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Legacy Premium compiled all the necessities you & your family will need to get through the first phases of a disaster, and packed them into two heavy duty backpacks.
Our Bug-Out-Bags, Survival Kits & First Aid Kits Are an Invaluable Resource in Your Overall Survival Strategy!
It’s Back to School season and every Mom needs as Survival Kit to start the school year off right. Personalized Coffee Mug – Every Mom knows that you can’t start the school day without a large cup of coffee in a stylish mug of your very own!
Personalized Note Pad – Notes to the teacher are easiest with personalized Note Pads, with so many fun designs you are sure to find one to reflect your personality. Lunch Box Notes – Fill in the blank Lunch Box Notes are great for boosting confidence while the kids adjust to the new routine.
Labels – Name Labels are a must for personalizing school supplies, lunch boxes and pencil boxes. Custom Notebook – With three sons, I need to stay organized with a custom wire bound notebook for each child. With so many fun themes and styles available it’s easy to find custom stationery to complete your own Back to School Survival Kit. Cages:  Cat carriers, small animal cages, crates – whatever your animal is comfortable with, make sure you have it readily available. I hadn’t even thought about what we should do about our dog, other than keep him with us and have water for him, in case there is another emergency, that is, until I read your article. This unique college student survival kit makes a great gift for someone getting ready to go off to college. Scissors Instructions:If you are going to use a box or jar to hold your survival kit, you might want to start out by decorating it. Survival first aid kit, a survival essential. The Boy Scouts preach it, the militaries of the world teach it and your parents and grandparents insisted on it. Build your own survival first aid kit for a fraction of the cost of commonly available pre-packaged first aid kits.
A site visitor nicknamed Susan 1722 explains how she makes a fun survival kit gift to give to any new mom she knows.
They are created to print out 7-inches x 7-inches, which is the size of the sandwich bags I had in my kitchen.

Schools will soon be out for the summer and the kids will be ready to get their vacation underway.
My youngest son starts Kindergarten soon, so I decided to put together my favorite “must haves” for a Survival Kit to be used all year long. My son loves Monsters and the adorable Wild Smile Name Labels, available in Circle and Rectangle shapes, coordinate perfectly with my son’s Monster lunchbox and pencil box. There are good first aid kits that are designed specifically for pets and are good to include in your pet survival kit.
Your survival first aid kit should fit easily in the cargo pocket of your pants, daypack, purse or briefcase.
I use little, tiny baby shower favor bags or boxes and print out the saying above on large stickers with a baby border design.
Your best bet may be to save it to your computer and open it using a graphics program so you can print it out the desired width (however wide your bag is). This Summer Fun Survival Kit for Kids helps prevent the dreaded “I’m bored!” and encourages outdoor and creative play.
Keep one in the car, too, in case of on-the-road emergencies or if you're stranded en-route to work or home. Back to school is in full swing and it is complete craziness around the household these days.
If you are going to use a plastic bag, you can use it as-is.Below, you will find all of the items I put in my survival kit.
Just like a spare tire, jumper cables or an emergency blanket, you never know when you’re going to need a personal survival first aid kit.
There are tons of pre-packaged personal first aid kits available for retail; however, these kits are often lacking some of the most basic survival first aid items and are overpriced. Fill the bag or box with the items called for on the list above and stick it onto the bag or box. Just remember, if you do print this tag out at another size, you may lose some quality.Right click on your desired file type and color (either pink or blue) and save the file to your computer. It can be kept in the car and taken to a park, on a road trip, or any place you need to have a little family fun. The kids can play the standard catch and pass games, but they can also create new games like Frisbee Horseshoes where the winner is the one who tosses the Frisbee the closest to the football.
I choose items that will keep well in the car like graham crackers, raisins, and trail mix.

I just like to have a cooler on hand for cold drinks or foods that we take to the park or on a trip. The end of August marks a bittersweet good-bye to those low key summer days and a bright awakening to the 7AM morning drop-off time. These are all included o the printable labels so if you will not be using all of the same items, you will have to design your own label. Whether you chose to build your personal survival first aid kit from scratch or purchase a pre-packaged kit, ensure the items listed below are included. For example, personal experience has shown that duct tape works just as well to secure a bandage to skin as 1-in.
Download the Pink PDF File Download the Pink JPG File Download the Blue PDF File Download the Blue JPG File Using the any of the templates above is easy. We must admit that it’s nice to get back into the groove of things and have a set schedule. Keep medications in their original blister pack or container so you can easily check dosage and expiration information.
However you decide to approach this, don’t wait to start building your first aid kit; it may just save your life!
Simply gather together the items that belong in the survival kit and place them in a zip top sandwich bag. What better way is there to be prepared for this school year than with a back to school survival kit for mom! The template is intended to fold over the top of the bag, with about 2-inches showing on the front of the bag and 5 inches on the back. Besides helping to prevent bacterial infections in minor wounds, common tipple antibiotic ointments, such as Neosporin™, contain a base ingredient of petroleum jelly which happens to be exceptionally good at starting fires…especially when applied to a piece of cotton bandage. See separate manufacture instructions included with your kit.** Additional Instructions for Sqwincher Electrolyte Drink1.
Her kit includes stylish stationery and a big personalized mug for coffee on the drive to school. If you want to see what a finished bag looks like, check out this hockey player's survival kit.

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