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On successful completion of a course, the participant receives formal certification and the confidence of knowing how to help save lives. BC First Aid is one of few providers to offer on site training where first aid courses are conducted at your group´s location.
Providing effective and relevant training; In a flexible, safe and comfortable learning environment. Occupational First Aid Level 3 PRO Renewal One week course developed by WorkSafeBC for first aid professionals who have completed the OFA Level 3 multiple times and hold a current Level 3 certificate. Trauma Tech (formerly Select First Aid Ltd) has been providing professional first aid training to the Surrey area for decades.
Trauma Tech now offers more courses, more locations, and a much larger team of experts to fulfill all of your safety and first aid training needs. Trauma Tech (formerly Select First Aid Ltd) will come to your location to provide first aid training.
We have provided first aid courses and safety training as far away as Hearst, Ontario and Inuvik Northwest Territories! The providers are massive, volunteer and charity based organizations focused on helping others. Pacific First Aid is a premier First Aid training provider and equipment supplier based in Vancouver, BC. Whether you are learning for general interest or for the workplace, our variety of courses are sure to suit your needs.
Our products include customized First Aid kits, emergency food, and outdoor safety equipment. Very calm, soothing and very knowledgeable"BC First Aid provides first aid and CPR instruction services and related safety training based on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada.

Our team of experts strive to make courses fun and interesting while teaching important, life-saving skills. St Mark James, the largest provider of the 4, is internationally renowned and has over 90 million volunteers.
They want as much of the public to be aware of cardiovascular disease and help as many people become trained for almost any first aid or CPR emergency.
Our First Aid training center also offers instruction to interested members of the general public. Completing this training makes people better citizens by empowering them to help in their home and community when called upon. St Mark James has one of the most recognized symbols in world and is world renowned as a symbol for first aid. Certificates are valid for 3 years, but some candidates may be required to renew certification at a earlier date based on employee or school policy.
The courses that they offer teach candidates simple and basic techniques in rescuing loved ones, friends, co-workers and strangers. In addition to First Aid, we also offer First Aid Kits and the Pleasure Craft Operator Competency (PCOC) training and certification.
Our Sechelt First Aid training center also offers instruction to interested members of the general public.
All four of these first aid trainers were founded on the good will of others and the want to help those in need. Students will also learn to use a automated external defibrillator in any of the basic first aid and CPR courses. BC First Aid training programs include practical hands-on training delivered by certified instructors.

They all follow the recommendations offered by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).
Candidates have the choice of selecting from a variety of courses ranging in length from 3 hours to 18 hours.
The curriculum used has been developed by experts from well established organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, and The Canadian Lifesaving Society. ILCOR is the world leader in CPR research and statistics and that information gets passed on to the major providers. Register with a St Mark James first aid trainer today and become certified in first aid and CPR. The curriculum used has been developed by experts from well established organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross and The Canadian Lifesaving Society. Approximately every 5 years CPR methods and tactics evolve to meet the recommendations provided by ILCOR.
The training combines the use of multi-media with practical hands-on, self-study and traditional instruction. In the only dedicated purpose-built energy efficient training center on the Sunshine Coast. It is important for candidates too keep certification current and take frequent first aid and CPR renewal courses.

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