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First Aid Kit is a swedish folk duo consisting of the unbelievably talented and gorgeous sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg. SA?strene i First Aid Kit er tilbake i Trondheim, og holder sin fjerde konsert i byen under Olavsfestdagene i kveld.
PA? samme scene i BorggA?rden sto deres store forbilde Emmylou Harris under fjorA?rets festival. Johanna (22) og Klara (20) SA¶derberg var i ekstase da de var pA? sin aller fA?rste Emmylou Harris-konsert i Stockholm i mai.
Developed by Medielab -->Adresseavisen arbeider etter VA¦r Varsom-plakatens regler for god presseskikk. Adresseavisen har redaktA?ransvar for alt som publiseres, men du er ogsA? personlig ansvarlig for innholdet i innlegget.
Does it really come as a surprise that Kerry Washington, the woman who plays Olivia Pope in Scandal is a feminist?
Zoe Saldana has been lampooned by feminists and non-feminists alike for what may be considered some pretty naive views on race, gender, and colorism, especially with regards to her role as Nina Simone in the eponymous movie, Nina.

Lily Allen seem so to have been on a journey in the last year in terms of her identification as a feminism and understanding of feminism, but she claims the label now and has said some pretty darn feminist things, so there’s that.
It seems that if you’re in the limelight, you must be  a fashionable feminist–Zooey Deschanel, Zoe Saldana above, and here Zoe Kazan all identify as feminists!
Sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg of the band First Aid Kit aren’t shy about their views on feminism, having made several appearances on Rookie alone.
All written content original to unless otherwise specified by site administrators or guest writers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Our original post lists Keira Knightley and Janelle Monae as proud feminists with head-turning wardrobes, here are seven more feminist style icons. Not only is Lorde and amazing musician, she’s a die-hard feminist with a strong vision of her craft.
The shows breaks records, being one of the most-watched shows ever to star a woman of colour as the lead actor.

That being said, she is 100% girl power–every interview she does it seems she has something to say on the matter, whether it be Fashion or Flare.
Our hearts ache for her prom-dress-and- Nike-runners style from when she first came on the scene, but no one can deny her polished, Chanel-friendly looks are more than a little enviable.
Kazan has made our site a few times for her feminist leanings, and with her filmmaking career continuing to rise (she wrote and starred in Ruby Sparks) we are always keen to hear more from her.
She graced the cover of what is basically Canada’s Vogue, Fashion, before her 20th birthday, putting gender roles and double standards on full blast.

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