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Every year, Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) awards up to $2,500 in grants for school-based environmental learning projects through KDB’s Environmental Education Grants Program.
Public and private schools in the City of Denton and Denton ISD are eligible to apply for funding through this program, and the KDB Board selects the winning schools based on a number of project criteria.
Koan school was awarded an Environmental Education Grant to fund the planting of a watersmart butterfly garden.
Koan School’s butterfly garden will be planted next to these existing edible greens planters, built with wood from the Denton Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
Immaculate Conception Catholic School (ICCS) was awarded an Environmental Education Grant to fund maintenance and expansion of their current garden. Immaculate Conception students and faculty receiving their grant check from KDB Board member, Kathy Glasschroeder.
McMath Middle School was awarded an Environmental Education Grant to fund the expansion and maintenance of their existing school gardens. They plan to add hardy, drought-tolerant plants. KDB board member Karen McDaniels presents the grant check to McMath Middle School faculty member and school garden afficionado, Mary Arndt.
Strickland Middle School’s Garden Club will be putting their Environmental Education Grant funds toward a water-conservation focused gardening project this spring . KDB Board Member presents Strickland Garden Club members with their Environmental Education Grant check.
Wilson Elementary School will use their Environmental Education Grant funding for the beautification of their existing memorial garden. Rivera Elementary School was awarded an Environmental Education Grant to fund the expansion and development of their existing garden.
We will be following up with our grant recipients later this spring, so stay tuned for pictures and updates. As the nation’s students head back to school this fall, it’s a good time to take a look at the benefits of making environmental education part of the curricula. Environmental education is a clear win for students, educators, our future work force, our economy… the list is endless! Happily there are some great programs out there to encourage a robust environmental education curriculum in our nation’s schools.
For more about the many benefits of environmental education, check out NEEF’s Fact Sheet on Children’s Health and Nature and their roundup of real-world success stories from EE programs across the country. The environmental education endorsement program offered by the Eastern Kentucky University Center for Environmental Education recently became only the second such program in the U.S. The 12-hour endorsement program for in-service P-12 teachers, one of many services provided by the Center, is a collaborative effort between the Center and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Thirty-three pre-service and in-service teachers have participated in environmental education workshops in the Earth Force service learning model with workshops held at the University’s 1,700-acre Maywoods Environmental and Educational Laboratory. In addition to Maywoods, which straddles the Garrard and Rockcastle county lines, the Center utilizes the 554-acre Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station in Letcher County. Numerous EKU faculty members across several academic disciplines are involved in various programs sponsored by the Center, which is an active member of the Kentucky University Partnership for Environmental Education (KUPEE).
Environmental education is a complex field, and it covers a variety of different topics that are related to the environment.
Environmental education furnishes individuals with the mindfulness required to build up organizations, comprehend NGO exercises, create participatory methodologies to urban planning, and guarantee future markets for eco-business.

By being passionate about keeping the world around them safe, people will be more likely to apply their particular education to what they are doing, and they will work to take care of the world around them while they are building their company or organization up. Environmental instruction upgrades basic analyzation, critical thinking, and compelling choice making abilities, and instructs people to weigh different sides of an environmental issue on order to settle on educated and capable choices. In short, it will help you look at any situation that you may be in and it will assist you in being able to make a decision that is beneficial for the environment. Skills: Aptitudes to recognize and help resolve environmental difficulties in a practical manner that matches up with the current trends and technologies that are out there today. Participation: Investment in programs and projects that help reduce the effect of environmental difficulties, this making sure that the money you’re investing is going to help the environment instead of harming it.
So, environmental education is actually an incredibly important part of running a business, company, or organization. It empowers an individual, community, organization to enhance their decision making skill by weighing various sides of an issue and not advocating a particular viewpoint or action. This year, we received a record number of applicants – nearly double from previous years.
This garden will be featured in the front of the school, and will teach students about the life cycle of a butterfly. The ICCS garden includes many edible plants, and donates the fresh produce they grow to Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen as part of a school-wide community service effort.
They will incorporate a reuse project by creating vertical gardens from used wooden pallets.
This project focuses on beautification as well as education, and will include native Texas plant species. Congratulations to all of the schools awarded through this year’s Environmental Education Grant Program, and thank you for all you do to keep Denton beautiful for generations to come! Numerous studies have shown that students at schools using some kind of environment-based curriculum do better academically than their peers at traditional schools, or show improvement after the introduction of environment-based education.
National Public Lands Day, hosted by NEEF, is the nation's largest hands-on volunteer effort to improve and enhance our public lands. The event is held each year during Earth Month (April), and is designed to inspire environmental learning and stewardship among elementary and high school students.
Four courses comprise the endorsement program: Ecology for Teachers, Environmental Issues, Environmental Education Essentials, and Teaching Environmental Education. The second was Model Laboratory School teacher Susan Neumann, who was named Outstanding Secondary School Science Teacher by the Kentucky Academy of Science in 2011, four years after she earned Kentucky Conservation Teacher of the Year by the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts. In 2012, the Center provided quality environmental education to approximately 1,500 K-12 students visiting Maywoods. The only other accredited environmental education endorsement program is at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.
It even has some aspects of engineering in it, which means that a person can even start to understand how they can play a role in environmental engineering. All of these are not only good for the environment, but they will also end up being very good for the economy as well, so everyone gets to benefit from the efforts of those who are going through environmental education. Is a inter-disciplinary field that integrates fields such as biology, ecology, earth science, geography, atmospheric science and mathematics because understanding how environment works and keeping it healthy require knowledge and skills from many disciplines. Includes all efforts to make general public aware of the knowledge of the environment and environmental challenges through print materials, media, brochures, bulletins, videos, or other media techniques.

Provides information about specific environmental concerns or problems to the general public instead of specific group, religion or community.
Works to help you think critically, so that you aren’t sitting there trying to fit everything into a neat little box. Involves students in different data-gathering techniques that help them to discuss, analyze, predict and interpret data about environmental issues. Is study centered, promotes higher level thinking skills and relevant to student’s everyday lives. Is a process in which individuals gain information environmental awareness and acquire knowledge, skills, values, experiences, and  determination which can help them to solve different environmental problems.
Environmental education does not advocate a specific perspective or game plan; instead, it allows you to make your own choices. With a background in environmental education, you will have the environment at the forefront of your mind, so whatever plan you end up making, you will be able to adapt it so that it is more environmentally friendly and savvy.
With environmental education, you can be sure that your staff will be more mindful of the environment around them and that they will be more savvy when it comes to making plans that are more environmentally friendly and beneficial.
He is running this site since 2009 and writes on various environmental and renewable energy related topics.
Ultimately, the KDB Board awarded funding to six Denton schools whose proposed projects showed significant planning and school-wide support. Water conservation will also be a focus, with rainwater collection used as a method to water the plants. Congratulations to our Green Quiz winners: Trista Anderson, Brenda Conner, and Desty Shoemaker! According to a 2005 study for the California Department of Education, sixth-graders’ scores on a science knowledge test improved by 27% after participating in just a week-long outdoor education program! The number included some new schools involved with the Appalachian Gear Up project through Berea College. In short, environmental education is provided so that people can have a better understanding of the world around them and know how to take care of it properly so that the world can be a better place. He lives a green lifestyle and is often looking for ways to improve the environment around him. Over the last few weeks, KDB staff and Board members have presented grant checks to these awarded schools.
And, scores remained higher 6-10 weeks after the program, according to the report from the American Institutes for Reearch: read it here. Last year, 170,000 volunteers participated to build trails and bridges, remove trash and invasive plants, plant trees and restore our water resources.
High school students played a big role in designing the program, so you can imagine it’s much cooler than the textbooks and pamphlets they’re usually bombarded with. The Planet Connect website keeps regular listings and info about environmental careers and internships – plus students can network and seek advice by joining the online Planet Connect community.

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