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As ringleader Ian Dury, Andy Serkis is obscenely hypnotizing, his eyes rolling about as he hunches over the microphone, satirical and lyrical in that a€?Mockneya€? accent.
As well as being lead singer of The Blockheads, Ian Dury was an artist and actor who  rose to fame in the 1970s, during the punk and new wave eras. And so the title sequence presents a variety of styles and approaches: the starry backdrop melds into pop-art animation, Peter Blakea€™s hand-written typography trembles, and the scene oscillates between the raucous stage show, band practice, and a birth. No, and a great deal of planning and consideration had to be taken before any shooting took place because the title sequence transitions between filmed footage and animation. We began discussing the animated sequences before shooting started in April 2009 and we finished in November of the same year. Regarding the main title sequence, the initial meetings with Mat, Peter, and myself were very open and relaxed. So we would transition between the live performance, the birth of Iana€™s son Baxter, and the scenes of Ian and Russel driving to a gig.
Peter's personal archive is vast, so getting the opportunity to have a guided tour was unbelievable! Also, Peter's daughter Liberty had a personal collection of Blockheads memorabilia which was extremely useful, particularly the illustration by Ian Dury that became the catalyst for the end credits. We placed his music, performance, and painting within the first few minutes to help establish the breadth of his creativity. After initial discussions and reference swapping, Peter set about creating a type treatment for the main title. From the first meeting with Mat, it was clear that he not only had a vision for the title sequence and animations in the film, but that he wanted to collaborate. The footage we filmed with Ian and Russel in the van shows them on the way to a gig sometime around 1974.
This entry was postedon Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 at 3:36 amand is filed under Artist To Watch, Uncategorized. Steven Webb will play the title role of Quasimodo, the tragic Parisian hunchback, deafened by the bells of Nortre Dame. Esmerelda will be played by Zoe George, who appeared as Martha in the Welsh National Theatre production of Spring Awakening and also appeared in the musical The Last 5 Years.
Lionel Bart wrote the words and music for Quasimodo, based on Victor Hugo's 1831 novel Notre Dame de Paris, in 1963. Stephen Ashfield has announced that he is taking over as Elder McKinley in the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon.
Full casting and additional dates have been announced for the national tour of Sunny Afternoon.
Suddenly, a shuffling of feet, a startled pigeon, and our main man hobbles into the spotlight, sparking an explosion of sound.

Serkis, best known for his performance capture roles as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, Captain Haddock in Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin, and others, here deftly captures Ian Dury's frenetic energy. Buffeted between public and private, the sequence is at once disorienting and cohesive, ultimately underlining Durya€™s unofficial modus operandi of boldly turning life into art.
This involved multiple animation sequences in the film, as well as the front and end credits. We talked about Ian's life and career and Peter's memories of him, since he taught Ian painting at the Royal College of Art in the 1960s. I took a variety of photos of the van and did some initial animatics of how I thought the animation could work.
We pulled elements from all over the place: Richard's set designs, Peter's archive of art, and my own designs. I specifically remember Mat showing me the original video for the Beatles song a€?Eleanor Rigbya€? and some early Terry Gilliam sequences.
He visited our studio on a number of occasions where we would look at how the type was developing and insert it into the sequence. He would also bring materials from his archive which were scanned and used to build our mixed media, pop art vision of London. Mat has an unbelievable energy and he was often on hand to help with questions regarding the work we were doing, which included some very late night visits to our studio.
We also used many non-digital tools: hand-drawn typography, inks, paints, felt-tip pens, and photocopies. I was acquainted with his music before the project but knew little of his life, so when I was first contacted about the job, I began to watch some of his live performances.
London at this time was quite a grim place a€“ the Three-Day Week was being implemented and the economy was in serious trouble. From January 1st until March 7th 1974 customers were limited to three days of electricity per week.
Steven has appeared in the West End several times, playing Posner in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys at the National Theatre and Wyndhams, starring in the musical Betwixt! Helen Sheals took over as Mrs Wire in Robert Chevara’s Vieux Carre at Charing Cross Theatre and scored a huge success. It was hoped that the poignant tale, set in 15th-century Paris, of the love between the deformed bellringer and the beautiful gypsy girl Esmerelda would make it to the West End and Broadway, where it would have joined the list of Bart's stage hits: Lock Up Your Daughters, Fings Ain't Wot They Used t'Be, Oliver!, Blitz!
Ia€™ve worked with the studio as a creative director and animator since its conception in 2002. The closing credit sequence didn't begin to materialise until well into the production process and, for a while, we didn't have any idea of how it might work. Mat already knew he wanted the opening to be based around a live Ian Dury performance, but also wanted to introduce a Blockhead version of London.

Once the shooting was done, Mat took the animatics and edited a rough cut of the whole sequence. There is a definite charm in those animations which we tried to draw on without making it too much of a pastiche. The bright colours and textures seemed perfect to finish the film with and the illustrations provided a perfect framework with which to show the cast.
Even though he was very much involved, it still felt like we had plenty of freedom to come up with things that were personally satisfying. He was also a very visual person so the way he dressed and the style of his paintings gave me plenty of inspiration. The rest of the cast are: Iestyn Arwel, Melanie Bright, James Hume, Sean Paul Jenkinson, James Wolstenholme. Later, we decided against back projection although we did approach the sequence with that aesthetic in mind.
For me, I grew my practice working with computers and tools where things are infinitely changeable and trial-and-error is a large part of it.
I think this was because our initial meetings were so warm and open and I had a good understanding of what he wanted. After that, we arranged a meeting with Sir Peter Blake and began to sketch out ideas from there. But Peter would do it differently a€“ hea€™d think long and hard about decisions regarding colour or composition before physically committing to them. He must be able to embody the isolation of the total outsider, with whom Lionel Bart identified and have the duality of both ferocious power but also a child-like inner joy. A semi-staged workshop for investors and producers in 1995 at the Soho Laundry was the nearest it came to the West End. With the obsession of the priest, Frollo, who is the hunchback's mentor, it suddenly came together as an involved, modern, dark subject. Strangely, although it would feel slow and leisurely, we would achieve a lot in our sessions together which is testament to his great talent as an artist.
That featured Tony Award-winning Frances Rufelle as Esmerelda, Ray Shell (currently playing the manager in The Bodyguard) as Quasimodo and Peter Straker. The simple premise of the piece, when I wrote it, was the question, 'What is ugly?' I hoped that you could realise, when you left the theatre, that the guy at the end of the row wasn't so ugly after all.

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