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Reviewing emergency response procedures in a non-emergency situation is critical to ensure the plan works and everyone knows what their role and expectations are. Testing out our ERP in a variety of settings, helping first aid attendants keep their skills sharp and letting workers know of their role in assisting in an emergency can serve to decrease response time and improve the effectiveness of response plans. Conducting first aid drills to familiarize workers and first aid attendants with the plan and test the system. The drills allowed workers to give input into the plans and increased the familiarity of the steps to take in an emergency. With a larger group it is helpful to have some workers act as observers to watch and record the action.
During the drill, test out the emergency phone numbers to ensure they are still correct for the work area.

Radio communication may be difficult in some areas of the block, a drill can help identify where alternate communication is necessary. Medical workers participate in an airborne first aid drill of Beijing Red Cross Emergency Rescue Center (999) at a mountainous area on the outskirts of Beijing, capital of China, July 3, 2013. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Under times of stress, when every minute counts, forest workers should be confident in their Emergency Response Plans (ERPs). Greg Anderson, skill and knowledge retention drops off 30 days after completion of a Level 1 course. Drills work best when held on the worksite, using the equipment and people who will be involved.

Always conduct a debrief to allow participants and observers to give feedback on successes and areas of weakness. Including helicopters to their services in 2011, the rescue center has built five special aprons and is planning to increase the number by the end of this year. Including drills in monthly safety meetings helps to keep first aid attendant’s skills and knowledge current.
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