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11.whenhow longwhichwherewhatwhowhyhow old is Rita doing ?                    She is watching TV now. 13.whenhow longwhichwherewhatwhowhyhow old time is it ?                         It’s nine o’clock. There are 54 countries and one “non-self governing territory”, the Western Sahara, in Africa. Before colonial rule Africa comprised up to 10,000 different states and autonomous groups with distinct languages and customs. The Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt is one of the world’s oldest and longest-lasting civilizations. Arabic is spoken by 170 million people on the continent, followed in popularity by English (130 million), Swahili (100), French (115), Berber (50), Hausa (50), Portuguese (20) and Spanish (10).
Over 25% all languages are spoken only in Africa with over 2,000 recognised languages spoken on the continent. Over 25 million people are HIV-positive on the continent and over 17 million have died of the disease already.
The Second Congo War claimed over 5.4 million lives and is the deadliest worldwide conflict since World War II. There are fewer people with internet connections in Africa than there are in just New York City.
Approximately 90% of all cases of malaria worldwide occur in Africa, accounting for 24% of all child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is the world’s hottest continent with deserts and drylands covering 60% of land surface area (e.g.
Nigeria is fourth largest oil exporter in the world, and Africa’s biggest oil producer with about 2.2 million barrels produced every day.
The continent has the largest reserves of precious metals with over 40% of the gold reserves, over 60% of the cobalt, and 90% of the platinum reserves.
China is Africa’s top trade partner with Sino-African trade volumes now nearing $200 billion per year. Neocolonialism is a real threat with over 1 million Chinese citizens on the African continent.
Pigs walk around on top of 20m deep refuse piles at the water’s edge in Freetown (Sierra Leone). Over 55% of Africa’s labour force working in food production with vast areas of arable and pastoral lands supporting agricultural economies. Over 90% of soils are unsuitable for agriculture and only 0.25% has moderate to low potential for sustainable farming.

The streets of Porto Novo, the capital of Benin, are not paved, all cars are second-hand, and all taxis are motorbikes. Water scarcity impacts the lives of over 300 million Africans, of whom approximately 75% of Africans rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. Productivity of about 65% of the continent’s agricultural lands has declined significantly with vast tracts of land have been degraded by erosion, poor land management practices, mining and pollution over the last 50 years. Some landscapes are estimated to lose over 50 metric tonnes of soil per hectare per year due to neglect and desertification. Over 30% of Africa’s pastural land and almost 20% of all forests and woodlands are classified as moderately- or heavily-degraded. Deforestation rates in Africa are twice the average for the rest of the world with more than four million hectares of primary forest disappearing every year. Some 60% of the tropical forests in the Congo Basin are considered commercially exploitable.
Six of the top ten countries with the largest annual net loss of forested area are in Africa.
Primary forests shrink by on average 40,000 square kilometres (or 0.6% of total remaining forest cover) each year with most significant losses in heavily-forested countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon.
Hala Village in the valleys below Hogsback Mountain where Cape parrots used to feed on yellowwood fruits, Celtis fruits, wild olives, and wild plums before they were chopped out by greedy colonists or burnt under communal land ownership. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second-largest freshwater lake in the world. Africa has the most extensive biomass burning in the world, yet only emits about 4% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions.
Africa has eight of the 11 major biomes and the largest-remaining populations of lion, elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah, hyena, leopard and hundreds of other species. Megafauna like giraffe, zebra, gorilla, hippopotamus, chimpanzee and wildebeest are unique to the continent and only found here. Africa has over 85% of the world’s elephants and over 99% of the remaining lions are on the African continent.
Africa is home to the world’s largest living land animal, the African elephant, which can weigh up to 7 tons. NarinaTrogons are the most widespread and generalist in their habitat preferences of the three Apaloderma trogons. Today there are few truly wild places left on the continent with 1.1 billion people and a global economy looking to Africa for the resources to sustain development into the next century. I have not been to Africa yet but it would be great for me when i’ll find the chance to try something like this.

I want to know about HOW THE AFRICA LOSS THEIR CIVILIZATION, MINERAL,FOREST AND EVERY THING. AFRICAN CAN,T UNDERSTANDING WORLD MOST SIGNIFICANT THIEVES AGAIN READY TO STOL REST OF THEIR RESOURCES ! Africa is better than this, there is much good to talk about Africa but not much negatives as Steve potrays.
I’m currently attending college I’m taking an African diversity class and I love it this point in the semester wish that people would stay out of Africa and stop robbing my motherland of all the materials and quit raping my homeland !!! It appears as though Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts and I shared a brain today, or great minds think alike because I intended on posting on Whole Brainish Rules today too. Top 10 oil producers in order of total exports: Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo, Gabon, South Africa. Most people do not use money and prefer to barter for sachets of clean water, the most valuable commodity in Freetown. In the last decade Africa has had the fastest growing economies in the world but Europe is massively on decline.I would like to see similar of Europe and America, stating America has the highest maternal and infant mortality in the developed world and over 1 million people in Britain rely on handouts for food. National Geographic is one of my most favorite TV channels and I enjoy many serials and stories on it.
Bytheway right now going to take the, and so damn sure that will have marvelous time there.
Forests used to cover over 20% of Africa’s 30 million square kilometers with almost all currently being destroyed and degraded by commercial and subsistence logging, as well as land conversion to plantations, agriculture, mines, roads and settlements.
We have also launched a micro-nursery program that builds small tree nurseries for ten households in the village, which are stocked with yellowwood seedlings that must be grown up to planting size. Africa has arrived in the 21st century standing tall and more ready than ever to take its destiny into its hands”.
This was a time of testing each other out: a few of them had some recent and deep puncture wounds. I want to do an owl theme in my classroom, and I couldn't fall asleep last night because I had been searching for owl graphics and my brain was overwhelmed with owls!
I have read all of her books, including Darcy's Diary, and patiently awaiting her newest novel.
I started teaching my kids WBT actions at the end of this past school year to prepare them for next year (I am in a looping school, so I did 2nd last year, 3rd this year, with most of the same kids).

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