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Users who operate a penis pump as a penile exercise tool, can cure the erectile dysfunction condition and slightly add girth gains as well.
Penis pumps have been around for many years and for those of you who don’t know, they are a number of them all over the internet, but we (men) should be very careful when choosing a device since not all of them works as they promise. This vacuum therapy should restore sexual potency in all users who follows the recommendation instructions.
It should treat the erectile disorder issue where millions of men in today’s date suffers from this sexual condition. Moreover, the product does label that it’s easy to use, safe and causes no harmful side effects but only gain male power benefits. According to our sources, this vacuum therapy was designed from medical materials with insurance to provide safety for all of us users.
Promoting websites does mention that it was conducted from a team of professionals and tested in South Africa. Yet, the manufacturer who developed Vacurect Vacuum Therapy is the (Bonro Medical, Inc) based at Georgia state in the USA. As they explain, the team have more than 26 years of experience to treat the erectile dysfunction (ED) issue. This product is a one-piece design method and the company mentions that it’s a completely lightweight device. The Vacurect Vacuum system carries a total of 10 rings tension and it should be easy to incorporate by simply fitting the tension ring to the pump device for ready to use upon. All I would have do is insert the penis inside the pump system then start the pumping process, which they claim to create an erection within 30 seconds to 6 minutes. For those of you who don’t know, when you (man) enter a sexual relate and you fail to create an erection meaning a hard erect state penis, than you probably are suffering from this sexual condition.
However, unlike several other penis pumps in today’s market, Vacurect Vacuum system does not say anything about penis enlargement for girth or length. Furthermore, a customer user from Maryland, USA states to have changed his overall sexual life with the use of this pumping device system, where it works completely fine with the suction process. According to this individual user, to operate the vacuum pump does require both hands, where one is to hold it and the other hand is for the pumping action process.

Several other consumers mention that it draws their testicles and scrotum into the tube, plus it does not have a release valve, which seems that it can be very unsafe. Someone else shared that it did not work for them and they all mention that no refunds are available. There is no money back guarantee so if anything happens, you’re done with the device. Very expensive to cure only the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issue, when other penis-pumps claims several other benefits. Even though they shared to have the device tested in South Africa, no data or structure are shown for proof. Others shared that the device is slightly small, so an average or more than 6″ inches will not be able to use this vacuum pump. Yet, at the retailers sites who promotes this Vacurect Vaccum product, states that there is no need for any prescription to grab an order. We do know that there are more negative reviews from customer users than positive in Amazon retailer, plus with no refund policy makes it very risky in my opinion.
Let me help you out because there is a new pump technology in the recent market who it’s users favorite pumping device!
And, unlike the vacuum system, Penomet was designed with a release valve to decrease the water-pressure, which is much safer, effective and more advanced than the Vacurect Vacuum air-pressure product. Wrap a piece of string around the base of your erect penis, take that measurement length and hold it against a tape measure to decide on the circumference and the pack you need. It seals on the pelvic seat, not the penis shaft, so the whole length is unrestricted, allowing for full blood flow. It can be applied in seconds, and as it can be used in the shower or bathtub as part of the daily hygiene routine, it is very convenient and takes up little time. In water, VaxAid will attain the maximum negative pressure recommended by the FDA and MHRA when using the bellows pump only. Of real importance, the cycling action of the pump allows the penis to be erected gradually in stages. A unique flow control valve also allows for gradual release of negative pressure, so the penis can be erected and deflated several times over a short period.

Water has both a cushioning and lubricating effect, so lubricants are not needed when used in water. The Erection Rings can also be used in water with the VaxAid to maintain an erection should the user prefer.
Of significant importance, when used in water for penile exercise the water creates a hard vacuum, so ensuring the penis erects gradually and uniformly along the full length and without the bulging and bending associated with many vacuum devices.
Customer service: We hope to get back to you within 24 hours if you have any queries about your order. Worldwide shipping: We have distribution centres in both the UK and the USA to ensure all stock is shipped to our customers as fast as possible. Returns Policy: If you are in any way unhappy with the product you have purchased please email us. The erection rings should fit reasonably tight (but not painful) in order to maintain an erection. Due to the personal nature of the erection rings and the fact that individual users prefer different tensions. Also, between each stage the pressure inside the tube reverts to atmospheric and this allows a short period of full blood flow in and out of the penis.
But they should not be over-tight Take at least two measurements to make sure you chose the correct size. The maximum negative pressure can never be exceeded due to the limiting factor of the elastic recoil strength of the pump. This is a more natural erection process and helps prevent bulging at the base of the penis as is found with many traditional air pumps. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any ring that has been removed from its packaging regardless of whether the erection ring has been used or not.

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