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Causes: Various injuries, such as scrapes, cuts, puncture wounds, or amputations, can cause external bleeding.
How Emergency Rooms Work How Blood Works This information is solely for informational purposes. This first aid initiative which will run for one year from September 2015 to August 2016 offers you, our members the opportunity to learn more about first aid equipping you with the knowledge you require to assist with an incident. In just sixty minutes a trained first aid volunteer will talk your club through cardiac arrest, the importance of prompt recognition and how to deliver CPR. On completion you will be awarded with a certificate that you can use at Young Farmers events, in the work place and as part of everyday activities for up to three years.
SAYFC has secured some funding from the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust to partly subsidise these courses, therefore the cost to members is just £38 per person. Funding is based on a first come basis but there is no restriction on how many sessions one club or district can book. Our thanks go to NFU Mutual Charitable Trust for supporting the Emergency at Work First Aid Courses. It is recommend you apply for a talk or course with as much notice as possible but at least four weeks.
Once St Andrew's First Aid have received the booking and checked their availability you will receive an email from Rebecca confirming the booking.
In the cases of nose bleeding, the old first aid course approach of bending the head backwards while pinching the nose is no longer the practice, as anyone who has undergone this experience can detect a redirection of blood flow to their stomach.
Holger Nielson Method of Respiration: Use to resuscitate a drowning victim if mouth to mouth not possible. Artificial Respiration: With any form of resucitation the first five minutes are the most critical, but if breathing does not start, keep artificial respiration up for at least an hour. Information Signals: If you abandon camp leave clear direction markers to indicate your route.
To make a sledge that is ideal for snow and ice, use doors and cowlings from a crashed vehicle or plane in construction.
In today's litigation environment it is essential that all contact sports have a injury protocol and first aid policy. With regular large scale disasters already common in North America, it’s a good time to talk a bit about disaster preparation and how a 5 gallon bucket can help provide some good physical insurance against a catastrophic situation.
A well designed emergency kit will contain the best bits of modern technology and healthcare packaged neatly in a carryable 5 gallon bucket. The simplest way to invest in your five gallon insurance plan is to get your hands on a professionally built kit. These pieces of kit weren’t included in the example bucket build above but are listed here by popular demand. The food suply kits they show on the christian shows that are made to last for 25 years or so are very expensive.
My personal doctor, and the ER staff says that a tampon or maxi pad, in an emergency, is the best thing(s) to use.

Or you could just hang it from the wire handle of the bucket and still be able to use it like normal. I just went through alot of the replies and would add the following – instead of putting otc pills in ziplock bags, go to a dollar store or Wal Mart and get a few bottles of each.
The bucket itself is a wonderful survival tool (carry water, make a water filter, for gathering and foraging, portable potty, and lots of other uses). Add in a roll of thick trash bags too and pieces of funnoodle that have been split part way. If someone has to be told not to poop in their water bucket, they aren’t going to survive 24 hrs. If you stack two buckets together, chances are you’ll never get the sun bitches apart. I have a suitcase carrier with wheels and a bungie cord – this was pre-wheeled suitcases!! If you can slow or stop blood loss until the paramedics arrive, the patient's chances of surviving increase dramatically. It will include hands-on activities as you use a mannequin to perform CPR and work on the recovery position. The first aid officer should have their patient sitting slightly forward, and pinching their nose between the index and middle finger help to stem the flow as the burst vain is compressed. In an avalanche or landslide, crouch with arms bent and elbows tucked well in to protect the chest. Make a clench hand of one hand and press it thumb inwards above navel but beneath breastbone. The information on this site is of the opinion of the authors and is believed to be true to the best of our knowledge.
First of all, it gives you a certain intimacy with your kit – you know exactly what’s in there because you were the one who researched it and put it in there! At the end of this post is a list of every single item you see here so you can make this exact emergency kit for yourself. On the back is a list of important phone numbers such as relatives, insurance companies, local law enforcement, fire department, etc. You can download this list in an editable Word format by clicking here: 5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Kit It may be instructive to compare this list with the much higher calorie emergency kit from Mayday disaster preparation company.
Moist towelettes and antiseptic towelettes and latex gloves kept on top so you can clean your hands before digging through supplies. Place the lint inside the roll and if you needed an emergency fire, this would be a good starter. No where on the box does it makes this claim and it would be illegal and dangerous to not list it. Only facts I found from research regarding chemicals added to some of these products are deodorizing perfume, & the pesticides used while growing the cotton filler. I had a surgical wound on my inner thigh and the Dr’s office used a maxi pad as a bandage.

Of course if you have better, use better… but they should definately be included in the first aide kit. If you want to take your chance with an open bullet wound, or other gushing wound, by all means go ahead. They are bleached and have a million terrible chemicals in them that could cause rashes, blisters and other skin issues that you would not want on top of having a wound. Neither the Editors of Consumer Guide (R), Publications International, Ltd., the author nor publisher take responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, procedure, exercise, dietary modification, action or application of medication which results from reading or following the information contained in this information. Keep compressing for 5-10 minutes to allow sufficient colligation to take place, thus arresting the nose bleed.
Prepared kits will usually contain both food and water (or water purification) and general emergency supplies such as flashlights and first aid. Humans usually need at least 2,000 calories every single day – which adds up really fast. If soaked through, add more material, and continue pressure.-If no broken bone suspected, elevate wound higher than level of heart.
The publication of this information does not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider.
Here’s one popular emergency kit that condenses survival supplies for a family of 4 inside a single 5 gallon bucket.
Depending on your anticipated needs, you may want one or several food-geared buckets in addition to your emergency supply kit. I continued using them as the wound got smaller and even went to the think panty liners later. At these stores otc generics are cheap and these pill bottles are all very small and light weight, and could prove invaluable. Before undertaking any course of treatment, the reader must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider. That’s why an EpiPen is a critically important part of our emergency supply but might not be relevant at all for other families. I’ve linked some of the more unusual items that you might not find at your neighborhood hardware store. I would also have some seed packets in ziplock bags or old pill bottles in case the situation becomes long term.
There is a lot of good info in the comments – some from people who went through actual disasters and shared their experiences.
You’ll be able to include many household materials you already have, and you can get a better deal on the items you do need to buy by cutting out the middleman.

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