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Do you know how to react in an emergency situation, how to treat minor injuries and how to put a child or infant into the recovery position? I’m Louise, Content Co-Ordinator at High Speed Training and part-time Sewing & Craft Blogger.
My aim is to write fun, useful and informative resources that will help you to develop your own skills in the workplace and at home!
This certification includes the online first aid courseware and an online certification test. Therefore, whether you’re a parent, child-minder or school teacher, having knowledge of basic paediatric first aid is essential for helping the child to feel reassured and safe.

I love to read, write and be creative and I’m always looking for new ways in which I can enjoy using the knowledge from my degree in English Language and Linguistics.
The first aid courseware covers every important aspect of first aid and the certification test assesses the test takers knowledge of basic and advanced first aid and revival techniques. Go through the First Aid Courseware (which could take you from 1 week to a month depending upon how hard you work & your level of experience) and take the certification exam at your convenience. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your certificate is mailed immediately.
Our e-Learning courses aim to develop skills and knowledge across front-of-house and kitchen.

On completion, the learner is awarded a personalised, printable certificate of achievement.

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