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Coffee perks millions of Americans up each morning, and a new study finds it might help keep men's sex lives percolating, too.The study, from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, found that men who consume more caffeine each day had a lower risk of erectile dysfunction. The brewing debate over the health benefits of coffee goes back centuries, but it could finally be reaching a turning point. Research team led by dam Gilden Tsai from University of Colorado Denver (UC-D) and David Sarwer from the University of Pennsylvania School reached at the findings after analyzing case of a mildly obese 48-year-old man with hypertension and ED.
Research team found that despite the use of medication, the study subject was not able to achieve an adequate erection for intercourse. Authors said: “We are reminded that atherosclerosis can cause not only macrovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke, but also microvascular disease, of which ED is one example”.
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This slide presentation covers basic science and clinical advances in treatment of erectile dysfunction, with emphasis on the cardiovascular patient.
The editorial content of this program does not necessarily reflect the views or recommendations of the University of Florida College of Medicine, Pfizer Inc, or the publisher. This program was prepared and produced by Medical Education Consultants Inc, Westport, Connecticut, on behalf of the University of Florida College of Medicine through an unrestricted educational grant provided by Pfizer Inc. The VBWG Core Curriculum 2002 slide lecture program, Impact of vascular biology in treatment of cardiovascular disease, covers basic science and clinical advances in vascular biology in a spectrum of disorders. Many men with this psychological condition avoid talking about it with their partners that is negatively affecting their marital relationship. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee position that drinking three to five cups a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease; two conditions that are well established as significant risk factors for erectile dysfunction," said Dr.

Many studies have shown the relationship between extra pounds and increased risk of various diseases. Researchers found that extra pounds along with other health factors can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). All the factors that increase risk of heart disease like excess weight, diabetes, and hypertension also increase risk of ED. However, after achieving a 4.6 percent weight reduction and lowering his BP within the normal range with the help of medication, the study subject was able to achieve an erection.
Over 20 years ago, ED is considered as a psychological problem and people seek help through sex therapy or marital treatment. Men with diabetes -- for them, extra caffeine didn't lower their odds for impotence, the researchers said."Even though we saw a reduction in the prevalence of erectile dysfunction with men who were obese, overweight and hypertensive, that was not true of men with diabetes.
But since the development of new pills, studies and researches the common understanding about erectile dysfunction is changed a lot. Diabetes is one of the strongest risk factors for erectile dysfunction, so this was not surprising," lead author Dr.
This change in understanding about ED shifts the focus from therapist office to physician office.In the earlier study by heart and Urological Clearinghouse, there are over 10-20% erectile dysfunction cases that are caused of psychological problems. David Lopez, assistant professor at UTHealth School of Public Health, said in a university news release.
These psychological problems include but not limited to anxiety, depression, stress, lack of communication and fear of failing to perform in bed. All these psychological problems are easily treatable with consulting professional adviser but people are using medicines for their psychological problems that are making their erectile dysfunction worst than ever.In different studies it is proven fact that most of the causes of erectile dysfunction are caused either by physical or psychological problems a€“ or the combination of both. Most men dona€™t know erection is the complex process as there are many steps body has to go through to start the flow of blood vessels into penis.
If body doesna€™t successfully complete even one step then it results as erectile dysfunction.However, many consider age as the possible cause for erectile dysfunction.
This is due to fact that as age grows body starts dropping the production of sex hormone that are necessary for gaining erection. But there is no authentic and valid research that proved age is the only factor for erectile dysfunction. As age grows the risk of many diseases also increases in which poor lifestyle habits, lack of activity is only few of them.When it comes to single and exact reason for erectile dysfunction then unfortunately it is very difficult to pin point single factor that causes erectile dysfunction. But we can say that any damage to nerves, arteries, fibrous tissue and smooth muscles leads to erectile dysfunction. Some factors that cause these damages are diabetes, vascular diseases, neurological diseases and alcoholism. When you start getting sexual interest your body sends signal through nerves fibers to brain which responses to these signals and start the flow of blood vessels to your penis. Any abnormalities or born defect in erection mechanism can leads to problems in gaining erection at the later stages of life.

This is because diabetic patients are twice more likely to develop erectile dysfunction as compare to non-diabetic sufferers. According to estimation, there are around 20-30% diabetic men that are having erectile dysfunction as well.
Both type 1 and type 2 increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.Diabetic patients develop erectile dysfunction gradually. They start getting less hard penis and slowly they cana€™t able to develop erection at all.
Firstly, diabetes harms nerves that instruct arteries to become dilate and secondly diabetes restricts the flow of blood vessels into the penis.
Additionally, diabetes creates high blood pressure, high blood sugar, increase cortisol level and decrease in testosterone level that all leads to poor erection.
There was a research by West Forest University in which researchers discover that men with hypertension who smoke are 26 times more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.
Additionally, in 2004 study by Peter Sun discovered that there are 36% men with erectile dysfunction that are having hypertension as well. Balance of hormone is necessary for maintaining proper body functions in which gaining erection is one of them. Many experts believe that erectile dysfunction is the result of low level of Testosterone hormone in the body.Testosterone is the hormone that increases sexual interest in the body.
That is the reason why Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the biggest industries now these days. Even many people reported that they are getting stronger and harder erection after getting Testosterone replacement therapy. On other hand research proved that when there is erectile dysfunction, sexual interest also suffer. As per estimation, there are 10-20% men with erection dysfunction are having hormonal abnormalities.
Before starting the treatment of erectile dysfunction it is important keep these risk factors in your mind.
I always wanted to enjoy spicy sex with my wife but due to my Erectile Dysfunction I always make nonsense idea to avoid sleeping with my wife.
Thankfully Jason Long's Erectile Dysfunction Protocol (or ED Protocol) help me to get rid of erectile dysfunction in just 2 days. If you don't want to waste your money on useless medications and herbal extracts then read my review on the left side of this page.

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