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Hurley: OSCE & Clinical Skills HandbookIn preparation for the OSCE (The Objective Structured Clinical Examination), this book provides an excellent overview of key things to cover in your clinical examination (remember IPPA? Its a method of evaluating student competencies in communication skills, history taking and physical examination by organ system.
In addition, the patients end up answering most of the questions you would have had anyway if you let them speak.
Inspection, Palpation, Percussion, Auscultation), and approach to history with great clinical pearls. Once you reach your first station, you have 2 minutes to read the scenario posted on the door. This is really difficult to do as a first year student unless you’ve had a lot of clinical exposure and practise with patients.
It also has checklists and is structured exactly to how you would be evaluated on the OSCEs. The goal of the history is to rule in or rule out what is in your differential diagnosis (a list of diagnosis that may explain the patient’s chief complaint). Make a list of important Associated Symptoms and Differential Diagnosis that is important to cover with certain major organ systems. Once time is up, respectively leave the room and move onto the next station which has another scenario. Either there is third person in the room who acts as the evaluator, or you may have camera setup (depending on how your school chooses to evaluate). With a few of your PA classmates (or family members and boyfriends or girlfriends, or even pets), re-enact the OSCE evaluation environment.

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