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The passing of years brings about changes both in the sexual rhythm and in the quality of sexual intercourse. Washington: A new study has found that one in four men seeking medical help for newly-developed Erectile Dysfunction (ED) were younger than 40 years, and nearly half of young men with the condition had severe ED. Men looking for a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction may find it in the produce department at the local grocery store. In a related Inquisitr report, coffee may be another natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. In a report published on Friday, researchers with the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Harvard University revealed a diet high in flavonoid-rich fruits is the best natural treatment for the male health complaint. According to the study, the rate of erectile dysfunction was lowest among men who included fruits containing flavanones and flavones in their diets.
This was the first male sexual health study that analyzed the association between male impotence and flavonoids. The study analyzed data collected from more than 25,000 healthy men who reported their diet and lifestyle patterns every four years over a ten year period. After adjusting for factors like body weight and caffeine intake, researchers found the risk of erectile dysfunction dropped as much as 14 percent when the men ate more fruit. While there is no hard evidence that flavonoids are the sole factor that reduced the risk of ED, it makes sense to consume more of them. While most men turn to drugs like Viagra, a study like this suggests that a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction may be a lifestyle and diet change.
The inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity can tank your self-esteem and stress your marriage or relationship.
A study of 810 men aged 35 to 80 found 31 percent developed erectile dysfunction over a five-year period.
Researchers noted that erectile dysfunction can be a marker for underlying cardiovascular disease, often occurring before heart conditions become apparent.
According to Harvard Medical School, other causes include atherosclerosis, kidney disease, neurological disease, prostate cancer and vascular disease. A study of 30- to 40-year-old non-smokers without systemic diseases compared 80 men with erectile dysfunction against 82 without erection problems. Bacteria cause chronic periodontitis (CP), a group of infectious diseases that involves gum irritation and swelling. Kinsey?s statistics -which may have become out of date- show that there is an inevitable, rapid increase in men?s erectile dysfunction as of 55 years of age.
While larger population-based studies are needed, the findings suggest that erectile dysfunction in young men may be more prevalent and more serious than previously thought.Erectile dysfunction is a common complaint in men over 40 years of age. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for personal medical attention,  diagnosis or hands on treatment.
Scientists have recently concluded that eating a diet rich in fruit can help reduce the risk of male impotence, especially for men under 70-years-old. After studying the habits of 3,700 men, researchers concluded that adding two to three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of male impotence by almost 42 percent.

A specific type of flavonoid called Anthocyanins, found in blueberries, cherries, blackberries, radishes, and black currant, provided the most protection against male impotence. Scientists suspect the flavanones and flavones in the fruit relax the blood vessels that help the penis become erect before and during sex. The participants also made note of any changes to their sexual health and ability to have an erection. Additionally, a 21 percent risk reduction was noticed among men who also routinely exercised. Eric Rimm, an epidemiology and nutrition professor at Harvard and co-author of the study, suggests that eating a fruit-rich diet can also benefit the heart. Almost 90 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are at risk for heart disease and hypertension, as well as diabetes. Your doctor also can determine if an ED prescription like Cialis (Tadalafil) is appropriate for you, but your daily habits also can make a big difference.
Besides addressing risk factors such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes, they concluded better nutrition, weight control, exercise, reduced alcohol consumption and adequate sleep are likely to improve sexual ability and health.
Research shows that men who exercise 30 minutes a day are 40 percent less likely to have ED than sedentary men. Eating sodium-rich food increases your blood pressure and decreases blood flow to your organs. These choices increase your risk of high bad cholesterol, which affects blood flow to your organs. Poor blood sugar control can lead to blood vessel and nerve damage that may hamper sexual performance.
Researchers report a glass of red wine per day is fine, but other alcoholic drinks can lead to erectile dysfunction. Studies show that watermelon’s antioxidant phytonutrients relax the blood vessels that supply erections. Several case reports show that nitrate vasodilators open up blood vessels and increase blood flow. According to a recent study, men with ED who ate pistachios every day for three weeks experienced significant ED improvement.
A recent study found that dark chocolate’s natural flavonoid antioxidants improve circulation. Findings showed that 53 percent with ED had inflamed gums compared to 23 percent in the control group. Because this ancient Chinese herb increases circulation, it may improve sexual performance. Research indicates red Korean ginseng, a stimulating herb, improved ED, perhaps by promoting nitric oxide synthesis.
This amino acid increases nitric oxide, a compound that dilates blood vessels in the penis. According to a study, taking niacin for 12 weeks improved ED in men who also had high cholesterol.

Because of the vascular disease connection, ED may be an early warning sign of a more serious problem like high blood pressure or heart disease. Once you have a prescription from your doctor, you can purchase Cialis for best prices here on CPM. As men grow older, they experience a decrease in their libido and are less inclined to sexual gratification.
Prevalence increases with age, but the prevalence and risk factors of erectile dysfunction among younger men have been scantily analyzed. So far, generally accepted treatments for the disorder include prescription medications or surgery.
They included being overweight or obese, having a high alcohol intake, difficulty sleeping, having obstructive sleep apnea and age.
Avoid meat (especially processed meat), fish oil, hydrogenated palm and coconut oil, butter, eggs and whipped cream. Many studies show that CP can induce systemic vascular diseases including coronary heart disease, an ED risk factor. Studies show supplements containing DHEA, a hormone your body converts into testosterone, can alleviate ED. A study reported ginkgo biloba was 76 percent effective in treating antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.
Studies found that L-arginine supplementation improved ED in men with abnormal nitric oxide metabolism, low urinary nitrate and inadequate nitrite levels. Whatever the cause, upgrading your lifestyle can help you overcome ED and enhance your overall health. Nevertheless, they can maintain their erectile capacity until they are 80, provided their health is good. Unfortunately, ED is more than a bedroom problem because 70 percent of cases result from debilitating or potentially fatal physical conditions.
The results showed that modifiable lifestyle factors helped 29 percent overcome their ED issues naturally. Dentists recommend professional cleanings and gum disease treatment along with daily brushing and flossing. Compared with older patients, younger patients had a lower average body mass index, a higher average level of testosterone in the blood, and a lower rate of other medical conditions. Premature ejaculation was more common in younger men, whereas Peyronie's disease (bent erection from scar tissue) was more prevalent in older patients.

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