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Decrease hand pain caused by Arthritis, stiffness, or overuse using Magnetic Therapy Gloves.
The prostate is a small, but important gland (organ) in the male reproductive system, it can says that only found in man. A healthy young man prostate is classically said to be slightly larger than a walnut, it gets bigger as a man get older.
In the later stages, benign prostate enlargement (Also Known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) can cause urine retention and other complications such as prostatitis,bladder stones, bladder infections and kidney damage. The “AndroSPOK” apparatus is designed for use in the complex treatment and prevention of male genital diseases by low-frequency pulsed magnetic field (magnetotherapy), optical polarized visible and infrared light (phototherapy) and topical negative pressure (TNP therapy). In terms of its functionality, the "AndroSPOK" surpasses all conventional apparatuses for treating and preventing male urogenital tract diseases.
Your doctor may advise you to receive physical therapy for urinary problems and pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD).
The truth is, physical therapy is an excellent tool in your recovery from pelvic pain, chronic muscle tightness,  and a spectrum of urinary tract issues from urinary tract infections to interstitial cystitis. If you’re having “trouble in your pelvis,” there can be a constellation of stressors at play.
Some patients know what triggered their symptoms: childbirth, a car accident, prostate biopsy, riding too many miles on a bicycle seat designed by a sadist… For those patients, treatment is more straightforward. Without proper support in this crucial area, the internal organs can drop down (prolapse) from their normal position.
We offer the following recommendations as an easy-to-follow check list to help you improve your bladder health. User Agreement:  None of the information contained within this Web site has been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Medispec uses an advanced acoustic technology, known as Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) to non-invasively treat vasculogenic ED. EDSWT employs single-pulse acoustic waves similar to ultrasound waves, which are generated by an underwater high-voltage spark.
Unlike conventional treatments, such as PDE5 inhibitors, EDSWT does not involve the use of pharmaceuticals. As a leading designer and manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in shock wave therapy solutions, Medispec continuously introduces competitive systems and technological breakthroughs to the market. Constructed with comfort in mind, the Magnetic Therapy Glows provide gentle compression with magnet gauss strength of 2g's-10g's per magnets with 160 total magnets for soothing pain relief all day. The dots did not seem very magnetic and started to fall off the first time the gloves were worn.

The prostate produces a thick, white fluid that’s made into a thinner liquid by a protein called prostate-specific antigen (PSA). If the prostate becomes enlarged, it can place pressure on the bladder and urethra (the tube through which urine passes).
If the prostate grows too large, the risk of developing Prostate cancer may increase as the uncontrolled spread (or malignant growth) of abnormal cells of the prostate. The AndroSPOK magnetophotobarotherapy apparatus may be effectively used both as monotherapy and as a complex therapy of a number of male genital diseases. Characteristics of physical actions implemented in the AndroSPOK apparatus are selected so that (including synergism and summation of effects) the maximum effect is achieved without going beyond safe use of each of the actions. This application of physical therapy in your pelvis is essentially the same as PT for other parts of the body (back, neck, or shoulder). Sometimes these stressors begin with an injury to your low back, sacrum, or hips that leads to a muscular imbalance known as pelvic floor dysfunction. Because bodies are masters at compensation, they try to make up for a loss of mobility in one area with hypermobility in another, which can  further complicate the problem by introducing bladder dysfunction and pelvic pain into the mix.
These muscles at the base of the pelvis are vital to your health in so many ways: elimination, sexuality, movement, posture, balance, and so on.
This change in the position of your organs adds to the weakness of the urinary and rectal sphincters, which leads to problems that often require surgery to correct. Boswell, MSPT, has been practicing PT since 1985 and specializing in pelvic floor disorders since 1998. Tom Bunn is friendly, knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable, and gives a clear understanding of what appears to be the problem. His expertise and his healing modalities have given me, at 74, the maximum opportunity to remain healthy and active. That’s the unspoken question each one of our new patients asks before they pick up the phone and call for their first appointment.
As with all recommendations on this site, without seeing you in person, we cannot know your individual concerns, nor can we address specific conditions. This Web site and its content are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. While i will not go that far, watermelons do contain nutrients that can help with cardio-vascular health and thus help blood flow to the penis, which would aid harder erections. This technology has been proven to be effective in cardiology, with recent success in ischemic tissues of the heart. The Omnispec Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy System, ED1000TM is a 20 minute procedure, which can be performed in any out-patient or clinical setting and requires no anesthesia or sedation.

Using our business knowledge and application, we have produced state-of-the-art medical systems in the files of Urology, Orthopedics, Aesthetics, and Cardiology.
In others, the symptoms can be very troublesome and have a major impact on a person’s quality of life. The technologies used for implementing the AndroSPOK apparatus are unique and supported by numerous inventors’ patents, while clinical effectiveness is proved by a number of clinical research. However, since very few PTs are trained in this specialized area of treatment, you may not have known PT was even an option. For example, a surgery you had 15 years ago plus the weight you’ve put on since then can lead to mechanical changes in the joints of the lower spine and pelvis. And she understands a great many things that most other doctors unfortunately seem to have little to no knowledge of. I initially saw Tom eight years ago for a condition that traditional medicine was unable to diagnose. There are several top-notch urology clinics in the greater Denver Metro area, so why choose us?
Always consult your health care professional before taking any action based on the information presented on this Web site — especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. A recent finding about the benefits of watermelon on erectile dysfunction in men has been published in medical journals, like Urology. Using the same modularity as in the heart, the Omnispec Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy System, ED1000TM uses low-intensity extracorporeal shock waves to focus on the blood vessels to encourage neovascularization in the penis shaft and crus.
What seems like two completely unrelated issues can actually stem from the same source, which is why it’s so important to heal the original injury and untangle the interlocking web of misaligned muscles in your pelvis. It seems researchers have discovered the fruit contains an enzyme that is related to normal male functioning.
This treatment may help to relieve vascular deficiency – the common cause of erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing the supply of blood and other ingredients the body needs to make certain proteins and by opening up veins and arteries to improve blood flow–something that is important for normal male performance. One study showed that men who ate L-Citrulline experienced up to a 68 percent increase in monthly male performance.

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