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March 2, 2015 By: Meredith15 CommentsIf you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The truth is, as parents, we are sometimes a little naively optimistic about lots of things. But, the truth is, I think this optimism is the ultimate survival skill for new (and experienced parents) to keep doing what we do everyday. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above, especially wishing the teen years will be easier, as I truly know they won’t from my own past experience, but still wishful thinking, I suppose! I think some things will be easier, like the fact that they can wipe their own bums and stuff. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Every Parent’s Survival Guide is a workshop that introduces Triple P Positive Parenting Programs. About the AuthorKristyKristy participated in high school sports and lives in San Diego after graduating from SDSU with a degree in film and television.
On their own or bundled together, they equal reliable service, terrific value (you save money when bundling all three) and unparalleled quality for plenty of cool, worry-free communication and fun when the hot weather hits. Available in an array of new packages to fit every type of user and budget, Rogers Internet also boasts powerful signals from the Advanced Wi-Fi Modem, which means you can surf with ease everywhere in your home, from the third-floor deck to the man cave in the basement.
Constantly evolving, improving and totally unique to Rogers, NextBox™ 3,0 is the must-have television system of the future. Watching movies with the whole family is fun, but interruptions (“Mom, the popcorn needs more salt!” or “Um, did anyone remember to take the dog out?”) are inevitable.
As the saying goes, “sharing is caring”… especially when it’s within the family and you’re talking about data.
On top of shared data, everyone on the plan gets unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, voicemail, Rogers One Number™ and call display.
Plus, unlimited Canada-wide calling means your teenaged daughter can talk to her BFF every night while she’s up at the cottage on “the most boring family vacation EV-ER”, so she never misses a minute of what’s happening with her besties back home. Connected Rogers™ is a trademark of Rogers Publishing Limited or an affiliate, used under license. The best tip to survive the daunting task of raising children (at any age!) is a huge sense of humor. My first boy just turned twelve so technically he is “tween” but if we calculate via hijri calendar, he would probably have turned 13 already! Welcome This little life of mine consists of more than I can squeeze into a little intro, so I put it all into a blog.
Disclosure Little Life of Mine receives payment, products, services, and other forms of compensation from companies and businesses in hopes that I may mention it or provide a review. And survival requires creativity, cunning, and a handful of questionable ways of navigating our day to day lives.
We all have our own survival techniques as we navigate this heart-pounding, sleep-depriving, diaper changing challenge of parenthood. While I was reading The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents, I also read a few articles online that poked fun at women for their weight. It took Marci Warhaft-Nadler 20 years to figure out her own body image issues but she knows now that “self-worth should not be measured in pounds.”  She spent 25 years in the fitness industry telling people how to take care of their bodies while secretly abusing her own. Today, she is a body image specialist and wrote a new book to educate parents of body image issues in our children. Marci talks about body image from as young as three years old up until the teen years – it’s disturbing how much society, media and toys can influence the way we look at ourselves and how much emphasis is placed on how we look. Here’s one game in Marci’s book that she suggests parents can play with their kids – the “I am” alphabet game where you can each find positive characteristics – none on physical appearance – to describe yourselves. Great questions and the right answers, Marci’s book is backed by stats, studies and real-life experiences and quotes from kids and parents. Marci’s book is a real eye-opener – every parent should read it, parents of girls AND boys. In my book, I have games and activities that get boys (and girls) thinking about what "REAL" bodies look like and why comparing themselves to older, unrealistic images is a waste of time and energy. I have been struggling my entire life with my body image issues, and as my kids begin to get older I find them talking about how they look and their weight.
It can be so hard for people to accept compliments, it almost feels like we're being vain if we like ourselves exactly as we are, but the greatest gift we can give our kids to show them that it's more than okay to be PROUD of who we are and all we can do!

Your daughter needs to know that the BEST bodies are healthy ones and that we're not all supposed to look the same.
I've tried to tackle as many of the situations and sticky questions our kids may have to deal with as they grow from babies to teens. It ain't easy..but it is definitely possible to give our kids the tools they need to tune out the negative messages and tune in to their OWN amazing potential!
We think potty training will be easy this time because kid number 1 potty trained in one day. The office will reopen on August 15th, registrations for our Fall and Winter Programs begin Monday August 22nd. Two months (or more) free from classes and homework are every kid’s dream, but all that free time can spell boredom… which soon becomes every parent’s nightmare. Whether you’re chatting online, ordering pizza, streaming and downloading content, posting vacation shots to social media or gaming with friends, it’s the go-to resource you can’t live without. No more worrying about being stuck within a one-metre radius of your modem, or having to listen to one family member after another complain that they’re suffering from buffering. Coupling great value with top-of-the-line features, it’s perfect for couch snuggles, catching up on missed shows, and relaxing family movie nights (or mornings or afternoons) at home when it’s way too warm out to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned living room. You’ll love the ability to record eight HD shows at once, and then share your recordings with multiple TVs in your home – especially with everyone together under one increasingly full roof, eager to kick back and relax with their own favourite shows and movies. What if your teenaged daughter has been counting down the days to the Teen Choice Awards because she can’t wait to see if Selena disses Justin on the red carpet, or if Harry Styles arrives with a date (OMG!), but her tennis practice runs long on the big night?
Try Rogers Kids Zone via Rogers Anyplace TV, which provides remote viewing via your tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC.
Keep in touch via your tablet and phone this summer with a Rogers Share Everything™ plan – a multifaceted platform that allows you to affordably share a pool of up to 15 GB of data between up to ten devices.
And remember, for every device you add to a Share Everything plan, the overall per-device cost down. And you don’t have to worry about how much her epic heart-to-hearts will wind up costing you by the time school starts up again and everyone’s back in the same area code. Programming content differs depending on level of Rogers subscription and on the device on which it’s accessed. You know, when the teen grows up, gets married, has kids, and can’t figure out why they’re children are so bad!
All opinions expressed are entirely of my own and not at all influenced by the compensation. Evil once said, “We’re not so different, you and I,” and while his career path may be controversial, I completely agree with his sentiment as it relates to myself and other parents. Rest assured that if you’re doing something which may make your mother-in-law gasp in horror, there’s a good chance someone else is doing it, too.
The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents is written with a goal to tear down the harmful myths surrounding beauty and fitness and empower kids to love and appreciate themselves for who they are. In the book, Marci writes that little girls learn so much from their own mothers so it’s crucial that they see their moms being accepting and kind of themselves.
Marci touches upon body issues in BOYS – yes boys… heroes like Superman and GI Joe suddenly have huge muscles. She offers tips on how to teach your kids to love themselves and to look up to “normal” role models, how to compliment children on their actions – not their looks. Marci offers practical tips and good advice on answering the difficult questions that children may ask parents – the most important tip?
For boys, the pressure comes from 2 directions: Some boys are feeling like they're too "fat" and other boys feel like they're too small (not muscular enough). Both are super healthy and perfect but I am scared that they are picking up on things from me even though I make a concentrated effort to keep my feelings to myself. In my book, I offer age specific advice, games and projects to prepare our kids for the negative messages that may come as they get older.
I lost over 20 years of my life to negative body image and know the importance of stepping in as early as possible. Kids making fun of her to the point where she feels she needs to skip lunch, just gives power to her bullies and creates negative feelings around food and her body. It's so helpful to get kids involved in activities outside of school where they can learn skills and talents that help strengthen their self-esteem. Body issues stay with us at any age, so it's great for parents to have help in learning how to ease them with their own kids before it becomes a serious problem.

Reproduction of content, including images, in whole or in part without permission is strictly forbidden.
Keep teenagers, university students and little ones alike entertained – and connected – this summer with Rogers Internet, NextBox 3.0™ and Share Everything™ plans. Quick and reliable internet means little ones can exercise their brains with cranium-expanding sites (we like Build, NASA Kids’ Club and Virtual Museum) or watch cartoons on Rogers Anyplace TV™2. You can also chose from a plethora of great titles using the Reco App (a feature that suggests TV shows and movies), store up to 120 hours of HD content3 and easily surf listings using the interactive search guide. Simply record the two-hour-long squee!-fest for her so she can get the scoop on who’s BFFs with whom, and you can be a hero.
It’s great for streaming kids’ shows like Bubble Guppies and Phineas and Ferb for early mornings… or the long car ride to the cottage.
I have already envisioned the deodorant and facial wash for him but nothing comes close to your kit! I only accept or mention products that I personally believe in and love, that I feel my readers would also enjoy. Breathe a sigh of relief if you use any of these ten coping courses of actions because I guarantee you’re not the only one. This is a surefire way to check if that smell invading your nose hole is coming from your kid or not.
Some nights the idea of unleashing the flood gates and witnessing my children’s best Shamu impression is just too much for me to handle. If it says it’s apple or strawberry or blueberry flavored, then something vaguely healthy is present, right?
Someday my children will learn that the grocery store is not actually an all-you-can-eat buffet, but today is not that day and tomorrow doesn’t look good either.
I’m convinced the people at the grocery store are of the belief that my children don’t own real clothes.
Ask yourself what’s worse: a mommy slowly losing her mind, or your kids staring at the ceiling thinking their deep thoughts for an extra twenty minutes? She writes for Scary Mommy, Babble, The Huffington Post and other sites that she can't remember because she's exhausted from being a SAHM to two toddlers. I hear from concerned parents of boys as young as 9 years old who are ashamed of the fact they don't have 6-pack abs like the boys on TV!
The negative messages may be loud, so our positive ones as parents, need to be even LOUDER! Also, it is extremely beneficial to have a group of friends from a source outside of school where they can find support when school friends aren't acting so friendly. For example, if mom only ever browses the Web occasionally, she might not ever need all of her data, but her 16-year-old son – who’s constantly updating his social-media feeds, and streaming content – might be inching towards maxing out his allotment. If a wipe is good enough for their nether regions, it’s good enough to wipe the sticky from their bodies before wrangling them into their slumber straight-jackets for the day.
Whether it’s eight in the morning or three in the afternoon, there’s a good chance they’re still donning their fire truck footie jammies.
Regardless of size or shape, both kids should be encouraged to live with balance and moderation (no special meals or exercise plans for either).
And older kids will appreciate the quick and reliable connection for up-to-the-second updates from social media or while playing Call of Duty online. With the ability to set, playback and manage recordings on up to eight TVs with just one PVR or on your tablet via Rogers Anyplace TV3, the battle of wills over what to watch can be be banished.
I don’t want the TV to become a babysitter, but sometimes everyone needs to just calm down for a few minutes while I mop the pee off of my kitchen floor. Children daily put us through the ringer so the least they can do is help us avoid social situations we weren’t looking forward to anyway.
PLAY as a family, encourage physical activity and make sure that there is NO FAT TALK allowed in the house. I’d rather sacrifice my wardrobe if it means getting rid of the three-inch long tendril of bright green grossness.

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