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Any break in the skin will not only allow blood and other fluids to be lost, but will also allow germs and bacteria to enter the body. Minor cuts can often be treated yourself at home, or by a first aider, and do not require any expert medical attention.  Before attempting to clean a wound you should always wash and dry your hands, and ideally put on some disposable gloves. For more severe wounds, pressure should be placed upon the wound using a sterile dressing.  Expert advice should be sought. Nothing discussed here is a permanent replacement for having proper first aid gear and training.
If you’re dealing with smaller cuts and scrapes where blood is flowing, the first order of business is to clean the wound. Once you’ve found a good absorption pad, you can use any form of tape to adhere the pad to the wound. Broken bones can be extremely tricky, because you can cause more damage than you fix if you treat them improperly. For second-degree or higher burns, try to get professional medical help as quickly as possible.
Without medication or sedatives, treating pain for things like broken bones won’t be very feasible. Of course, if you’re reading this now and no one around you is bleeding, in pain, or has broken bones, chances are you have time to prepare properly.
Doing a first aid course is a really good idea, there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you're in the middle of nowhere though it's preferable to bleeding out, but like you say (and as the article says) they're a last resort after attempting all other bleeding control methods.
First aid training is included in the Bronze life-saving courses run by your local Surf Life Saving Club.
Besides basic first aid, you'll learn how to perform rescues, and also how to avoid and prevent accidents occurring in the first place.
It really is a worthwhile thing to do - and also hugely enjoyable - especially if you've been stuck behind a desk pushing a mouse around all week. I'd be very cautious about extrapolating the use of vitamin C to relieve pain in cancer patients to the same use in a first aid situation.
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Most minor wounds can be treated in the home without the need for further medical attention.

Clean wound with antiseptic wipes or swabs, then cover it with a dressing for protection and to apply pressure. If there is loose debris on the wound this can be easily washed away with water or taken off by gently dabbing with clean gauze. A bruise goes through several changes in appearance as it heals and may not appear for some time, even days, after the accident.
Even though it can be easily treated with basic first aid and then left to heal naturally, no burn should ever be underestimated.
However, if you find yourself without one, there are certain things you can do for emergency assistance. Treating burns, broken bone or bleeding without proper equipment should be the backup of your backup of your backup plan. In what may be one of the most obvious-once-you-think-about-it hacks, tampons happen to be very good at soaking up blood. With heavy blood loss, keep the wound elevated above the heart to slow down the flow, apply an absorption pad or your hands if nothing is available directly to the wound, and use pressure points to slow the flow of blood. Using one should be a last resort option as it’s designed to prevent death from loss of blood. Burns retain a lot of heat (for very obvious reasons) so the first thing to do is reduce the heat before more damage is done. You want to give the burn enough air to breathe and keep any loose fibres or foreign objects from getting in it. Very small second-degree can be managed without help, but anything larger than a couple of inches should be treated professionally as soon as possible. For minor pain like headaches or soreness, there are ways to minimise pain, or just generally keep your body healthy enough that it stays out of pain in the first place. When you don’t get enough fluids, muscles dry out, joints get creaky and your whole body gets tense.
Several studies examining cancer treatments found that high concentrations of vitamin C can help reduce pain, so consuming extra vitamin C can sometimes help. There are plenty of guides out there for putting together first aid kits, so take a look at those for starters. Recently did a first aid course and they do not recommend them except in the most serious cases. Most wounds should stop with direct pressure though (unless you've ripped up a major artery or something).

The effect large doses of vitamin C is most likely to have is giving you a dose of the squirts; not good if you're concerned about dehydration.
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If there are small bits of debris embedded into the wound these should be treated as foreign bodies. Usually caused by direct impact, bruises are sometimes painful but generally heal swiftly wit little intervention needed. If bruising is extensive and is accompanied by any of the following sign and symptoms, assume that serious internal bleeding is present. But if you find yourself in an isolated bush location with a possible emergency and no gear, here are some options.
Improper or inappropriate use of a tourniquet can result in damage to the cut off portion of a body and, depending on how long it’s on, may even result in the need for an amputation. If you’re dealing with a chemical burn, also be sure to clean off the burning chemicals. A lack of vitamin D can also cause some pain, so look into eating some food rich in vitamin D as well.
Simple.Savr lets you share files and text across your Wi-Fi network, and it has a simple, easy-to-use interface. Gently cover with a clean dressing and bandage the dressing into place, taking care not to press on the embedded debris. While this needs to be done to heal, the bones inside the body are very sharp and can cut blood vessels, muscles, and cause all manner of nasty damage if you try to set the bone wrong. If you’re able to keep the person still and wait for help to come to you, try to keep the wound elevated above the heart to help prevent swelling.
When you’re far from civilisation, you may need to create a splint using straight and sturdy sticks, fastened with rope or fabric, to keep bigger breaks steady. They thrive on damaging gossip, blame their mistakes on others and will happily throw anyone under the bus if it could lead to a promotion.

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