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First Aid, CPR and AED recertification courses are offered at Vancouver First Aid. Refresh your knowledge and learn new techniques to keep your training up to date.
Prerequisites for a Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation recertification’s require candidates to have award issued within 3 years. Recertification’s at Vancouver First Aid are offered frequently, at convenient locations and at competitive prices throughout the Lower Mainland. We understand that most people require recertification’s in order to remain employed. Our instructors are excited to teach you and we look forward to teaching you in any one of our first aid, AED or CPR recertification courses. Click on one of the tabs in our menu for more information about our first aid and cpr recertification’s. St Mark James offers a number of different first aid and CPR courses and stand-alone CPR courses.
Learn basic and advanced first aid and CPR course rescue skills by enrolling in a course today.
These courses all include workplace approved first aid manuals and training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED’s). The majority of people that take first aid and CPR courses are taking them because they are required to have a valid first aid certificate. Certificates received from these providers will be nationally accredited and valid throughout Canada.
Upon completion of any first aid or CPR course candidates will receive either a temporary or permanent certificate.
All first aid courses provided through the 4 major providers include certification and training in CPR.
For more information select one of the highlighted words to bring you to one of our provider pages, CPR certification pages, First Aid certification pages or course location pages. You can search for OCA member chiropractors by location, by name (doctor's surname or clinic name), or both.
Search results will appear in this space, including a clickable map showing address information.
Tips: If you're looking for a chiropractor near your home or place of work, enter your postal code to see clinics in the immediate vicinity.

You will complete a standardized written exam and receive a Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Red Cross for your 3-year certification in Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C with AED. The campus is 15 minutes south of Highway 401, 15 minutes west of the Don Valley Parkway, 20 minutes north of the Lakeshore, and 25 minutes east of Pearson International Airport. Public transit: From Lawrence subway station on the Yonge line, take the 124 Sunnybrook Hospital bus. Taught by LIVESAFELI qualified instructor, this training covers the fundamentals of adult, child and infant CPR. On successful course completion, attendees will receive Canadian Red Cross certification valid for 3 years cross-country. Location related information will be provided to registered participants on the assessment day. LIVESAFELI is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner offering recognized First Aid and CPR training course.
Renewal courses are available in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond and Coquitlam.
Our recertification courses are rarely cancelled and we rarely have a maximum number of candidates as we have large facilities with a lot of highly qualified instructors. Certificates obtained through on-line courses and questionable providers will likely not meet government regulations and legislative standards.
Certificates are valid for 3 years, however, candidates may be required to renew certification at a earlier date. The Lifesaving Societya€™s training providers offer candidates temporary first aid certificates that are valid for 3 months and within that time period candidates will be mailed a full certificate to be valid for 3 years since the course date.
Candidates will typically have the option of selecting the level of CPR certification accompanied with the first aid course. View our main menu for more information about providers and basic first aid and CPR courses offered by the providers including re-certification courses. Theresa Lisk, DC, will give you an overview of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills with specific examples pertaining to chiropractic. Applicants who pass the assessment will be registered for the course on the same day when a cash payment is required. Recertification courses are affiliated through the Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Some locations, such as Vancouver and Surrey, have several training locations to help serve you better. Many of these courses are equivalent to courses offered by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, St. This website hopes to add clarity as to how to obtain certification that meets government standards and legislative standards. Canadians have the option of selecting from a number of providers, however, 4 providers stand out as the largest.
The majority of the providers mentioned above offer first aid and CPR re-certification courses (register here) that provide candidates with certificates that are of equal value as a full course certificate at half the time and almost half the cost. All of the other major providers provide candidates the full 3 year certificate directly upon completion of the course.
Get your first aid certificate today and give your resume a boost and learn the skills to save a life. You will learn how to recognize, prevent, and respond to breathing and circulation emergencies for adults (CPR level C). Before registering for any recert course ensure that you meet all of the prerequisites that are mentioned here. The crest that symbolizes the workplace approved is a sign of first aid that is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. She has been a certified CPR, First Aid, and First Responder Instructor for the past eight years, teaching these lifesaving techniques to chiropractors and chiropractic students throughout Ontario.
However, the workplace approved has the highest standards and is the leader among all of the providers. Would you know what to do if you saw someone collapse in front of you or begin suffering from signs of circulatory emergencies? With a short first aid and CPR course (click here to find a provider near you) provided through the workplace approved you can drastically increase the chances of survival the victim.
Some providers offer both certificates to candidates upon completion of the course for an extra cost.

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