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Since the birth of the Horseware brand in 1985 they have been distributing horse rugs to many equestrian riders and were a revolution within equestrian gear. Please call us on 0800 652 0432 or send us an email for more infomation on future availability. Their brand has developed hugely across the many years they have been established and have released a variety of other ranges such as equestrian clothing. In 1996 the Horseware brand received an award for their Rambo Turnout rug for it being the worlds best Turnout rug and its design then influenced many other equestrian designers within the industry.Tom and Carol MacGuinness were the founders of the Horseware brand as determination of Tom was the motivation which helped the brand become so successful. He wanted to create a horse rug that did not leak, make the horse sweat or did not slip and that is exactly what he did.

His innovative and unprecedented design was undoubtedly a revolution for turnout rugs in the equestrian industry and he inspired many other designers.The innovation that goes into the design for Horseware horse rugs is fantastic as they are continuously reviewing their already manufactured products in order to improve them. Customer satisfaction is the main priority for Horseware as many of their employees have horses themselves thus know how infuriating it can be not having the best horse rug. Their original Rambo Rug design is being altered in order to provide a revolutionary range of horse rugs for all customers.Horseware are fantastic for providing products to suit everyones unique personality and style and there is genuinely a product for everyone.
With their constant efforts to innovate their products, Horsewares achievements include the consecutive award for Britains favourite Turnout Rug, 9 years in a row.Not only does this brand produce excellent horse rugs, they have also brought out a fantastic collection of clothing which has also proven a great hit with their customers. They are always expanding their ranges in order to provide equestrian riders with the best experience they can get when it comes to horse riding and caring for horses.

The clothing they have released includes qualities for the fashion conscious that rely on the flexibility, comfort and warmth of their everyday riding attire.At Millbry Hill we aim to provide you with the highest quality equestrian supplies and equestrian clothing and Horseware is the brand that does just that. Our extensive collection includes almost everything you could possibly need when it comes to caring for your horse. If our Horseware range is aesthetically pleasing to you then you may want to look at what else we have in our horse rugs and equestrian clothing ranges.

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