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As a traveller you should always carry a basic first aid kit or at least have some knowledge of dealing with minor mishaps (read about what to have in your first aid kit in our October issue). To make sure you’re more than ready to deal with emergency situations, we’ve gotten advice from doctors and rounded up some recommended first aid courses around the country. Dr Anthony Smith, a general practitioner in Cape Town, says this is one of the most established courses – but advises you shop around, get advice from people who’ve done various courses and define what your needs are.
St John offers a range of courses that cater for advanced first-aiders, school children as well as people with limited reading and writing skills. ER24 offers a range of first-aid courses that include First Aid level 1, 2 and 3, Sports First Aid and a basic CPR course.
Courses include first aid level 1, 2 and 3 as well as CPR, Basic Fire Training and Occupational Health Safely. Although BLS is based in and provides courses in Port Elizabeth, it offers training in Cape Town, East London and Johannesburg as well.
Pulse Point uses videos, discussions, practical and theory sessions, as well as presentations to ensure you get the most out of your first aid learning experience. Cost: First Aid level 1 course (2 days) is from R650 a person (if you’re 15 or more people) to R2750 if it’s just you (they come to you). They provide courses at their office in Centurion but can also run workshops at a venue of your choice (email for a quotation). A handy option is the Family And Friends First Aid For Children Course, which focuses on how to deal with children of different ages. First Aid Counts runs Family and Friends CPR and Choking Classes every Saturday morning at Broadacres Lifestyle Centre. Based in Cape Town, The First Aid Academy has level 1, 2 and 3 courses as well as an infant and toddler and school sports injuries course.
Safetech courses include all training equipment, reading material, training in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa (on request), travelling, accommodation and certificates. Cost: From R675 a person for the First Aid level 1 course (if you’re more than eight candidates). EMT is an accredited training institution with internationally recognised first aid courses throughout South Africa. This 2 day (16hr) Outdoor First Aid course is for those of you who spend time in the outdoor environment professionally or recreationally. This is also the only Outdoor First Aid qualification that is externally regulated and meets the standards to appear upon a national qualifications framework, it is recognised by the Institute of Outdoor Learning and it is the course that Instructors need to validate their Outdoor NGB Awards.
Incident Management in the Outdoor Environment – What are you going to do if help is a few hours away? Environmental Injuries – Hypothermia, heat stroke, adders, ticks…There are more than you think!
Once you’ve completed the course and flown through your assessments, your paper work is check by ITC.
The ITC First Aid course format provides a systematic approach that develops your skills progressively.
As well as being an ITC First Aid Trainer she is also an Accredited Practitioner of the Institute of Outdoor Learning and holds a range of academic and professional qualifications. If you would like to find out about organising an Outdoor First Aid course for your club or staff team then please get in touch.

We can run courses for upto 12 people at a time and base your course at a location that’s convenient for you. If you’re keen to book a place on one of these courses then the quickest way is to click on the course above and fill in the quick booking form. Don’t forget we are also able to provide exclusive first aid training courses for clubs, or organisations.
You’re very welcome to download and share the leaflet below with your friends and colleagues.
If you would like to find out more about VIXON Climbing and the different types of training or coaching we could provide for you, or your organisation, please get in touch with us. By taking one of Little Aid’s child and baby first aid courses, you will gain the confidence to step in and help your child when it really matters. As always, with this type of training, we hope that the skills you learn are never needed…. Just a quick note to say that it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and thank you very much for the session. At Little Aid we have have developed our classes and courses to help give you the confidence to manage life's little emergencies.
First Aid Level 1, although the most basic out of the lot, will me more than adequate to save a life.
This First Aid Level 1 course will be ideal for employees, teachers, tour guides, teenagers etc.
If you've ever been injured, or had to help someone in an emergency, then you know how important First Aid Training is. Meditrain South Central is passionate about seeing people equipped to save lives and reduce suffering and we reckon you and your staff can learn this without having to "suck eggs". Because saving lives is a skill we believe everyone should have, we've worked hard to de-mystify First Aid. History:Meditrain Ltd began as a First Aid Training provider at the de-regulation of the industry in 1991. We utilise material produced by Meditrain's own publishing company, SkillsforLife Ltd, which creates and publishes all our training material specifically relevant to New Zealand conditions.
We will come to your workplace to conduct a course, at your convenience, for as few as 10 Students. It includes all levels as well as Save a Child, occupational health safety (OHS) and site-specific training.
It has the standard Department of Labour courses (First Aid level 1, 2 and 3) and various international courses.
There are the basic first aid courses, short courses (like CPR and choking), international courses and skills courses like Basic Suturing and IV Therapy. Training includes First Aid level 1, 2, 3, CPR and courses for those wanting to become facilitators and assessors.
It includes prevention of injuries, general first aid, safety, checking for illnesses, bleeding, bruises, bites, stings and poison emergencies.
They also offer the Department of Labour courses which includes First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3. They’re based in Cape Town but can have sessions at a venue of your choice (minimum of eight candidates).

We tailor the whole course based on examples and contexts that are relevant to adventure sports and outdoor activities. So this First Aid course is appropriate for CWA, SPA, WGL, ML, MIA, BCU, MBL, and other qualification holders. After that you will be awarded an ITC Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid which is valid for 3 years. She has been a coach and trainer for 20 years, working with individuals and groups throughout the UK and Europe. These include the Mountain Instructor Award, a Post Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education and a Certificate in Education for Teaching Adults. We are proud to be delivering baby first aid courses South West London and have taught many parents, nannies and childminders how to stay calm and apply first aid when they need to. Our child and baby first aid courses will cover a variety of topics on how to help your child in an emergency – how to perform CPR for a baby, put your baby into the Recovery Position, manage a Choking child and recognise the signs of Serious Illness and Infections such as Meningitis and Septicaemia, in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you. I felt you were able to get the message across without being alarmist and that really helped me absorb the information. In Level 1, you learn to do a lot of the practical elements you will be learning more theory on in other levels.
For young parents, nannies and high risk work situations, we recommend level two or higher.
Red Cross is a Registered Training Organisation and the world's largest provider of first aid training. The student learns practical techniques and procedures to get the job done without drawn out explanations of systems and processes. If you have less than 10 please contact us anyway as we often have students awaiting courses in many areas.We are happy to advise and supply First Aid kits and or AED's to your requirements also.
So this first aid course is ideal for Outdoor Instructors, DofE Leaders, Forest School Leaders, Scout Leaders, Forestry Workers and Adventure Sports participants in general. You have loads of opportunities to practice and you will be given tips and strategies to help you to remember what to do and when! We’ve run courses for instructors, climbers, walkers, paddlers and we’re even a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association featured First Aid Provider! Your assessment is ongoing throughout the course so that you have the chance to refine your skills as needed. We can also do an assessment of your workplace to ensure that you have adequate first aiders and a functional health & safety system. In Level 1, you will learn exactly how to administer CPR to a patient that is not breathing.
This means that the first aider will be able to assist in the event of drowning, heart attack and suffocation.

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