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Autec training delivers the full range of approved first aid training courses, both on a regular basis at our fully equipped centre in Peterborough or on customers’ own premises. At Autec Training we can also provide courses in :- Annual Refresher, Activity First Aid and Paediatric First Aid. Bespoke First aid training courses are delivered through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on sessions, designed to develop ability and most importantly practical confidence.
All first aid training courses can be tailored to suit any specific environmental or occupational requirements, and can be delivered on our premises or on-site in your workplace at a date and time that is convenient for you. The quality of our courses are highlighted with the fact that all of our staff have emergency service backgrounds and at least 5 years teaching experience, therefore our teaching and services to you would be of a high standard of knowledge and practical experience. We are a recommended company by our local council and work alongside many Pre-schools, Schools and businesses covering a wide range of events and courses such as First Aid, Fire and Health and Safety. We aim to meet the needs of the general public by providing ‘open’ courses as well as the needs of the industry by tailoring and delivering all of our services and courses to individual company backgrounds.
Provides the occupational first aider with advanced knowledge and skills to carry out emergency first aid for injuries and illnesses in the workplace and is designed to meet the needs of those who require or would like to obtain a higher level of preparedness in order to adequately handle a workplace emergency, until the arrival of an ambulance.
Geelong first aid delivers the professional and contemporary training services you require.
Whilst the need for face to face practical supervision is not eliminated, Geelong first aid courses allow greater flexibility for people to learn and study according to their needs. Why Take a First Aid Training Course and why Geelong First Aid is the Best Choice for this type of training? It doesn’t really matter what kind of work you have and what you are specialised in, it is always a good idea to have first aid training.

When it comes to the training process, people should know that these classes can be taken individually or in groups. As we said before, because of the importance of this type of training in the last decade there is a growing number of institutions and organisations that provide first aid training classes .If you want the practical training that you deserve Geelong first aid is the answer. Geelong First Aid provides first aid courses monitored and managed by true professionals with field experience. Basic life support first aid course – A four hour first aid course, suitable for people who want a short introduction to First Aid. One Day (Aquatic) First Aid – 8 hours, covering the emergency first aid at work course, and also some additional topics specifically relating  to water activities. Outdoor First Aid courses – A two day course suitable for those working in or taking part in leisure activities in remote locations. First Aid at Work (FAW) courses – A nationally recognised 3 day course, suitable for the primary first aider in a workplace or more hazardous workplaces. All public courses take place in Manchester or the Peak District, and bespoke courses can be run nationwide at your own club, workplace or venue on request. We are able to offer the full range of standard courses or we can tailor courses to exactly match the specific requirements. However if the course you are after is not listed or you are not sure which course suits you or your company best, please feel free to contact us on the Freephone number.
The flexible delivery replaces the typical two days by around five hours of comprehensive practical training.
Geelong first aid provides first aid courses that are suitable for people regardless of their age and it is very useful for everyone because accidents and emergency situations can happen anywhere at any time.

The group training is quite often for employees in companies where business owners have realised the importance of first aid training. We have the necessary experience, knowledge, skills and ability to pass their knowledge to students of any category regardless of their motives to learn this life-saving technique. Geelong first aid courses are available via workbook or internet componant format where you can now complete knowledge course components in your own time according to work commitments before attending the practical session.
Geelong first aid cover all your first aid training needs in the Geelong , Bellarine , surf coast , Golden plains areas and more. All other materials that are required are supplied on the day of the practical face to face session. You don’t need to spend much time, so you should be able to find the necessary time to participate in our one day course to benefit yourself, family and friends. If you live in Geelong, you are probably aware that there are dozens of organisations offering first aid training classes. Parents are often unaware of what to do should their child suddenly become seriously ill or injured. Finishing a good first aid training session can be quite useful although you probably won’t realise that until you witness a medical emergency situation. We currently offer Activity First Aid for sports groups, outdoor pursuits instructors etc, however we can offer bespoke First Aid training, tailored to your environment.

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