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The overarching challenge posed to the FDA and USDA in this report is to design a uniform food safety labeling system that regulates manufacturer labeling in a clear, and consistent manner. The fast fashion industry model has increased supply chain complexity to meet cost efficiency and demand over the years. Stakeholders in public health management have observed that consumers are not patient enough to bother about inscriptions on goods they buy, especially the expiry dates on drug and food items.
They note that dates on products indicate when they are manufactured and when they will expire, which should be taken seriously by consumers to curtail the health hazard associated with intake of such products. According to them, the establishments of the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), are good efforts at fighting the menace of substandard, fake and expired products in the country.
They also opine that the Consumer Protection Council (CPC), established to protect the consumers’ rights, is also another pragmatic step at sensitising the public in that regard.
In spite of these, observers note that some people do not mind the expiry dates on foods and drugs and the consequences of taking them.
Health experts have, in many cases, traced different types of health complications to food poisoning arising from taking expired food items. This notwithstanding, some consumers even erroneously believe that some food items and drugs can still be potent months after expiration. This development, experts say, has informed the operation of relevant agencies to verify the shelf life of products and identify fake and expired ones for destruction. For instance, NAFDAC has recently destroyed fake and expired products worth N525 million seized from importers, manufacturers and distributors in the south western part of the country. Leke Ayinde, a mechanic, says expiry dates on products are merely created to make people use them on time and buy more. Contrary to his opinion, Oghogho Ojo, a teacher, decried the use of expired goods whether hardware or consumables, saying they should be discarded immediately. Also, an online medical journal in a publication entitled: “The dangers of expired drugs’’, states that people erroneously believe that pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers have created expiration dates to boost profits.
It states that expiry date is not something that consumers are able to determine and the date is the recommended cue for disposal. According to it, the dates are usually determined voluntarily by the manufacturers to give the consumer a foreknowledge of what he or she is buying and educate the consumer on the duration the product will be of best quality. All the same, Leke Ogundipe, director, Surveillance and Enforcement of CPC, condemns the habit of consuming expired products, warning that it is hazardous.
According to her, people should not rationalise the accuracy of a product’s expiry date but should just adhere to it.
She, nonetheless, advises consumers to be wary of items sold at discounted prices as some shops display foods that will soon expire and sell them cheaper than the actual price. Ogundipe also warns that consumers should watch out for necessary information on products to enable them to know what they buy and when to buy them. Mathias Bassey, head, Public Relations Unit of SON, also advises the consumers to “first look for manufacturing date, the country of origin, the batch number, the expiry date, code number and batch number’’. According to him, if the product doesn’t have these details, it’s a dangerous and substandard product.
He advises that when consumers come across products without all these information, they should report to the SON and the products would be confiscated and destroyed. Stakeholders, therefore, advise that every time a consumer brings a new product into the home, such a product should be placed behind the older products. They also advise that if an expiration date is listed on the packaging, it should be written on the front of the box in large letters for others to note. These measures, they note, would address the wrong attitude of the public to expiry dates on products. A first-world problem we’ve all encountered at some point or other, is a freshly prepared cup of steaming coffee ruined by the addition of sour milk. It may surprise you to learn that the expiration date on perishable products is an indicator of quality, not safety.

Conversely, a carton that has been well refrigerated should be fine even if the sell date has passed. It’s always a good idea to carefully sniff and, if possible, taste a small amount just to make sure that you won’t gag on a flavor that seems to be too “off” to be safe. Of course, the smarter move is to avoid the expiration issue altogether by choosing the product with the latest expiration date when shopping. This entry was posted in FoodSafety and tagged expiration date, FoodSafety, milk, refrigeration, sell by, use by by Hemi Weingarten.
Sad to see that this article promotes back of the shelf purchases – a major contributor to global food waste. So, instead, we should buy something that will go in the trash at home because we were unable to consume it in time. Also if you think that by buying a longer expiry date you are not contributing to food waste then ask yourself what happens to all the older but perfectly edible food you passed over.
I once ate some cole slaw that was still within the expiration date and after one bite thought it tasted off. Please help me pray for a friend who has cancer and is going through a huge physical battle. I have recently applied for a job and pray that if its God's will, I will be called in for an interview.
Dear God I am praying to you for my son who has brain cancer he is taking chemo and radiation I pray for healing for my son and I pray for his wife who is with him all the way I pray for her strength as a caregiver and as a mother of 3 young children please Father walk with them on this joinery . This past Wednesday, I asked for urgent prayer for a local teen, my daughter, who has been dealing with major repressed memories for over 10 years stemming from multiple sexual violations which occurred is a daycare facility when she was very young. Well, this is a PRAISE as she embraced her week long stay at the hospital in a manner which can only be described as a miracle!!! So, keep praying that she will continue to practice the skills she's been taught, tell someone when she's struggling, and continue trusting in God and His flock. And Check out the Freedom Ministry groups on Monday evenings at Thomas Road Baptist Church.
The ladies in the Chic office have a confession…we are all using makeup that is expired.
So we came up with a super simple and chic way to keep track of everything in your makeup drawer and most importantly when to toss it out. The problem with using an oridinary sticker with a sharpie is that they smudge off because of the oils in creams and makeup. Hi Adaire, if the product lists the expiration date it will be noted with a number 1-24 with M next to it, noting months. Rather than communicating the microbial safety of a food product, expiration dates are just recommendations by manufacturers about when their product is at its peak quality. The hope is that with a more regulated food labeling system that is less likely to cause consumer confusion, we can start to chip away at the estimated $165 billion dollars of food that we waste each year.
The first thing people do after pouring the coffee down the drain is examine the expiry date on the milk jug or carton. To be clear – Yes, you can still drink the milk, eat the cheese, and prepare the steak a few days after the expiration date! A suggestion for you that helped me is to ask people from your social or religious group if they could make some meals for you.
I figure, if it doesn’t smell (and look) the way it is supposed to, it has probably gone bad. Because when dated for expiration to stores and consumers humans make errors on dates stamps for freshness of products at distribution centers and warehouses, where the products are handled.
When you go, because the lines aren’t as long, experts say to grab from the back of the shelf, not the front. Please pray for guidance for me & my family as we have to make decisions and deal with some much!!!!!

I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for some time, but we are now need the extra income. Most of the time there are telltale signs, flaking mascara, dry eyeshadows and cracked powders. A typical expiration will be 12 or 24 months, however natural products with little or no preservatives could have a shelf life of 6 months or less. Now you can track your makeup, keep it fresh and avoid unnecessary product irritation.
Otherwise this makes no sense because for example, I work in a store and I’ve been eyeing this face wash for 6 months now (I stocked up on face wash awhile ago and still have so much to get through before I can buy a new one) and I remember we got it shipped to us almost 8 months ago.
So if consumers are using this information to make decisions about consuming a product, they could be wasting even more food that is perfectly safe to consume. This all depends on how well it was refrigerated from the moment it was produced until it reached your cup of coffee. Grocery clerks sort and order the milk on the shelves with the older products in the front and the newer ones in the back. Besides, as for milk, it doesn’t come in quantities smaller than half gallon for the kind we use. As milk and buttermilk can separate after thawing, they may need to be beaten with a mixer or shaken well before using. We are taking a risk as consumers that the products expiration dates are correct best to there knowledge. All marks, brands and names belong to the respective companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify the companies and products. Both of our children need braces and one needs dental work before she will be able to get them. How could the person who bought it 8 months ago vs one who purchases today have different expiration dates. Don’t leave your milk out on the kitchen counter for a few hours on a hot summer day and expect extended life once returned to the fridge. Some place cartons with the expiration date facing backward, and the grab-and-run shoppers don’t notice.
My only problem is keeping the kids from throwing out perfectly good groceries because of those dates. Next week at church I was uncomfortable in my skin, upon realizing that, I began to feel so ashamed and stopped reading the Bible or even talking to God. I ask for prayers for my daughter and the dental procedures she needs done and also for employment. I suspect that, once they are buying their own WITH THEIR OWN MONEY, they’ll stop tossing out perfectly good groceries. Most of the time we assume these symptoms are from stress and don’t consider our makeup as a possible culprit. The product that brought me to this page is Nourish Organic moisturizing cream Face Cleanser (cucumber watercress).
It’s super natural and think it should expire easily but has no expiration date anywhere on it. If I don’t have a meal ready to cook, my chemo-treated wife will not get fed on time. I LOVE YOU BECKY SO MUCH SO AM ASKING ALL POWER IN GOD AND PRAYER WARRIORS TO PRAY THAT GOD WILL WHISPER IN HER EAR THAT I LOVE HER AND SHE WOULD GIVE ME A CHANCE TO PROVE TO HER THAT AM TRULY SORRY AND SHE WOULD TRUST ME AND KNOW THAT.

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