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Do not put any ointments, butter, or other remedies on the burn — these can make the burn worse. The burn looks infected (with swelling, pus, or increasing redness or red streaking of the skin near the wound). 1st degree: Superficial partial thickness wounds - These burns involve only the top layer of skin. 2nd degree: Deep partial thickness wounds - These burns involve the deeper layers of skin and will produce blisters on the skin surface. 3rd degree: Full thickness wounds - These burns involve complete destruction of all skin layers. Sunburn: Pets exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time may develop sunburn.
Contact burns: Contact burns resulting from flames or hot surfaces are usually obvious from their onset but may take 24-48 hours to fully appear.
Burns caused by commonly used items such as heating pads or hot-air cage dryers' may be difficult to diagnosis.
Chemical burns: Burns caused by chemical agents may also be difficult to recognize because the pet's hair coat may hide the burn.
Electrical burns: Electrical burns are most commonly found in the mouth as a result of the animal chewing on an electric cord. Radiation burns: Radiation burns in pets are most often associated with radiation therapy for a type of cancer.

Often times, the animal's behavior will change as a result of the pain caused by the burn; before there are any obvious clinical signs of a burn. In almost every case, a pet that has suffered a burn should be evaluated by your veterinarian.
If the chemical has gotten into the pet's eyes, flush with clean water or sterile saline for 15-20 minutes.
Any pet exposed to a fire, particularly a burning building, should be assessed for smoke inhalation. Inhaled noxious fumes from burning materials such as plastics, rubber, or synthetic materials. Upon arrival at the veterinary clinic, your veterinarian will assess the extent of the pet's burn (although the full extent of a burn is generally not known for 1-2 days after the incident). Once the full extent of the burn is known, the veterinarian may begin removing the dead tissue on and around the burn. The temperature, length of exposure time and the extent of the body involved in the burn are critical factors in determining the patient's prognosis. I will tryto bring to your kind notice various articles about the subject, in the coming days.
Compress by wrapping ankle lightly (not tightly) with an "ace" bandage or elastic ankle brace. If needed, the doctor will set the broken bone back in place and immobilize the ankle with a splint, cast, or other device.
Keep the person away from machinery, bicycles, skateboards, swimming pools, and other hazards.

Thank you for sending your callback request - a member of our team will respond to your enquiry. Because burns range from mild to life threatening, some can be treated at home, while others need emergency medical care. If direct sunlight is unavoidable, apply sunscreen to vulnerable areas on your pet, especially shaved areas and non-pigmented (white) areas. Carbon monoxide competes with oxygen on the red blood cells and produces hypoxia (low blood oxygen levels). These techniques can be used in the workplace or at home and being prepared will help make the most of a serious situation. If blood soaks through, apply another cloth over the first and seek immediate medical attention.
With the loss of the skin's protective layer, the animal is now highly susceptible to a bacterial infection.
The extent of the burn, the location of the burn and the percentage of the pet's body that is involved in the burn, all play a role in assessing and evaluating the long term outlook for the pet. Most burns that dogs, cats and other pets receive come from a hot surface, appliance or substance found in and around the home.

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