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You see- before we moved here- the hubs was not only on the Homeland Security Working Group for NV, he was the County Deputy Fire Chief among many many things- but he was also coordinated the Disaster Preparedness Program for the second largest county in the nation. So knowing all of that- it should come as no surprise to you that this above image shows all the things that are in just ONE of our MULTIPLE emergency kits we have between our house & vehicles. I wanted mine to be unmistakable so that anyone who sees it would know exactly what it’s for.

If you take some of the larger things out of the large box packaging- YES- all these things will fit in your First Aid Kit. Join the newsletter Subscribe & save 10% off pre-sale of our new book- COMING SOON! You'll also get weekly recipes & projects straight to your inbox- PLUS exclusive deals only for subscribers!

My daughter made a first aid kit in Girl Scouts also, but I have to say, it was tiny and not nearly as useful as yours.

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