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IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY HAVING AN EMERGENCY  PLEASE CALL US DURING BUSINESS HOURS AT (805) 545-8212 OR CALL THE CENTRAL COAST PET EMERGENCY CLINIC AT (805) 489-6573. Knowing when it’s important to bring your pet straight to your veterinarian or if there is something you can do at home first is the reason we get many phone calls. In light of recent world event’s, creating a disaster preparedness plan can keep a bad situation from getting worse!
With spring here, be careful of toxic plants, like lilies, or chocolate becoming a problem for your furry friend! Hold a family meeting to discuss the dangers of fires, severe weather or other emergencies. Teach children how to use the phone, how to make long distance calls, and how to dial 9-1-1. Disasters such as tornadoes, Hurricanes, tropical storms, and flooding can develop fast, leaving your family very little time to respond. After a disaster, local emergency responders and relief workers will be on scene to help you, but it is difficult to be able to reach everyone immediately. Once a hurricane is bearing down on Texas or once the rains start flooding, you will not have enough time to shop or search for emergency supplies.
Once you have collected all the items you want to store in your kit, you will need to determine how to store them. Also rethink your kit and family needs at least once a year as batteries will need to be replaced and the children may have outgrown their clothing!

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That is why Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management prepares for all types of hazards. As we saw during recent preparations for Hurricane Rita, it is already too late to begin preparing if you didn't already have a plan for your family.
Gathering the supplies in advance will ensure you have the proper tools to evacuate or batten down the hatches! For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy!
Our agency develops and maintains emergency plans for all types of natural and man-made hazards, and provides the analysis and recommendations necessary to make decisions that will effectively save lives and protect properties in such emergencies.
Preparing in advance for an emergency can give you and your family much needed time to develop a disaster plan.
Also during September 11th and the London bombings, cell phone lines were overwhelmed and were of no use. Additionally, you may have to evacuate quickly if a dangerous hazardous materials spill occurs near your home. Most of the items can be stored in a large Rubbermaid container in an accessible closet in the home.
Find out about the disaster plans at your workplace, your children's school or day care center, and other places where your family spends time.

Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. Whether it is planning for a hurricane or tornadoes or a hazardous materials incident, we strive to be as prepared as possible. Much of the information you will need can be found on this website or by clicking the provided links. Just as it is important for Fort Bend County to be prepared, Fort Bend County residents also need to be as prepared as possible. However if you have more questions about disaster preparedness, please feel free to contact our office by calling (281) 342-6185.
Test and recharge your fire extinguishers and change those smoke detector batteries at least annually.
Children can be responsible for their own disaster kits by keeping their needed essentials in a backpack with their name on it.

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