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Survival Extreme is tailored to your groups requirements, this session can include a 24-hour, self-sufficient expedition, and focuses on different survival aspects, such as fire-lighting, shelter-building and rescue techniques. Throughout the day the children will be given a disaster scenario, pupils need to quickly establish priorities, work as a team and make some important decisions, before putting their survival skills theory into practice. This is a extreme survival which has a little bit of difficulty if i might say the only rule is no cheating and don't leave 100 blocks away from the starting tree.
It is an extension of the Survival session which adds on an overnight stay in the bivouacs that the students build.

The survival session includes introduction to the construction of making an overnight bivouac, as well as some lessons in teamwork as children work together to erect shelters and gather dead wood for the campfire. Each student will learn how to start their own controlled fire in a mess tin and taught about the importance of fuel, oxygen and heat.
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Finally shelters or overnight bivouacs are built using only materials that have fallen to the ground.

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