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This little first aid kit made in a recycled candy tin is the perfect size to carry in their backpacks, your purse or you could even leave it in your glove box. You'll need an empty candy tin to hold your first aid supplies, we used the kind that mints come in.
We just covered up the brand name with some decorative tape, glitter tape is for brave souls.
Our unitized first aid kits divide medication, creams, and bandages into individual, premeasured units, taking the guesswork out of how much gauze wrap or first aid cream a wound may require. Your review may be posted on the web site within three business days and becomes the sole property of Forestry Suppliers Inc.
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Forestry Suppliers reserves the right to post any question that we feel might benefit other customers or enhance understanding of the product. If you are not certain what to include in your emergency or disaster first-aid kit, buying a premade kit is probably the best option.
A premade kit is a good start for emergency preparedness, but if you purchase a store-bought first-aid you may need to add supplies to it to be fully prepared. Consider your geography: A basic first-aid kit may not include supplies that are of necessary for your location.

It's one thing to own an emergency first aid kit; it's another thing to know how to use the first aid kit's supplies. Check with your local YMCA, YWCA, or American Red Cross chapter for available first aid training classes. Google "first aid training" and the name of your city or community to find training near you. In an emergency, training could mean the difference between life and death – for your coworkers, your family members, or even you. This way you can be certain that you at least have the basic supplies you need for the most common emergencies. Also, whether premade or assembled at home, remember to replace any supplies as soon as they are used. For example, if you or your family members are avid hikers, your basic first-aid kit should include a snake bite kit or poison oak first-aid supplies.
For example, extreme heat or cold, high altitude environments or an area known for a particular species of animals or insects known for venomous bites or stings. Some disaster first aid kit's supplies may not need instruction for use, such as Band-Aids. Many companies offer free first-aid training classes as part of their disaster preparedness.

These smaller units of first aid supplies are conveniently grouped and packaged into larger, color-coded boxes, simplifying identification and inventory upkeep. You will see posts from members of the FamilyWize team, our customers and partners and also from our external panel of FamilyWize experts and writers. Do you know what's in your first aid kits and supplies?  Do you know how to use the supplies that are in your first aid kit? Also, restock items like batteries, from time to time, to make sure that they will work in case of an emergency.
The larger boxes are also wrapped in clear plastic and stored in rugged, 20-gauge steel cases with neoprene gaskets to keep contents fresh and dry. Additional storage case features include smooth rounded corners, built-in wall-mount brackets, interior dividers to better organize the supplies, and inside labels printed with first aid instructions. What about the right way to treat a first-degree burn versus a second-degree or third-degree burn?

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