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Ashtree Management Services Ltd provide in house First Aid training courses nationally based from our offices in Coventry (West Midlands) and Stowmarket in Suffolk. Our First Aid training courses are fully compliant with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements for First Aid training. If you can arrange for 2 half day sessions of the same course to run on the same day then the second course will be half price. Use this guide to help determine which course is most suitable for your workplace and employees. These courses cover all aspects of First Aid and meet the requirements of the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Our Paediatric First Aid is a 12 hour (2 day) training course for 12 delegates that is especially designed for carers of young children in any environment. This 3 day First Aid at Work course for 12 delegates covers all aspects of First Aid and meets the requirements of the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Our 2 day First Aid at Work Refresher (FAWR) courses for 12 delegates is needed every 3 years to enable First Aiders to continue to hold a full First Aid at Work certificate. Our Emergency First Aid (EFA) training course follows exactly the same syllabus as the Emergency First Aid at Work course (EFAW) but excludes the theory test and written exercise, its been developed for small organisations who feel they need trained first aid personnel but have no requirement for them to be accredited at this level.
Our 1 day First Aid in Social Care course has been specifically developed for the Social Care sector concentrating on the types of accidents & nature of the most common illnesses found within this demanding sector.
Our First Aid for Schools course is designed to equip staff dealing with school aged children with the confidence and skills to deal with a first aid incident. In line with the Governments initiative AEDs are becoming more widely available, particularly in places where people gather, such as shopping centres, railway stations, airports and large workplaces. Our 1 day course has been developed for those wishing to teach students in the use of their companies AED. For training purposes our AED simulator would be demonstrated to show correct technique, it is always advisable to have your companies own AED units available to be used as comparisons to aid familiarisation.
Meditrain South Central is passionate about seeing people equipped to save lives and reduce suffering and we reckon you and your staff can learn this without having to "suck eggs". Because saving lives is a skill we believe everyone should have, we've worked hard to de-mystify First Aid. History:Meditrain Ltd began as a First Aid Training provider at the de-regulation of the industry in 1991.

We utilise material produced by Meditrain's own publishing company, SkillsforLife Ltd, which creates and publishes all our training material specifically relevant to New Zealand conditions. We will come to your workplace to conduct a course, at your convenience, for as few as 10 Students. OSHA maintains that that emergency care must be available within no more than 3-4 minutes from the workplace. And it should be pointed out,  given the above statistics for lost days, that regardless of whether or not OHSA requires first aid training for the employees at your business, providing on site first aid could significantly reduce the amount of lost work time and cost that can result from on site injuries. Even if your business refreshes employee training every year, people forget protocol under pressure.
For over 25 years, Emilcott has been providing environmental, health and safety consulting and training services to all types of industries for all types of operations.
The courses are free to attend (subject to availability) and tea and coffee will be provided. Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum is working with Cornwall Chamber of Commerce to make a positive impact upon skills and employment in Cornwall. Disclaimer: Whilst efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date and accurate no liability will be accepted for any consequence or loss arising from inaccuracy, inconsistency or omission. We hope you have a great holiday with good food and great company - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Participants will be able to recognise and treat first aid conditions that they come across in the workplace. The syllabus covers all the details of the full first aid course in brief as well as catching up on any protocol or technique changes that may have occurred within the 3 years. This non accredited course for 12 delegates is designed to specifically fulfill the Social Care sectors requirement to assess the first aid needs of the business. This 1 day course is designed for a maximum of 12 delegates who wish to be trained in the use of an AED in their workplace. This course may be modified to half day for those with relevant First Aid knowledge and suitable training qualifications. The student learns practical techniques and procedures to get the job done without drawn out explanations of systems and processes. If you have less than 10 please contact us anyway as we often have students awaiting courses in many areas.We are happy to advise and supply First Aid kits and or AED's to your requirements also.

But consider the facts and maybe the employersa€™ responsibility doesna€™t seem so extraordinary. Unfortunately, emergency medical services in many metropolitan areas have an average of 8 minute response time, and rural ambulance response times, which often operate on a volunteer basis, can be significantly longer. Not only will it alleviate the problem of ambulance wait times, it also helps employees feel empowered to help in an emergency.
Please note that Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum is not responsible for the content of feedback reports – opinions expressed are those of the individuals concerned and do not represent the views of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum.
The course meets the requirements of Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 (EYFS) for Ofsted-regulated child-care settings. According to OSHA, 4,609 workers were killed on the job in 2011, and there were 2,986,500 total recordable cases; 908,300 cases resulted in days away from work. This meansa€”training designated employees, having the proper first aid, and having a plan. The BLS has the latest data available, and finding your industry on this report will help you tailor your first aid program to your site specific risks. It should include CPR, First Aid and AED certification, which needs to be refreshed on a regular basis. Performing traditional country music mixed with psychedelia and spirituality, the country music artist from Nashville, hit it big with the album "Meta Modern Sounds" last year. The artist has been hailed by critics as having rescued country music.Way Out West is an annual music event held in Gothenburg every August. By maintaining regular training in your workspace, you insure that new employees are up to date on procedure and are able to deal with workplace accidents. And dona€™t forget about new employee traininga€”orientation should, of course, include an introduction to the location and contents of these kits. Accidents can happen anywhere, but most people need to work and spend the majority of their time on the job.

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