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Natural & Homeopathic Remedies - Acid Clear - Lifetones - First Aid for Gout, Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol!
The H2, the first wearable Blood Pressure Monitor, recently closed a successful Indiegogo campaign exceeding its $50,000 goal by 101%. The worldwide wearable electronics market already a $14 billion industry and expected to climb to $70 billion by 2024 (Source IDTECHEX). Current blood pressure monitors are bulky and difficult for individuals to use when taking their own blood pressure. According to the Center For Disease Control (Source CDC website), 67 million adults (31%) have high blood pressure - that is one in every 3 American adults. High blood pressure or hypertension is often related to poor lifestyle choices and can often be managed and improved by making critical lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol consumption and salt and increasing exercise and a healthy diet. The H2 was developed by CharmCare, a company established in May 2004, in Seoul, Korea by founders Dong Hwa Lee and Dong Kyu Seo.
CharmCare is currently in development creating a health management community platform that not only tracks activity levels, monitors and manages blood pressure but also fosters an online community that encourages healthy lifestyle choices and habits amongst individuals with hypertension risks. Established in 2004, CharmCare has been developing sensor-based medical devices for over 10 years and exporting them to more than 40 countries worldwide. This news content may be integrated into any legitimate news gathering and publishing effort.

WebWire places your news within numerous highly trafficked news search engines generating leads and publicity. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. The Indiegogo funds will enable the company to manufacture and distribute the product in the U.S. Charmcare, the company that developed the H2 conducted a recent lab testing that has produced accuracy within the FDA requirements for new blood pressure devices of 8 mmHg. Dong Hwa Lee, one of the co-founders, “We are ecstatic that we’ve reached our campaign goals, that we will be able to contribute 5% to the American Heart Association, and that our wearable device has reached the FDA’s required accuracy of 8 mmHg. The attractive, sleek, modern wristband is available in eight different interchangeable band colors. The H2 is easy to use and also records the blood pressure reading each time it’s taken so that hypertension sufferers can accumulate a record for their personal health information and for their physician.
It greatly increases the risk for heart disease and stroke, the first and third leading causes of death in the U.S.
Both founders have had a successful history in the medical device industry and between them hold over 23 patents in sensor-based medical devices and 10 patents in the wearable category in Korea and the U.S. Linking is permitted.News Release Distribution and Press Release Distribution Services Provided by WebWire.

Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different. The company will be donating 5% of the total funds to the American Heart Association to commemorate the success of the campaign. By making it easy for patients that suffer from hypertension to monitor and manage their blood pressure throughout the day, CharmCare continues with its mission to increase overall health and happiness by living a healthy lifestyle. The Indiegogo campaign contributors with their donations helped reduce the time to bring this important product to market and to educate more people about the risks of high blood pressure. The inflammation can affect any of the important structures inside a joint, including the joint lining, bones, cartilage, or supporting tissues.
There are many possible causes of arthritis, including age-related wear and tear, infections, autoimmune conditions, injuries, and others.
The most common cause however is when excess uric acid accumulates in the body and crystals are deposited in the joints.

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