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Flying across time zones could get easier on the body thanks to Viagra says a team of researchers at the National University of Quilmes in Argentina. So the chemical reset button will only work when travelling east and, according to Doctor Patricia Agostino,not only in males. Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs are not being recommended by their manufacturers as a treatment for jet lag, but Golombek and his team say the drug has great potential - for shift workers as well. The Argentine team have more studies to conduct before the treatment can be tested on humans.

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Their study found evidence that a low dosage of sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra could help travelers eliminate - or at least reduce - the effects of jet lag.
In lab tests, the team found that mice exposed to the drug adjusted twice as fast to the shock of time change as mice who were given nothing under the same test conditions.
But the promising results could lead to happier travelers and shift-workers popping a version of Pfizer's little blue pill before every flight or work schedule change.

Stay awake for duration of the flight – Staying awake in flight isn't a choice for the light sleepers among us, even with a sumptuous cabin like this.

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