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The truth is that, often, as physicians we all too often turn to drugs to counteract other drugs when the answer is staring us in the face — literally. Traditionally, a Viagra OD (or persistent erection, known as priapism) is treated with a cocktail of drugs with side effects like hearing loss, vision loss, stroke, heart attack and worse.
The breakthrough came when study participant Analco Rodriguez complained to his doctor that is efforts to please his incessantly-demanding wife Carmen were often curtailed when she responded to his advances with a colloquial that never failed to ruin his libido. Rodriguez chose to reveal himself to the public — for science — despite the public shame because doctors told him the cure worked wonders for other study participants. Researcher Werner said they will continue to look for ways to implement natural remedies into the lives of everyday Americans.

In the meantime, Rodriguez says he has been working on his own personal struggle by drinking too much and singing Vicente Fernandez songs. Pocho News Service PNS is a wholly-fictitious subsidiary of Pochismo Inc., a California corporation, who is a person according to the Supreme Court. Trained Orthotist and complete In-House Footwear manufacturing Unit for special needs of diabetic patients with all types of foot problems.
We are committed to helping you win the battle against time and we conduct all of our procedures and treatments in a comfortable, relaxing environment. With this new discovery, announced this week in the journal Bain’s Scientific Amercian, Werner and his colleagues hope to prevent the potential pain and damage of a stubborn stiffy.

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