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The brain plays a significant role in triggering the physiological reactions that create an erection, starting with sexual excitement. As a hypnotherapist, some common issues I treat are over-eating, lack of exercise and heavy drinking.
Rather than approaching sex as a pleasurable, intimate, mutually enjoyable act, some men focus on their need to excel in pleasing their partner. When choosing a hypnotherapist for your psychological erectile dysfunction, I would recommend visiting the General Hypnotherapy Register for a list of qualified and insured practitioners near you, all of whom will offer a relaxed, professional and discreet service. You may have an understanding partner, but you hate the thought you might be disappointing them.
The process of achieving and maintaining an erection is controlled by your subconscious mind.
As you experience the relaxing effects of hypnotherapy, any anxieties you have about your sexual performance will fade away. When you listen to my Erectile Dysfunction Hypnosis MP3 you will be more relaxed and confident about your sexual performance.
FREE Hypnosis MP3s!Get 3 FREE pre-selected hypnosis MP3s when you sign-up to our newsletter! It’s important to realize that erectile dysfunction is something that not only affects people on a physical level, but also takes a huge toll on an emotional level as well.
One easy way to determine whether your erectile problems are physical or mental is to ask yourself the following questions. By using hypnotherapy we can show you how to create subconscious sparks, to get more powerful erections. There are different ways sufferers experience male impotence — several sufferers can’t experience an erectile at all, for many it’s sporadic and for some the erection is maintained for only a short time.
Hypnosis is a natural, non-invasive method of rewriting subconscious programming that gets to the very root of the problem. So if you don’t like the idea of using medication for the rest of your life to enjoy something you should be able to enjoy naturally, then get in touch with us to see if the approach we use is a fit for you.
Whether it’s a lack of desire, premature ejaculation, an inability to reach orgasm, pain during sex, or debilitating inhibitions that are troubling you, it almost always starts with an emotional imprint in your memory that you may not realize you have.
As trivial as some experiences might seem, they can have a profoundly damaging and lasting effect on a your sex life.
Whatever the root cause of your sexual dilemma is, Hypnotherapy can help you release the emotional memory so that you can start to enjoy sex again. Whether you know what that problem is of not, Dr. Once you have an understanding of this root problem, you can begin to release the anxieties, limiting beliefs, and past traumas ultimately giving your subconscious mind a complete revamp that will get your mind working for you instead of against you. Hypnotherapy Newcastle with Nigel Hetherington offers a discrete service using hypnosis and NLP to help you both relax and change your response to stress.
When we are relaxed and calm there is much more, if not all, parasympathetic nervous system activation. Impotence problems can naturally compound because being impotent is stressing in and of itself. Being able to discuss your problem is usually a big relief and being able to have straight talk with a professional can actually ease a burden.
There are two essential steps in dealing with what is know as psychogenic ( stress related ) impotency and to have some ideas and indications as to whether excess stress is the culprit.
Firstly using hypnosis to strengthen your responses to stress we are attempting to make you more robust to non-sexually related stressors. Secondly hypnotherapy in Newcastle is used to de-couple previous problematic memories and feelings guilt and anxiety that is directly sexually related. You will most likely have a very accurate idea of the stress levels in your life – if you are honest with yourself. You can do one more personal experiment to see if your impotence has a psychogenic or stress related basis.
The idea is, the ring of paper you have fitted around the girth ( think of a napkin holder ) will open or break if you experience an erection during sleep.  Check if the lightly attached paper has broken during your sleep. Hypnotherapy in Newcastle for erectile dysfunction and stress related impotence with consultant hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington.

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Product groupDescriptionThis hypnosis session is of an 'adult nature', designed to help men regain control over erectile dysfunction to enjoy a more normal sex life. Erectile Dysfunction Hypnosis Center article Webmd provides a comprehensive list of drugs that may cause erectile dysfunction.. To receive full benefits from this recording use for 21 days alan kirwan therapist hypnosis , eft , cbt , life skills , ballyjamesduff co cavan ireland creator of. Explains erectile dysfunction (ed) and, how to overcome it also, discusses how to increase (low) testosterone levels naturally. Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about Erectile Dysfunction Hypnosis Center. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. According to the NHS, erectile dysfunction (ED) affects half of all men aged between 40 and 70.
Whilst erectile dysfunction can be caused by medical reasons, if you are able to get an erection in the morning, whilst sleeping or when masturbating, but have difficulty obtaining or sustaining an erection during sex, then the chances are there is a psychological cause. In a 2006 Australian study, researchers found that the likelihood of erectile dysfunction increased by 27% with smokers.
Feeling self conscious or inadequate in the bedroom may stem from issues of jealousy, a bad relationship or an early embarrassing sexual encounter. One of the great side effects of tackling these lifestyle choices is increased libido and stronger, longer-lasting erections. They become so preoccupied with how they may be judged on their performance that the instinctive, sharing nature of sex becomes clouded by anxiety. Alternatively, contact me for friendly, confidential advice on how hypnotherapy can help you.
Very quickly you can get into a negative mental cycle where you worry, and this worry effects your performance even more. Anxiety causes you to over-think the process of arousal, using your conscious mind instead. Although some partners are aware of this and sensitive in asking about it, others are not and this can indeed add to the problem. Whether you’re having problems acquiring a bigger harder erection and also whether or not your erection strength vanishes prematurely. All problems we deal with are treated in the strictest of confidence and respect by experienced professionals.
You may not realize it, but it is also at the root of many if not all of your sexual dilemmas. Most of the time it’s something seemingly simple – like being caught masturbating for instance. The parasympathetic system is what is activated after a meal, during sleep, relaxing or when meditating. Undiscussed problems of this nature can be quite inflationary in terms of anxtious apprehension so being able to talk about it can begin a change process. This can mean having better outlets for work and relationship stresses and feeling more in control of your own life. Using hypnosis and NLP to create positive ideas and body responses that can reorganise and  straighten out your thoughts so you can relax into the mood you really want to achieve.
You will know whether erection problems occur only when you are with a partner or on your own or both. When you believe that stress or some psychological basis is causing impotence then hypnotherapy may well be a real solution for you.
Getting erections in sleep very much suggests stress related erection problems when you are awake.
Take a thin strip of paper or a long cigarette paper using just the adhesive part and fit this to the penis before sleeping.

The fixing could be a sliver of sellotape or a dab of Pritstick glue or the natural adhesive gum on a cigarette paper. It contains clinical hypnotherapy techniques to help bring the mind & body back into harmony, as well as override any emotional or mental aspects that are the cause of the sexual issue. However, it is possible through this program as we have seen many times, to turn the clock back so to speak, and be able to achieve an erection again. To help counteract hits, this recording has some special Advanced Mind Dynamic techniques (specialist mind-body hypnotherapy) to help bring your physical systems back into balance through direct suggestion to your unconscious mind. The files are NOT zipped, so you can download straight to your IPhone, IPad, computer or any mobile device. But one quarter of men seeking help with impotence are under the age of 40, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Unfortunately, it then becomes a vicious cycle whereby the ED causes more anxiety and stress, which in turn exacerbates the ED. Hypnotherapy can help retrace the root cause behind your insecurities so that you can rebuild your sexual confidence. Self hypnosis is a wonderful technique that can stop you over-analysing sex and focus your mind on enjoying the experience. Is it common for men suffering with ED to suffer with feelings of anger, shame and depression as a result of this sensitive problem. Once a sexual trigger or belief gets stuck in the part of your mind that controls how you think and how your body operates, it will continually act in accordance with that particular trigger. Your conscious mind has no direct means of contacting the subconscious and therefore usually has no clue what mental limits are in there that are keeping you from enjoying greater sexual satisfaction.
Religious upbringings can leave a person with residual feelings of guilt in the subconscious. When you have affective methods to manage stress you are far more likely to be able to gain and maintain an erection. This is achieved through this hypnosis session by providing a new direction for your subconscious mind. In effect this is a powerful example of the placebo effect, which can help bring balance back to the way your mind & body interact during sex.
But in this post i will explain Explains erectile dysfunction (ed) and, how to overcome it. The New Scientist reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of stopping smoking, and provided you wish to become a non-smoker, hypnotherapy can help you let go of your addiction by correcting your subconscious associations with cigarettes. Of course, everyone experiences stress, but for those who don't manage it so well, hypnosis can teach relaxation techniques to help you focus and problem-solve without panic. Hypnosis is great at calming your conscious mind and allowing greater use of your subconscious.
Your own subconscious mind is managing to make it tough for you to perform to the best of your ability. Most often the root of the problem is stored in your subconscious mind, not in your sex organs.
Even a one-time experience of having someone say something insensitive to you about your sexuality during lovemaking can bring about feelings of insecurity. By overriding any negative fears or emotions, and promoting a greater sense of sexual confidence, this can often be all that is needed to restore normal sexual function, especially if you have had a traumatic sexual event in your past or a bad relationship which may be leaving a significant impact on your sex life now. Hypnosis is a method of delivering to your subconscious mind the suggestions for change you need to make a difference on a physical level. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then chances are your problem is not physical.

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