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This leaflet tells you about oral contraceptives in general and about Femodene ED in detail. You can usually become pregnant (conceive) from when you start to have periods, up until you are in your late 40s. A fertilised egg gets embedded in the lining of your womb and takes 9 months to grow into a baby. Your menstrual cycle is controlled by two sex hormones made by your ovaries: one called oestrogen the other progesterone (a progestogen). If you do not become pregnant, you make less of these hormones and this causes the lining of your womb to break down and the lining leaves your body as a period.
A pill such as Femodene ED contains hormones which are like those your body produces (oestrogen and progestogen).
Femodene ED also contains the following inactive ingredients: lactose, maize starch, povidone, magnesium stearate (E572), sucrose, macrogol 6000, sodium calcium edetate, calcium carbonate (E170), talc, montan glycol wax.
Each pack of Femodene ED contains 3 memo strips of 28 tablets (21 active tablets and 7 larger, inactive tablets). Before you start taking Femodene ED your pelvic organs, breasts and blood pressure should be checked by your doctor and these checks should be repeated regularly. If any of these conditions gets worse or you have them for the first time, this may be a sign that you should stop taking Femodene ED. If you are taking any other medicine while you are taking Femodene ED, be sure to tell your doctor (or dentist). If you are taking any of these medicines you might still be able to use Femodene ED, but you will also need to use an extra contraceptive method (condoms or cap plus spermicide) while you are taking the other medicine and for 7 days after you stop taking it. If you have to miss the large white inactive tablets you may not have a period until the end of two packs, but this is not harmful. If you are taking rifampicin you will need to use another method of contraception as well as Femodene ED. If you are diabetic your doctor may alter the dose of medicine required to treat your diabetes. Being sick or having very bad diarrhoea may stop Femodene ED from working properly and make it less effective.
It has been suggested, on the basis of statistical evidence that the risk of developing various disorders of the circulation of the blood is slightly greater in women who take the combined pill than in those who do not.
If any of these conditions apply to you before you decide to take Femodene ED or while you are taking Femodene ED you must discuss them with your doctor. Signs and symptoms of blood clots are given in the section "Reasons for stopping Femodene ED immediately". The pill does give a substantial degree of protection against cancers of the ovary and the lining of the womb. The combination of ethinyloestradiol and gestodene, like other contraceptives has been linked with an increased incidence of abnormal growths in the rat liver, but it is unclear whether this could happen in humans.
If you think you might be pregnant, stop taking Femodene ED and consult your doctor immediately.
Femodene tablets are a type of hormonal contraception commonly known as 'the pill' or combined oral contraceptive pill. Be Aware Of Complete Advantages Of Femodene Erectile dysfunctionMany if perhaps you are couples know they aren't ready for being a parent, which is why birth control is really advantageous for individuals.
Combined dental birth control methods like Femodene Erectile dysfunction work by impacting on the standard menstrual period. Femodene Erectile dysfunction pills stop you from falling pregnant by modifying reproductive : in three unique ways.
Finally, it make the loss from the uterine lining, and therefore even when an egg will get fertilised accidentally it won''t have the ability to implant itself within the womb and also be there and therefore you can't conceive. Oral contraceptives like that one are extremely simple to use and permit you greater freedom than another contraceptive techniques. Should you forget to consider a couple of pills then you'll be protected, provided you are taking the final pill you skipped and keep using those normally.
You need to completely avoid medicines if you're pregnant or breastfeeding or struggling with bloodstream, heart or blood circulation issues. You need to discuss your current and past health background together with your physician or healthcare professional before buying this contraceptive.
Women in today''s society are largely determined by dental contraceptive pills, also called oral contraceptives, for stopping conception.
Combination is named as a result simply because they comprise two synthetic female the body's hormones: excess estrogen and progestogen.

They're particularly common as birth control methods since they're impressive in stopping pregnancy and possess additional benefits. After that it helps make the cervical mucus viscous to avoid the entry of sperm to your womb to ensure that it is not easy to fertilise an egg.
Delay pills ought to be taken daily, simultaneously every single day, for a 3 week period, then a seven day break.
Any lady who's above 18 years old and it is searching for a dependable protection against pregnancy may take Cilest pill. You'd be also requested to avert this pill for those who have certain complications for example kidney disease, liver illnesses, bloodstream clot, stroke, circulation problems, high bloodstream pressure, heart valve problems, abdominal bleeding, vaginal bleeding, jaundice, uterine or breast cancer, adrenal gland disorders or consistent migraines.
It's a prescription medicine and it is therefore unfamiliar to result in potential unwanted effects.
Femodene is a combined contraceptive pill because it contains two active ingredients: oestrogen and progesterone. There are Femodene packs of 21 pills or 28 pills, the 4th week of the 28 pill pack does not contain any active ingredients and is meant for women who prefer to take a pill every day rather than allowing a stop week without taking pills.
This description is based on prescription information approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM ), but in no case replaces the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. As an egg can live for up to 2 days, and sperm for up to 5 days, you can become pregnant if you have made love up to 5 days before ovulation and for some time afterwards. Oestrogen increases during the first half of your menstrual cycle and makes your womb develop a thick lining, ready to receive the egg if conception happens. But during pregnancy, your ovaries, and then the placenta (this attaches the growing baby to the womb and gives it food), carry on making progesterone and oestrogen to stop any more eggs being released.
These help stop you from getting pregnant, just as your natural hormones would stop you conceiving again when you are already pregnant. Combined oral contraceptives contain two female types of hormone, oestrogen and progestogen. If you have had a heart attack or if you have any medical condition which makes you more at risk of developing blood clots.
Your doctor (or dentist) can tell you whether you should use extra contraceptive precautions and for how long.
If you do not have a period after the second pack, you must talk to your doctor before you start the next pack.
Carry on taking Femodene ED as usual, and also use another method of contraception, (condom or cap plus spermicide) until 7 days after you have recovered from the stomach upset. This can lead to, for example, deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the leg), strokes (blood clots and haemorrhages from the blood vessels of the brain), heart attacks or pulmonary embolism (blood clots blocking the arteries of the lungs). An increased risk of cervical cancer in long-term users of the pill has been reported in some studies.
Some studies suggest an increased risk of breast cancer in women below the age of 35, the risk increasing the longer the pill is used.
On rare occasions, the use of the pill has led to liver diseases such as jaundice and benign liver tumours, and, very rarely, it has been associated with some forms of malignant liver tumours (cancer) in long-term users.
For instance, if your period starts on a Wednesday, take a pill from the red section marked "Wed" (see figure).
You will find numerous contraceptive possibilities, most abundant in popular type being combined dental birth control. They make the thickening from the mucus in the neck from the cervix to be able to allow it to be hard for a sperm to go in the womb and fertilise an egg.
Femodene Erectile dysfunction also provides you extra benefits for example controlling your periods and reducing heavy or painful periods along with other uncomfortable signs and symptoms associated with PMS. If you have troubles associated with migraines or decreased liver function you shouldn't take delay pills. Not surprisingly from prescription medicine, this contraception pill might also cause some mild unwanted effects which should perish as the body will get accustomed to the flow of artificial the body's hormones. In line with the kind of the body's hormones present, oral contraceptives are split into combination pills and small pills. They vary from small-pills in connection with this because small-pills only contain synthetic progestogen. These benefits include the opportunity to help treat acne problems and endometriosis as well as make periods lighter and fewer painful.
Additionally, it causes the loss from the womb lining to ensure that an egg, if created and fertilised, cannot attach itself and also be further. It consists of the ingredients ethinlyestradiol (35 micrograms) and norgestimate (.25 mg), that are a man-made excess estrogen as well as an artifiical progestogen correspondingly.

Much like other birth control methods, you might experience some mild unwanted effects which disappear with time because the the body's hormones get balanced inside the system.
You can purchase contraceptive pill online from the registered online pharmaceutical drugs after dealing with a totally free and private online consultation having a licensed physician. This way the stop week occurs just as it would with the 21 pill pack, as the 4th week pills do not actually contain any hormones. As no egg is released by the body, it cannot be fertilised and you will be protected from pregnancy. You start with a pill corresponding to the day you start on and continue through the strip until you have used all pills.
If you are in any doubt about these instructions contact your doctor, pharmacist or Family Planning clinic.
About halfway through this cycle an egg is released from one of your ovaries into a fallopian tube.
If a sperm does not fertilise an egg, the egg is lost at the end of the menstrual cycle with the lining of your womb.
Progesterone comes later in the cycle and changes the lining of the womb still further to prepare it for pregnancy. So you must follow your doctor's instructions and take the tablets exactly as it says in the next section of this leaflet.
For this reason, the use of combined pills by women in the older age-group, especially those who also smoke, is discouraged. It is uncertain whether this increased risk is caused by the pill as it could be due to the effects of sexual behaviour and other factors.
Any possible increased risk of breast cancer with combined pills is, however, likely to be small. Liver tumours may lead to life-threatening intra-abdominal haemorrhage (bleeding in the abdomen). One particualr combined dental contraceptive is Femodene Erectile dysfunction, which consists of the substitute versions from the female the body's hormones excess estrogen (ethinylestradiol) and progestogen (gestodene). Femodene Erectile dysfunction also stops ovulation because of that the discharge of an egg through the fallopian tubes is avoided, meaning there'd be no egg to obtain fertilised by sperm. Delay pills ought to be taken daily for a 3 week period, then a rest of 7 days throughout which you're probably to get a withdrawal bleed. You will find other health issues that may prevent you from by using this dental contraceptive. The most popular unwanted effects are nausea, headache, vomiting, putting on weight, thrush, breakthrough bleeding, low libido and fluid retention.
It will help in stopping the entire process of ovulation because of which an egg isn't launched in the sex gland. For the very first Cilest pill on the first day of the period you will then be immediately shielded from preganncy. Ladies who are pregnant or suspect that they're pregnant and breastfeeding should completely avoid medicines.
The potential unwanted effects include nausea, vomiting, head aches, breast tenderness, weight changes and vaginal thrush.
If you have the 21 day strip, you then stop taking pills for a week to allow for menstruation and start taking pills from a new strip after exactly 7 days.
Studies suggest that these disorders occur less often with modern low-dose oral contraceptives than with older pills.
Therefore, if you have pain in the upper abdomen that does not soon clear up tell your doctor.
For it after this, you will have to make use of an extra barrier contraceptive, like a condom, for the following 7 days. If you have to miss the large inactive tabletsyou may not have a period until the end of two packs. Cilest has additional benefits, for example having the ability to reduce heavy periods and alleviate connected discomfort. If you do not have a period after the second pack, you must talk to your doctor before starting the next pack.
If your stomach upset continues for some time, consult your doctor who may consider another form of contraception.

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