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Santos, the oil and gas producer has voiced concerns the industry’s newest resource technology, floating LNG is being driven because of the associated higher investment costs of traditional onshore processing facilities and access to remote gas deposits.
Jobs in gas must be created to maximise the resource and allow Australian workers to benefit in terms of employment.
Santos senior executive John Anderson said most companies were being driven to use FLNG technology because of the higher costs of land-based projects and the interference of the Australian government as well as policy and regulatory constraints imposed upon resource companies by each state. Australian unions have increasingly voiced their concerns against the use of FLNG technology, claiming it will rob Australia of thousands of construction jobs that are generated by companies building land-based gas plants.
Floating LNG technology is being used by Royal Dutch Shell for its $12 billion Prelude project off the coast off North East coast of Western Australia.
The components for this huge project are being built in Korea, Dubai, Japan and other parts of the world.

Woodside Petroleum is also looking at using FLNG to develop its huge Browse gas fields after abandoning plans for the onshore processing plant at James Price Point in WA’s Kimberley region. WA Premier Colin Barnett, who is not a supporter of FLNG said he remained opposed to FLNG for larger projects, including Browse, but indicated his belief that it was more suited to smaller gas fields such as Prelude. Mr Barnett indicated to the the industry that the government had a commercial interest in making sure the natural gas was processed onshore because WA owned the resource. A spokesman for Woodside said the interest in FLNG was being sparked by the increasing costs of onshore projects and the reality that new natural gas discoveries were being made in remote , deep sea locations, so it makes sense to use FLNG technology. He said it was important to not dismiss the facts that of the seven LNG plants being built in Australia, only one was using FLNG technology. Shell is banking its hopes that the 600,000-tonne prototype will be  winner and a precursor to other vessels’ being built which can be used on additional gas fields, including the Torosa, Calliance and Brecknock fields off the Western Australian Kimberley coast. If you haven't got time to read the related items for "WA Jobs – FLNG", no problem, send yourself a reminder email with a link to the stories so you can read them later.
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This is of course a valid argument as Australian workers compete for WA jobs on the existing land based mining and civil construction projects.
Prelude will be the biggest floating structure that has ever been constructed and will be anchored 200km from the WA coast with an expected production life-span of around 25 years. Shell has indicated that activity was ramping up at the various locations around the world.
The finishing touches are being made to the massive hull of the FLNG production vessel that will eventually be positioned over the Prelude gas field off the Kimberley coast.
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However, there are hundreds of resource projects still under construction creating mining jobs as well as WA jobs in gas exploration, processing and distribution. Expectations from Shell management indicate that the Prelude facility will be manned by a flood of Australians who have vast experience in working with the technology. The company has also been quick to point out that Prelude operation and maintenance gas jobs will last for 20-25 years. Effective resume is important however, more importantfeb , positionChoose an effective resume template in cv samples andfree teacher.

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