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Practical advice for the on-the-go outdoorsman, this field-friendly guide is essential for anyone interested in first-aid preparation and care. Emergency First Aid is the perfect pocket-sized folding guide to what everyone should know about first aid. Keep a pet emergency kit in your home and in your vehicle, so that you can help your pet even on the road.
This emergency pet kit comes with all you need to help your pet out until you can get them to see the veterinarian. This is one of the most popular books available to help dog owners and lovers care for their canine companions from home.
A chapter for emergencies with instructions for treating shock, burns, dehydration, heat stroke and poisoning. Top 5 Best Dog Training BooksThis is a list of 5 of the best dog training books currently available on the market by experts in the field of dog training and obedience. Top 10 Best Indestructible Dog ToysHere are ten great dog toys that can stand up to aggressive chewers.

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app gives you instant access to all you need to help your dog or cat in an emergency. Pocket guide to emergency first aid: review - youtube, This small and light guide will become your new best friend in first aid!. Pocket guide on first aid for disaster management project, First aid icbse will help you to make your school project on "pocket guide on first aid" the first aid pocket guide should contain aid that needs to be. Pet emergency pocket guide - jones & bartlett learning, The pet emergency pocket guide is a practical reference for pet owners that provides complete planning, response and survival guidelines for both common and uncommon. Here is advice useful on a hike or for any fishing trip, including step-by-step instructions on dealing with fractures, suturing wounds, treating eyes and ears, managing allergic reactions, and more. Easy to follow instructions allow novices to identify and treat various conditions ranging from heart attacks to emergency childbirth. If you don’t have a veterinary emergency clinic near you or your pet emergency happens when your regular clinic is closed, it can be dire to have a pet first aid kit and some instructional books on hand for your pets safety, whether you have a dog, a cat or something else. It’s also important to have an instructional book that can guide you through emergencies, minor and major.

It’s made easy to carry and travel with so that you can keep your pet safe wherever you go.
It won’t take up much room in the glove box and it fits in your pocket or can be attached to your lead for walks. With common sense advice, and in a handy, portable package, this is one little book that no one should be without in a campsite or in their forest hideaway. Laminated for durability, this handy Pocket Tutor guide from Waterford Press is a great source of portable information and ideal for field use by novices and experts alike.
It’s durable and the color of the fabric helps make you more visible on your walk too. Even with its small size, this book helps with planning, response and survival guidelines for many pet emergencies.

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