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Off-roading is good fun, but it’s no joke — you can get very stuck, very lost or very hurt, and you may be hours away from help. Here are 10 tools every off-road explorer needs to have on board their rig … just in case. Dropping the air pressure in your tires is a great way to increase traction off-road — but what about when you get back on the road again?
If you get a flat off the beaten path, the spare jack that came with your rig probably won’t be much help. You know how, back before the days of modern medicine, people used to die from silly things like bad cuts? In these days of hand-held and car-mounted GPS units, the paper map is an anachronism — but batteries can die and electronics can break down, while paper maps need nothing but a skilled eye to use. The Wise Guide team writes about things we think you’ll like, introducing you to great products, services and special deals.
AMSOIL Introduces New Synthetic Dual-Clutch Transmission Fluid AMSOIL has introduced a new synthetic fluid for dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs).
We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. If you experience a pet dog crisis, then you must ensure that your house has if not everything then at least the most important things to provide immediate medical intervention. First aid kit for dogs and cats is a vital component for pet owners, and in addition to having tools to save your dog in an emergency, most of these items can also be used for people’s first aid needs, too. Nonetheless, in case dog owners are on the lookout to purchase an already prepared dog first aid kit for their pets, here are 5 best examples that are available on Amazon for a reasonable price. But if you spend the time to learn how to create the kit, analyzing instructions of every item in there and learning how to use them in case of an emergency, that can very well pay off and save the life of your furry pal.
If you can afford it, ensure that your dog first aid kit has a cellphone in it with a vet emergency line phone number programmed in there in case something happens.
The best way to go about this (aside from learning each item separately on your own) is to get certified in pet first aid. RedCross offers inexpensive classes to learn how to deal with emergencies in the most efficient ways, and they will also give you all the information on how to use your own first aid kit for dogs. Below, we’ve put together a guide on the most essential items for your first aid kit for dogs and the best ones available to purchase online. It will help to reduce irritation in the eyes and gently cleanse your dog’s eyes and surrounding tissues to help relieve discomfort.
This small cheap bottle is more than enough for emergencies and will last for a very long it. In addition to the above, your first aid kit for dogs should also have a stretch bandage that has been sterilized. You probably already have this in your home or car, but double check if it’s still good to use. This is something on the more expensive side, and you really would need to research before purchasing.
What vets often recommend to have in your dog first aid kit is the hydrocortisone acetate for dogs. Benadryl isn’t as expensive for dogs as it is for people, so you should be able to include it as well into your first aid kit for dogs.
Vets agree that pepto-bismol is safe to give to dogs, but you still should talk to your own vet to get a more specific recommendation. Get some white petroleum jelly for dogs too (usually Vaseline works best, or something similar). Another very useful item to have in your first aid kit for dogs when you have specific cases to treat.
This product can be given to dogs and works similarly to Pepto-bismol, but you need to be cautious about its controversy. Almost forgot to mention special scissors to include in your first aid kit for dogs, and Nutri-Vet has the best ones.
That’s about it in terms of the most essential items for your first aid kit for dogs or other pets. Finally, consider what injuries or health emergencies your dog is mostly prone to, and maybe start gathering items one by one to make your own first aid kit for dogs and not pay hundreds of dollars all at once.

Mary Litton has lived in the DC area for over 12 years, and after an exciting career in public and international relations, she exchanged her gowns and glitz for jeans and playground shoes to stay home and raise her two young children.
I never walk out the door without a bag full of snacks and supplies for my kids, but I don’t have any type of emergency supplies for myself. A box of grown-up snacks -my favorite are Cascadian Farms chocolate chip granola bars because they are individually wrapped, perfectly sized, and won’t make a mess. Empty water cup – if I forget my water bottle, an empty cup can be filled at soda fountains or water fountains as I go about my day. Sudoku or Crossword puzzle – I constantly find myself waiting, whether it’s for five minutes in the preschool pickup line or twenty minutes at the drug store for a prescription.
First Aid Kit are Joanna and Klara, two sisters from Sweden making beautiful folk music with spine tingling harmonies. We wake up around 9 and then we go in to the car and drive around for maybe four, five hours. He has this thing called Third Man Blues Series, and it’s all these artists that record with him. No no, we had no experience of success like that and we didn’t expect such a big audience but we did feel very good about it. I hope they feel more alive and also calm and like they have a friend in our music coz that’s what we feel when we listen to music, it makes us feel less alone like we have something in common with other people in the world. I think the song Emmylou, it’s such a special song that I don’t know how we wrote it, it feels like it was like magic. Even if you don’t have big tires or a suspension lift, you may well be on uneven ground. Buy an extinguisher and mount it within easy reach, but remember that if a fire gets out of control, keep yourself safe and don’t be a hero.
A set of recovery straps is the difference between using your buddy’s rig to tow you out of the muck and waiting (and paying for) a tow.
As in, when you get a flat and have to use your spare, you’re more likely to get another flat.
A vehicle-mounted compass is a good thing to have, but keep a hand-held one in the glovebox in case the vehicle is at an angle that makes reading the mounted compass difficult. But if you go far enough off road, you may be in a situation where you need to cut yourself out of trouble — or where you need wood to build makeshift ramps or a fire to keep warm (or to dispose of your rig when it really gets you angry). We do have affiliate partnerships, so we may earn revenue from the products and services you buy. Sometimes, waiting for too long to drive your dog to a vet can result in losing your friend.
You can always purchase an already prepared first aid kit for dogs online, but we recommend putting together your own because a) you’ll know exactly what you have and can choose certain items that you definitely need (as indicated below), and b) a really well put together dog first aid kit (and with better quality items) will be cheaper than a pre-made one that has the same amount of stuff. Usually, this doesn’t take long, especially if you get the items for cheap online and have them delivered (instead of going from pet store to pet store to collect it all). This is a great addition for your first aid kit for dogs, but remember to check batteries periodically or have a procedure in place to put in battery that hasn’t been discharged immediately.
That way you will always know how to use any kind of first aid kit for dogs or cats, and a lot of the same knowledge can be applied to humans, in case you ever need it. Dog eye washes also remove tear stains and slow down their formation in your pet’s eyes.
Aspirin for dogs provides temporary pain relief and enteric coated tablets are gentle on your pet’s stomach (compared to human ones). These ones are made from 100% cotton and are well suited for a variety of applications with your pet, including wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, wound packing and debriding.
These go well together with sponges, and are perfect for standalone dog first aid kits or even as a refills for the pre-made ones. These can be also pretty cheap and an elastic bandage that adheres to itself but not to hair or skin will serve your dog well. The liquid contains 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and is the perfect solution when you need a reliable cleansing formulation with emollients for dogs or cats. A small single bottle will be enough, unless your pooch is seriously in need of this. It helps support the immune system of your canine, and great for dogs plagued with seasonal allergies.
Get the cheapest ones and don’t go overboard as it can quickly become very expensive.

If there’s no problem with using the product, then you should definitely have some pepto-bismol for dogs (in tablets) for when your pooch has an upset stomach or diarrhea. Its life-like feel encourages pets to feed, and the ear syringe itself is very durable and reusable. It helps to protect wounds in canines from infection and is most useful for treating scaly leg.
But you can always get additional things if you can afford them – it never hurts to be prepared for any type of health emergency situation and avoid seeing your dog suffer for longer than he or she has to. Don’t try to first buy something that can be replaced with items used for people or what is least likely to occur. Joanna speaks to DIY from a hotel room in Hamburg, Germany about their new album, recording with Jack White and dancing… Gangnam Style. It just stood out to us instantly, we felt like it was the best song we’ve ever written. A simple air compressor will get you aired up and ready to go, while a more elaborate unit can fill a tank to power air tools — a boon for repairs on the trail. Along with the strap, you’ll need a good set of D-rings and solid, easy-to-access attachment points on the vehicle.
Repairing a tire on the trail isn’t the simplest thing to do, but it can get you going in a real pinch — and the repair kits are reasonably priced.
If traction is the problem, a set of recovery ramps (also known as extraction ladders) may be able to give you the grip you need to get moving again.
To avoid this, every veterinarian recommends that for dog owners to have a first aid kit for dogs with some of the most essential dog aid items on hand. Aspirin is ideal for dogs with arthritis, joint problems, or after surgery, but cannot be used with cats.
If you can afford custom splints for your dog, then it would be a great addition to your kit, but the prices usually range from $40 to $150. Non-adherent pads for dogs are perfect for wound dressings when experiencing light bleeding, large surface cuts, scrapes, burns or post-surgical wounds. Maufacturer claims that this one in particular is superior to all other hand feeding syringes on the market, and other dog owners seem to agree. You can lightly cover the cream with a sterile bandage mentioned above, and remember to apply twice daily for one to two weeks or as directed by a veterinarian. It can relieve the itching from the irritation, it softens the scales and it smothers the mite that causes the disease. Always remember to consult with your veterinarian for the best options too, and see if there are other, possibly better products than those listed on this site. We get to the venue, unload and sit in the dressing room and wait for our turn to sound check, then we wait again until the show starts. We were like so blown away by that, and he invited us to the studio the next day and we recorded a single for him. We played for Paul Simon at this thing called The Polar Music Prize in Sweden, which is like the Noble Prize but in music.
You don’t need to carry a portable emergency room, but get a comprehensive kit and take a class so you know how to use it. They aren’t very expensive … especially compared to the cost of an off-road tow (assuming you can find one). These are the suggestions based on dog owner’s experience and what are considered the best of the best in what they represent. We recorded in Omaha with Mike Mogis, and we felt like it couldn’t have gone better and easier.
You will also feel more confident about the fact that you can always provide your dog with the necessary aid. However, please remember that this site is not intended to provide any professional or other medical and veterinary advice and you must always consult with your vet beforehand to learn about the product and check if it’s safe to give it to your pet.

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