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Kevin began learning Karate in 1992, at the age of 13, after developing delusions of grandeur from watching too many Bruce Lee films! He began learning Karate in Exeter, under Sensei Phil Nicholls who is a 5th Dan Black Belt and was then the Southwest Chief Instructor of Shukokai Karate Samurai England (now retired). After a great deal of diligent studying, Kevin was awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 16, by the late Japanese Sensei, Shigeru Kimura (8th Dan Black Belt). After continuing his study of Karate, he was awarded his 2nd Dan Black Belt at the age of 21, by Sensei Paul Mitchell (7th Dan Black Belt, and Samurai Karate International’s World Chief Instructor).
As an adult, Sensei Kevin has represented Samurai Karate UK on an International basis, travelling to Japan in 1999 to compete in the Kumite (free-fighting) event of the Shukokai World Karate Championships. In 2012, Kevin was awarded his 3rd Dan by Sensei Damian Bowen (5th Dan Black Belt, and Karate-Do International Chief Instructor).Sensei Kevin is an experienced teacher, having previously taught students, of all ages and grades, at several Karate clubs in Devon. Kevin credits learning Karate as being the most positive, life-changing opportunity he has ever been given.
In accordance with Karate’s philosophy of continual self-improvement, Sensei Kevin is currently working towards attaining his 4th Dan Black Belt. Paediatric First Aid Made Easy (5.1 Edition) has been designed to complement first aid training for parents or people who work with young children.
The book covers all the topics required by Ofsted for childminders, nursery worker and teachers.
Designed as an easy to understand reference book and learning guide for paediatric first aid courses. Includes most relevant childhood topics, including croup, asthma and the latest meningitis advice.

After the course I am confident I can deliver first aid, and watching the other participants I assume they too would feel the same. On behalf of Eltham Rugby Union Football Club, I would like to thank you yet again for running our Level 2 First Aid training today.
After you left, all attendees made contact with me separately to comment as to how much they appreciated your teaching technique. The idea of sharing a bite to eat in our own surroundings while receiving First Aid Training was a winner. On behalf of the Victorian and Tasmanian 18+ Members whom attended the recent program, we would like to thank you very much for your time and effort in the delivery of session. The club received fantastic feedback from the group in the way Sue and her team conducted the training in a friendly professional manner.
Sue conducted the training in a very clear, easy to understand manner, making it fun, interesting and certainly very educational.
On completion of the course, we are certainly much more confident in our ability to administer first aid on our members. Our staff thought that the course was interesting and well run with lots of relevant examples. Having previously, used your services to train our volunteers we knew that we would be getting a great session and today proved that. I have had a number of our staff comment on how much they appreciated the relaxed environment and the manner in which you delivered the course material. The information that was presented to them, the guidance they received and the skills that they learnt whilst attending this session will greatly help them in the future.

It was easy to understand, informative and had a good amount of practical tasks involved also.
I had fun, looking forward to having you again in my follow up thank you so much an absolute pleasure. The feedback I got from our volunteers certainly was very positive and many appreciated your insight and experiences to illustrate the value and application of the material.
Everyone feels as though they got what they needed from the course and we would feel very confident in using your company again in the future. To get my black belt at such a young age really proved to me that hard work does pay off! Football has been another major influence in my life. As the organiser of the course I can certainly attest to how quick and easy your system made it for all of us. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone, and in fact we already have a few times! I have been able to work across a number of different projects for the trust which includes delivering high quality structured sessions to advanced players, to working with young people with disabilities. Since working at the trust I have realised my strengths in coaching and helping people improve from advanced players to beginners to people with disabilities.

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