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Repeated studies have proven without a doubt a connection between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction in men. To understand how high blood pressure and ED are connected, we first have to understand the basic physiology of the human penis and the erection process.
When a man begins to feel aroused, the smooth muscles in the chambers relax and relief pressure from the arteries, which deliver blood into the empty spaces of the penis. It’s just like blowing a bubble, as long as more air (blood) flows in than settles out, the bubble (penis) will expand and stay hard. Once excitement ends, ejaculation is reached or for unforeseen events the smooth muscles in the penis contract again, pressing on the arteries so less blood flows in than out. 3) flexibility and relaxation of the smooth muscles so pressure from the arteries can fill the spaces. The reason high blood pressure is considered one of the main health hazards of the human race is that it puts extreme tension on the arteries delivering blood around the body. Every artery in the body is designed to expand and contract thousands of times throughout the day as more or less blood delivery is needed. At this point I think you’ve drawn the conclusion of how this causes lack of blood flow through the arteries in the penis. One of the first and most obvious symptoms of any kind of stress is tension in the muscles. When stressed, especially when experiencing long-term stress that causes high blood pressure, the nervous system is all over the place.
Low testosterone levels can also cause obesity, reduce muscle mass, create depression symptoms and many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and more. Finally, our lifestyle choices that cause high blood pressure, such as smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet also contribute to both erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure. Throughout the years I’ve received comments from hundreds of men who suffered both high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. However, the most effective method I’ve come across for erectile dysfunction is the Erectile Mastery Program that includes simple exercises that help quickly and permanently heal erectile dysfunction in the privacy of your home. But first, I’d really appreciate it if you click the Facebook button below and share this articles with your friends. These BP tablets or pills always do have extreme side effects.The major one is that they sap off the energy from the body and creates tiredness and create tummy distension which is very uncomfortable.
About 80 percent of men who have trouble getting an erection also have trouble keeping down their blood pressure. The primary connection between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction is that hypertension is a major cause of sexual problems in men. How high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction affect one another is not known for sure, but it is thought that increased pressure in the arteries and vessels may damage the vessels which feed blood into the penis. Another cause of erectile dysfunction in those with hypertension is the medication used to treat this condition. Anywhere from 50-65% of men over 40 with high blood pressure also suffer some level of ED, sometimes extreme.
In these chambers you’ll find small arteries on the inner part and veins on the outer part surrounded by smooth muscle fiber and most importantly, empty spaces. When the penis begins filling up, the tissue surrounding the chambers presses on the veins draining the penis so less blood can now flow out. We often focus too much on the arteries in the heart (that’s where the highest pressure is and heart attack happens) but every single artery in your body is overloaded at the moment.

This is obviously necessary in the penis for the erectile process but every single artery needs to do that. There are several arteries that deliver blood into the lower part of the body (including the penis) and if they’re restricted, you’re going to be negatively affected. And the penis is simply not going to get direct the electronic messages to get an erection.
It’s well recorded that men with high blood pressure have significantly less testosterone level on the average. Low testosterone is especially serious because the complications associated with it also lead to continued low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that men with high cortisol (stress hormone) levels also had lower levels of testosterone. After using my high blood pressure program, not only did their blood pressure go down, their sexual function drastically improved – or even completely healed – as well. Beacose my penis don’t get hard what I can do, so that I can have at list 2 or 3 times a Year some love with my love.
It is not fully understood why this occurs, but the link has been noted in about 80% of men who report suffering from erectile dysfunction. Many high blood pressure medications have been known to cause mild to severe sexual problems in men. If high blood pressure itself rather than medication is causing sexual difficulties, treatment for this alone may help. When a man has trouble performing once it can cause severe anxiety to develop, which can interfere with sex even further. This increases the blood pressure (positive) in the penis even further and causes a full erection. As arteries are bombarded by blood pressure that is chronically too high, they need to strengthen themselves so they won’t break. But with the amazing reaper function your body has, it immediately sends out road warriors to fill up the cracks. Just think if your body has to make the decision between delivering blood into the legs to be able to walk or the penis to be able to make love, the body’s decision will be to deliver blood to the most critical areas first (and I’m not talking about the conscious brain that no doubt would choose the penis). It can be emotional or physical but in all cases it’s stress that causes your body to pump more blood and greater pressure than normally is needed. And since erection only happens if the smooth muscles relax, stress is obviously going to be a great factor. This can also be caused by any kind of injury that restricts clear neurotransmitter signals, such as neck or back pain.
Not only that, testing cortisol and testosterone throughout the 24 hours, they found as one went up and down, so did the other. I am exesizing every day, have atletic body but the pills are starting making me problem, geting easy tire. Additionally, approximately 70% of men with hypertension report sexual dysfunction which occurs at least once per month, and about 40% report that it sometimes occurs three or more times per month. This idea does have flaws since men who have severe high blood pressure seem to have more of a risk of sexual problems than those who have had mild to moderate hypertension for several years. If this becomes a serious problem, additional measures may need to be taken to ensure sexual function.
Anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction even without an underlying condition, and it can exacerbate an existing problem.

Nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, around the penis and response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries in and around the corpora cavernosa constitute this sequence of events. One of them is cholesterol that creates a temporary bandage to save the arteries from exploding.
I don’t think a man exists that hasn’t experienced a lack of sexual performance when going through stressful events. Many doctors now prescribe testosterone supplements as ED treatment but the results are very limited since testosterone supplements don’t function the same way in the body as naturally produced testosterone. I feel quite fed up this kind of approach!!Since I have been on Ramipril,I have lost most of my muscle mass which I used to have plenty!!
Even men who have not had severe hypertension for very long seem to be at an increased risk.
Learning to manage stress, anxiety, and depression are important steps in acquiring and maintaining proper sexual function.
Injury to any of these parts which are part of this sequence (nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, fibrous tissue) can cause Erectile Dysfunction.Some types of blood pressure drugs can actually cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. If all is right, the arteries then begin healing and little by little the cholesterol is absorbed and no permanent damage, except for small scars, is done.
Since damage to the blood vessels can take years to occur and many men with sexual problems have only suffered from hypertension for a limited amount of time, this theory does not seem to be true for most men with both high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. So now the arteries can’t deliver as much blood and are even more vulnerable because hard arteries crack more easily than flexible ones. When, however, high blood pressure is long lasting and chronic, the healing process of the arteries can’t keep up with the bandaging and cholesterol builds up… and up and up.
A research says that herbal treatment is the highest adaptability rate among the hypertension patients.High blood pressure is a common cause of erectile dysfunction (impotence) is damage to the lining of the arteries to the penis, so that they fail to open up and let the blood in to strengthen an erection.
Blood pressure can damage your arteries by causing them to become thicker, or even to burst. This can restrict blood flow to your penis, which may then cause erectile dysfunction.Some blood pressure medicines can also cause erectile dysfunction.
If you are taking either of medicines and are worried about erectile dysfunction.High blood pressure is known as the “silent killer” because normally, people who are suffering from it may be unaware until it`s either critical and they need a heart bypass op, some other drastic measure, or when it`s too late. On the other hand, if men pluck up courage to go to their doctor about it, viewing it as a probable symptom of high blood pressure, impotence may save their life as well as their marriage.If blood pressure levels are normal then a person would need to discuss with their doctor other possible reasons that are causing impotence. On the other hand, if one has already been diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure, impotence could be caused by the prescription drugs.High blood pressure in the blood vessels actually causes damage to small arteries in the penis.
Normally, these arteries dilate in response to sexual stimulation, allowing more blood to flow into the spongy tissue of the penis to produce an erection.
It is thought that excessive pressure on these arteries may cause tiny tears, which the body then repairs. In response to these tears, the healed arteries become thicker, allowing them to better resist further damage. These thicker arteries, though, aren’t able to respond as fast, or as completely, to demands for extra blood, so they become a sort of dam in the flow of blood to the erectile tissues of the penis.

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