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Default Race Car Driver Load-Out Load-Out MP-AF x30 Ammo Box 50 x50 Anti-Materiel Rifle x10 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle x5 First-Aid Spray x1 Assault Shotgun x7 Remote Bomb x3 9mm Ammo x30 9mm Ammo x50 7.62mm Ammo x15 AM Rifle Ammo x20 12-Gauge Shells x10 Healing Tablet x1 Healing Tablets x4 General Strategies General Strategies Piers' default load-out is extremely powerful due to the MP-AF and Anti-Materiel Rifle. Therea€™s little doubt that the gaming landscape has changed in a major way since the 32-bit era. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! The fifth film in the Sony Screen Gems action franchise, starring Milla Jovovich, debuted at Number one, the studio reported yesterday.
That topped the 3-D rerelease of the Disney Pixar animated favourite Finding Nemo, which opened in second place with US$17.5 million. And in limited release, The Master had a staggeringly strong opening, making US$729,745 on just five screens in New York and Los Angeles, The Weinstein Co reported.
Should the government impose stiffer penalties to tackle the high number of road fatalities?
The MP-AF works dual function as a pistol and assault rifle, depending on which firing method you turn it to.

It features the actress once again as the warrior Alice, the last hope for the human race as an evil corporation unleashes a deadly virus that creates more flesh-eating undead on a worldwide scale. And fittingly, the film performed even better internationally, where it made a healthy US$50 million.
Save the ammo for harder enemies and don't be afraid to use its Quick Shot to destroy any enemy that gets too close.
Once again, the Sniper Rifle can be used for distance shots or Quick Shots for close range enemies.
She is a very trustworthy person and she can easily befriend people since she is so youthful.
She'll try to help whenever she can and she's not afraid to split up from a group if she has to. She loved going hiking and biking around the small bay town and was always interested in medicine and botany.
She was sent into the forest along with her team to investigate the cannibal killings that had been taking place in Raccoon City's limits.

They ventured through many of Umbrella's strange areas and eventually they escaped into the wilderness. This mansion was the second part of her nightmare.At the mansion, she met up with Richard Aiken, Bravo Team's communications specialist.
Along the way, Richard was attacked by a large snake-like creature later classified as "Yawn". While trying to help Richard, Chris Redfield found them and quickly obtained serum to help Richard. After that, Rebecca kept watch over Richard and then when he was well enough, she told him she was going to find Chris. Since more zombie murders had come up, she started to study the effects of the virus, secretly.

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