to Italy and becoming a resident, you’ll need an Italian driver’s license. The good news is that during your first year of residency, you can continue to drive using your U.S.
Your first year of having an Italian driver’s license imposes some restrictions on the car you drive. These two topics, getting your Italian driver’s license and your car, may seem to be marginally connected. The Italian driver’s manual and workbook (with sample tests) are large and comprehensive. Your faithful companions on your to journey getting your license are the Italian driver’s manual, and the accompanying workbook.
I heard little of the first class I was attending, because I was busy trying to figure out what I had to learn and how I was going to do it. Just one example of many possible questions and the format of the written exam from When I went for my test, my instructor drove me to the testing place in Perugia, and my partner came along to cheerlead and provide moral support. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The best place to check for a pulse is the carotid artery along the side of the neck along the windpipe. Repeat until the object has been dislodged or until you are relieved by another person or an EMT. If the shock is the result of an allergic reaction, then follow victim's instructions for treating allergy and monitor the "ABCH’s" until medical attention arrives. Winter in Italy, especially when you reside in the rural countryside of central to north Italy, can be mild and it also can be harsh, therefore calling for a change in one’s day-to-day living strategies. Of all the things I had researched in preparing to make the move to Italy, this was the one topic that was grossly neglected. In retrospect, all happened as it was supposed to happen, and now my Italian driver’s license sits proudly in my wallet. If you’re from the EU, you’re home-free, as your license will be good here – though the polizia will tell you you need to have it converted, which is a fairly easy and straightforward process. In no way did I expect that my Italian driver’s license would affect the my choice of car. Yes, make them your friends, even though you will probably be incredibly overwhelmed when they are placed in your hands by your driving instructor. I am one of those creative types who have a balance of left and right brain skills – which means I pride myself on creatively approaching a challenge, while simultaneously needing a linear plan for reaching the finish line. My instructor quizzed me during the drive, and gave me some important last minute pointers – especially concerning certain terminology used in questions designed to trip you up.

Follow the flowchart and care for the victim in any form that does not require moving the victim.
If they are still not breathing they need rescue breathing, do not give unless you are trained, instead, find an adult.
Checking the victim, calling for help, and giving care are three steps in treating someone who has been seriously hurt or ill. However, driving in Italy isn’t, in my opinion, something of which you should be afraid.
You may also become frustrated, especially if you insist on bringing an American mindset to the roads and drivers of Italy. This buys you a year to plan to drive legally while going through all the steps related to getting your Italian driver’s license.
When I first attended driving school and received my copies (on loan from the school for the duration of the course), I perused the manual, gulped, and tried to breathe.
For instance, you will always get a couple of questions pertaining to right of way at an intersection (with overhead diagrams).
However, the most taxing emotional and psychological hurdles were the required practical driving lessons for an Italian license.
The disclaimer here is driving in cities like Rome and Naples, where even many Italians are intimidated. That is a very good thing since you won’t feel as though you have a metaphorical shotgun pointed at your head. Don’t take this part lightly, and be sure to get recommendations from people who actually have attended a particular school. Never before in my time in the States had I seen a driving manual so thick and so comprehensive.
I feel compelled to reiterate my advice (in another post) to be serious about getting references from people who have already attended a driving school you are considering. And, so many variations of how the same information can be asked lead to more than 3,000 possible exam questions. You are allowed up to four mistakes – any more, you fail and you will have to take the test again, after waiting at least a month.
Knowing first aid could save a life, and applying first aid should be accompanied with prayer. Complete requirements 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you have not done so already - (Page 195) Lesson One True-False Questions MWS 1, Pg. With your new Italian driver’s license you are put in the same class as an 18-year old on the roads of Italy for the first time. If you fail the test more than two to three times (I don’t remember the exact details) you may find yourself back at square one for paying fees and going through all the other steps in the process.

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