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On February 26 FEMA will be conducting a virtual exercise that involves a chemical incident scenario that contaminates the food supply.
The Orange Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) suggested that everyone get a disaster supply kit together so you could shelter in place if necessary.
Orange Community Services will partner with the OEDC Farmers’ Market for this outdoor all ages shows in the Gazebo.
The Orange Lions will cook and serve up some great picnic foods at the annual summer cook out at the High Plains Pavilion on the Orange Fairgrounds, 525 Orange Center Road, Tuesday, Aug. The Orange Democrats will host their annual Meet the Candidates Picnic at the High Plains Pavilion, Orange Fairgrounds, 525 Orange Center Road, on Thursday, Aug.
Getting organized includes many things, but emergency planning is one that is often forgotten. The second step to creating an Emergency Preparedness Survival Station for your home is stocking up on emergency food & water. Store regular bleach, medicine dropper or medicine cup in the ESS (Emergency Survival Station). The third step to creating an emergency survival station for your home is to put together a well-stocked First Aid Kit. Gather your medications & supplies, then organize them into separate compartments, boxes, or baggies. The forth step to creating an emergency survival station for your home is putting together an important documents folder for each backpack, one emergency binder (for important personal information) to go in an adult backpack & start a (small bill) cash reserve. Designate an “Emergency Binder” to keep important family documents (including marriage license, birth certificates, SS cards, etc). During a disaster or emergency situation, you may need to survive an extended period of time without power, city water, or gas. If you are in a natural disaster or emergency and you need to leave your home quickly, you will need a hygiene kit that will serve your needs for at least 72 hours. A comfort kit contains a dry set of clothes & shoes, a favorite toy or book, and a game to pass the time.
Disclaimer: This post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. The frequency of climate-related natural disasters has been steadily increasing since the 1970s.
The New England Journal of Medicine reports, “there were three times as many natural disasters between 2000 to 2009 compared to the amount between 1980 and 1989. We are facing a new breed of natural disasters that last longer, happen more frequently, and are more intense.
And there’s really no reason to be unprepared when it’s as easy as purchasing a case of MREs (for a more detailed emergency preparedness list, click here).

Keeping food on hand means you won’t have to rely on emergency services or stand in long food lineups.
Week one of an emergency or disaster should be spent getting your family back on its feet (or bunkering down at home), not worrying where your next meal is going to come from. Evacuations are classified as “emergencies” for a reason: they often don’t give you a lot of notice.
People use their cars in 75 percent of evacuations (CSEPP, 2006), making MREs a smart addition to your car emergency kit.
We recommend the consumption of one or two MREs per person per day, which works out to between 1,200 and 2,500 calories (a child might be at the lower end of this). It was a strange request in the manner in how the request was made, but what was even more scary was what they wanted, how much of it they wanted, and how soon they wanted it.
They’ve shown this with the GMO push, the additives,the chemtrails, the fluoride in our drinking water. Weeks before the exercise the government in partnership with the Resource & Resources in Food Protection will hold a Webinar on assessing the potential adverse effects of contamination of the drinking water distribution system.
Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. Orange Transportation is available to Orange seniors or disabled residents, for the Thursday night concerts. Designate a space in your home, close to the exit (garage or hall closet is best), for your station.
The purpose for this station is to have the means to survive an emergency for at least 72 hours, all in one place. If there is an emergency and the Paramedics are unable to get to you, you may need to know how to apply basic first aid or give needed medications. If for some reason your family gets separated, all family members have cash & emergency information. If you do not have the emergency preparedness e-book, see below (Important information to have).
This could happen (very likely), so you should gather up supplies to survive this time, well in advance. By doing this, the weight is evenly distributed so if you have to leave your home, it will be much easier to transport them.
We have designated a space in our home for the station, built our 72 hour kits, stored the necessary amounts of water and supplies, gathered up all the important documents we need, as well as added comfort items, hygiene kits, and pet kits to our station.
We live in England and with the exception of heavy snow and flooding, we don’t have natural disasters. Freedom Indus tires has essentially gotten away with making the West Virginians sick, by filing bankruptcy.

If you have some spare time, why not assemble one now before we have the first real weather emergency of the winter. You will need certain tools & supplies that you may not be able to find after a disaster. I cannot stress the importance of creating your own Emergency Preparedness Survival Station. That said, although we are not prone to hurricanes etc, there are some important points in your post that I will certainly implement.
Tack a six-pack of two-course MREs onto this and you’ve got yourself (and three other people) a 72-hour food supply, which is recommended by FEMA. Get the family involved and start planning yours today! If you would like to print out the plan, you can find all of the details, checklists, and printables in my Emergency Preparedness E-book, or simply follow along here on the blog.
The only thing I think I would have in addition to everything else would be backup batteries for my mobile devices. Snacks and canned food will only get you so far, especially with the gridlocked traffic associated with evacuations. You never know when an emergency will occur & it could take hours, days, or even weeks to regain utilities, so your family needs to be ready!
Having been through some close calls re bushfires I would recommend learning how useful social media can be if connections are not lost.
You also need to store at least 3 days worth of “easy to prepare” food (with a long shelf life). If there ever comes a time when you need them, you will not have to go searching around to find them. When (not if) a natural disaster or emergency arises, will you be prepared to deal with the loss of roadways, medical attention, water, food, and more?
So being aware of what likely threats might be faced by my family, at home and on holiday really helps. Also, after a natural disaster or emergency, children may not have access to toys or games.
Take some time to set up an emergency preparedness survival station in your home and get your family prepared! They will get bored easily and it’s best to keep their minds busy during a stressful time like this.
In addition to setting up a survival station, here are ways you can prepare your home for extreme weather conditions.

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