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CALL on 1300-766-298We offer Provide First Aid Courses in a flexible delivery method, the course is held over one day where the practical skills of first aid are practiced to ensure you are comfortable and competent.Online pre course reading is required to ensure you are prepared for the course and to maximise the time spent practicing lifesaving practical skills. NFTI Training offers all levels of First Aid courses from CPR through to Advanced First Aid. The eLearning program is designed for anyone updating first aid or new students and is completed online before attending the course.
First Aid Training CoursesAll of our trainers have extensive Advanced First Aid and CPR backgrounds, and undergo extensive training before teaching.
Companies and GroupsFor companies or groups, we work with you to tailor a package to have your people trained with minimal interruption to your valuable work time. The team at Immediate Response First Aid training believe the key to successful training is to provide the training in a fun, supported, inclusive environment.

We aim to achieve competency by providing these courses in a fun and practical learning environment.
We can help you with all of your First Aid training, as well as supplying a full range of kits and supplies.
This ensures you get correct information, and benefit from real world stories and experience from people who have been there, done that.Our training facilities are dedicated to Provide First Aid (previous Senior First Aid and Apply First Aid) and CPR. They are all air conditioned, and set up with First Aid Course and CPR training in mind.Our Provide First Aid Course are designed to work with your busy life. We offer a wide range of First Aid Kits and can even customise a kit to your special needs. Dial Triple Zero (000) for police, fire or ambulance in a life or property threatening time critical emergency situation from all telephones (landline, mobile phones and payphones) in Australia.

You will leave on the day and have your First Aid Certificate emailed to you.Provide First Aid Workbook is another way for you to complete you your First Aid Course in a time effective way. 112 can be dialled anywhere in the world with GSM coverage and is automatically translated to that country's emergency number. Complete the Workbook prior then attend the 5 hour Provide First Aid Workbook Course.Because we have so many students, we can schedule courses every day at most of our venues. We don't run one course a month at a location just to make us look like we can really help you in that area.Unlike a lot of other training firms, we specialise in First Aid, CPR, Advanced First Aid, Low Voltage Rescue, Education and Childcare First Aid, Asthma, Defibrillation, Anaphylaxis, Remote First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation and Occupational First Aid, not just the basics.

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