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While washing dishes a few nights ago I accidentally bounced my best Rachel Ray knife off my index finger.
Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium, also goes by the suggestive monikers Soldier’s Woundwort , Bloodwort and Staunchweed. Yarrow is also antibacterial so I just put a bandage on my finger and went on about my business. Frankly, the yarrow plant is not so beautiful from a distance. But if you look closely, it has sweet little blossoms and lacy little leaves extending from its spindly stalk.
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I LOVE Dollar Store crafts and it’s never too early to start thinking about summer decor.
As mentioned, all of the supplies you see here were found at our local Dollar Tree store, making the total cost for this project around $3. 450 PRO Class Electric Helicopters 450 PRO Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar. I dont really know how this happened but I do know the main blade hit right on the end of my finger and opened it up like a flower. Yes who would of thunk that a streamlined object weighing only (approx) 25 grams traveling at (approx) 2700 RPM could do such damage, can anyone calculate (approx in this scenario) how much force the blades carry? I remember when I crashed I was hovering in front of myself about 4 - 5 m away and it pitched up toward me and I thought it was the wind. I was going to comment on how easy I found the T-Rex to fly in the wind after flying a Co-Axle in the wind. I did spend copious hours in setting up the T-Rex before its first flight to be as perfect as possible. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

I had already pulled the stick right back but I setup a learning curve in my radio which still has 1+ pitch at zero thottle. Since my hands were warm from the dishwater, the cut bled like I’d just opened the valve to Old Faithful. Yarrow’s stunning ability to stop the flow of blood is a result of volatile oils that include linalool, camphor, sabinene, and chamazulene, sesquiterpene lctones, flavanoids, alkaloids including achilleine, polyacetylenes, triterpenes, salicylic acid, coumarins, and tannins. A few years ago I cut the very tip of my little finger off and that’s when I had a sincere occasion to witness yarrow’s blood staunching, antibacterial and healing properties. The little white flowers form an umbrella shaped cluster and the above-ground parts are harvested for use medicinally. You never know when you might be chopping broccoli and your husband, viewing the evening news will shout “watch this!” from the other room and your attention will be diverted but your knife will still be chopping.
This patriotic wreath is perfect for your front door, patio, or any place that can use a pop of patriotic color. Dr say he does not have enough thearter time for a general anisthetic but suggests I can handle it being done under a local. Its obviously enough to tare flesh which is not exactly a small feat, Ive worked construction and smacked my thumb with a hammer a couple times but it never looked like that. My daughter whilst safe in the garage was still in the direction of flight and by instinct I grabbed the heli. If I get into trouble I can drop the stick all the way and from a couple of meters of the ground it wont smash down too hard. He mostly sells fixed wing, cars and boats but I noticed he had a little T-Rex 250 SE on the counter. They make this plant an often under appreciated but valuable herb for wounds, and one I think ought to be within reach of the cutting board in the kitchen, or at least be a part of every family’s first aid kit.
I found the little piece of severed skin and by the time I hauled it and my finger to the emergency room, the wound wasn’t even bleeding, so they sent me right home. The plant can be invasive if its spreading root system is not corralled into a pot or confined to a dedicated part of the garden.

We cut off a segment of an additional scarf, and tied it into a bow around the top of the wreath. Tornique on, no blood, verry pail, finger opened up again with the bone sticking out the end. My finger is just fine now, by the way, but I wanted to show how dramatically and quickly yarrow stops bleeding.
I kept powdered yarrow on it under a mound of padded bandages for the next three weeks and it grew right over. But I’m willing to go to the effort to restrain its roving nature because of its stunning medicinal benefits.
I have no doubt if the stick had been at any throttle other than 0, I could have lost fingers.
I advised him not to fly it in the house, saying that even a small 205mm blade can still do serious injury to a face, maybe even take an eye out. I didn't get a picture of what it looked like right after it happened but got one during the healing process and after it was healed. So after a few colorful and creative words, I reached for the bottle of powdered yarrow I keep handy on my spice rack and liberally poured the powder on the wound. I wouldn’t recommend taking such dramatic measures to witness the wonders of yarrow’s magic tricks.
I told him that helis can still go out of control for unexpected reasons but he wasn't interested, so I just bought the servo y lead I went in for and left. Mine was as bad as yours except a large portion of the pad was almost entirely disconnected from the finger. He sewed everything back together and said that piece would end up turning white and acting as a graft.

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